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"Any organisation that has truth, integrity or accuracy in its name is invariably about the very opposite." ~Wiki Editors' notice board.


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Ed Miliband

It was with considerable amusement that we learned that Simple Simon Cobbs and his little band of South coast misfits, Sussex Friends of Israel, have declared war on Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.

Frantic trolling on social media culminated in the announcement of a protest demo outside a fundraising dinner to be held by Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East.  Ed Miliband is scheduled to speak at the dinner.

We can only assume that Simon’s delusions of grandeur have become so debilitating that medical intervention cannot be deferred any longer.

More interesting than Simon’s mental condition, is the role of the Jewish/Zionist establishment in all of this.  The Board of Deputies act as advisers to SFI and have appointed one, Steven Jaffe to coordinate in this advisory role.  Is it on the advice of the Board that this demo is being organised?  Is this what was discussed when SFI, among others, were invited to the Board premises for tea and gave a “presentation”?

Moreover, Mick Davis, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, recently announced an increase in funding for “grassroots organisations“.  Since SFI are the noisiest of such organisations, it is not unreasonable to assume that Simon has been the recipient of a few dropsies from Mick.  If this is so, both Mick and anyone tempted to click the donate button on SFL’s FB page should be extremely careful, given Simon’s record of fraud (see below).

Simon, of course, is the “founder” of Sussex Friends of Israel.  Essentially, SFI are a small rag bag of assorted Kahanist type Zio-extremists and Christian Zionist loons with glazed over eyes.  The assertion that they are idealistic young Jews elicited the comment from Gabriel Webber, Board Deputy and recent University of Sussex graduate, that this was “so untrue it can only be deliebrate”.

Meet idealistic young “Jew” Simon “proper people not girls” Cobbs.

In the early days, Simon made strenuous efforts to establish links with the fascist Jewish Defence League and off-shoots of Victor Vancier’s terrorist group, the Jewish Task Force.  He has also been given to travelling up to Manchester to link up with the EDL outside Kedem.

Simon is a fraudster who, in consequence, served nine months of an eighteen month sentence in Her Majesty’s slammer, Exeter.

He declares this to be history.  If only.  Now, everyone is entitled to make a mistake, take the consequences, repent and move on. Unfortunately, Simon doesn’t  want to move on. Simon is not merely a one time fraudster.  A con man is what he IS.  To put it bluntly, his behaviour is clearly indicative of a criminal mind. Creeping into Sussex University like a latter day David Attenborough to Ben White’s talk, claiming a wish to merely listen and learn, is indicative of this.  We anxiously await Sussex University’s next inventory.

Simon is a junkie and has recently declared that he “doesn’t do junk anymore”. This, we very much doubt but if it is the case, he must have been quite a spectacle when he was doing so.

Simon decided a while back that being Jewish would be a good idea. It not being his turn to use the communal SFI brain cell, he, true to form, messed this up.  Not being content to be any old Jew, he went for the full monty and became an Orthodox Jew with all the potential pitfalls that that entails, complete with adjusting his typing of “God“, and taking up typing “G-d”.

Mid-way through his ultimately successful efforts to get Ecostream  shut down in Brighton, (SFI’s only success to date) he told us over and over again that when it was all over he was going to be stuck for something to do on Saturdays.  Make what you will of an Orthodox Jew who can’t think of what to do on a Saturday.

Woven into the story is several years spent on an Israeli Kibbutz. This may or may not be so. Can you imagine Simon slaving all day under a blazing sun in the orange groves and spending his eves by the camp fire strumming his guitar under a starry starry sky?  You have a better imagination than we.

SFI’s modus operandi   is a combo of making fools of themselves on the streets and trolling on the internet.  See Simon’s encounter with three nonchalant girls (not proper people) here:

So far as internet trolling is concerned Simon is handicapped by numerous disabilities, two in particular.  He’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and his grasp on world affairs is tenuous in the extreme.  For example, when the Malaysian airliner was shot down over Ukraine, he wanted to picket the Ukrainian Embassy.  He also wants the LibDems to do something about Baroness Warsi.

Secondly, he is a fully paid up member, in good standing, of the Hasbarafia illiterati. E.g.:

simon cobbs @simoncobbs · 4h 4 hours ago
Policeman injured in today’s terror attack has succumbed to wounds, are thoughts & prays with fiends and family.May his memory be a blessing
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Since we pointed this out earlier, Simon has obviously been provided with some reasonably competent proof readers, and we have noticed some improvement.

All in all this demo at the LFPME  should be a whole heap of fun. As you have no doubt guessed we are planning to turn up to observe.



An eyebrow raising article appeared in The Independent on Sunday November 9th.  It tells how Jewish donors to the Labour party are planning to discontinue their donations because they don’t like the noises that are emanating from the party vis-a-vis The State of Israel. These noises, they maintain, are contrary to the interests of this foreign country.

What is remarkable about the reported statements is their uncommon honesty. They illustrate a state of affairs we all knew existed but which has rarely, if ever, been so unabashedly acknowledged.

One prominent Jewish financial backer, a lifelong Labour supporter, said he no longer wanted to see Mr. Miliband in Downing Sreeet or Douglas Alexander as Foreign Secretary.”

A senior Labour MP warned that Mr. Miliband now had a huge task to maintain support from parts of the Jewish community that had backed and helped fund Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s electoral campaigns.”

Donations from the Jewish Community have been worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to the Labour Party. Several previous donors told The Independent on Sunday that they and others are now very unlikely to support the party.  They spoke on condition of anonymity.”

A number of Jewish former Labour supporters also compared Mr. Miliband’s stance on Gaza unfavourably with David Cameron’s, which, they suggested, had been calibrated to ensure that prominent Tory Jewish supporters stayed on board“.  (Yes, you read that correctly).

And so on and so on…..

It might be worth considering just why people financially support political parties. One reason, obviously, is that they consider that the particular party is good for them, i.e. out of direct self-interest. It is difficult to see that rich Jews, or rich anybodies, would consider that their direct personal self-interest lay in the direction of a Labour government. (Mansion taxes and all that.)

An alternative analysis is that these people consider a Labour government to be in the best interests of the country, as a whole. Best for the NHS, best for education, best for social justice, best for the environment, etc., etc., etc., etc. If this is the case, then their pants are around their ankles. By donating to the Labour party, they make it clear what colour government they feel is best for the country and that they have been willing to back that perception with their money. But when push comes to shove, it would appear that faced with a perceived choice between what they perceive to be the interests of the people of this country and the interests of a foreign power, they unhesitatingly choose the interests of The State of Israel over those of the people of the United Kingdom.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the donations referred to were simple bribes, and the threats to discontinue them, simple attempts at blackmail. That is, by donating to the Labour party, they were bribing for Israel and by threatening to discontinue the donations, they are now blackmailing for Israel.

Their behaviour is so crude and transparent, it makes these donors look like a geriatric diaspora offshoot of the Hilltop Yuffers on a price tag exercise.

It is interesting to observe the reaction of the alleged “community”. The Jewish establishment is deathly silent, clearly grasping the implications, and reading it pretty much as we do. The tactic is obviously to say schtum, sweep it under the carpet and hope not too many people will notice. Save for an obscure reference on their web site to the BoD having written a letter of complaint to the Independent on Sunday, there is nothing.  They do not tell us exactly what the nature of this complaint was.

The Jewish Chronicle played along by first presenting the story as one about the anti-Semitism of those pointing out the facts that we have referred to above, and then later, nonchalantly making like there was no story, and engaging in the most astonishing piece of damage limitation. This was allegedly penned by the ludicrous cub reporter Marcus “gets it wrong again“ Dysch but you can be sure Pollard was looking very closely over his shoulder.  Apparently it wasn’t a “Jewish issue” or about Israel at all. It was all about dissatisfaction with Ed Miliband in the party, generally.

“Leading Labour supporters said financial support from within the Jewish community had been declining for decades and the reaction to Mr. Milibands condemnation of Israel’s actions had rather taken the form of a hardening of opposition to his leadership.”

There were not loads of Jewish donors anyway. There is a wider issue around community support for labour but those frustrations have been there for months” (that is, before the latest Israeli atrocities in Gaza and the Parliamentary recognition vote).

Another Jewish Labour activist said that there are fewer wealthy donors around now than under Tony Blair or Gordon Brown and that doesn’t make it a Jewish issue.”

Ten out of ten for effort, Mr. Pollard.

This deflection is a staple Hasbarafia tactic.  The focus is deflected away from the content of the Independent on Sunday article, and onto comments made by a rather incompetent Liberal Democrat on a BBC discussion program and by the presenter of said program.  We saw this tactic, for example, when a poll conducted by a reputable polling organisation highlighted startling levels of racism among Israeli Jews.  Haaretz reported on the results of this poll , factually and accurately, but accompanied the report with a rather silly headline that was not supported by the poll findings.  The Guardian used the same headline.  So attention on the poll findings was deflected onto this headline, which was easily discredited and the story became that the poll findings were therefore, discredited.

Unfortunately, the idiots of the “nutty as fruit cakes” wing of the Hasbarafia don’t get it. Not being able to pass the brain cell they share around fast enough, they have gotten all excited and and think the story is about the Labour Party, and the wages of sin. They have gone ape chit on social media, shining intense light on what the infinitely smarter establishment realise needs as little oxygen as possible. Who needs enemies when you have got Sussex Friends of Israel, the EDL consorting wannabes and loons up in Manchester, and similar.  Maybe we should ask Ecostream and Ahava. The idiots even plan to picket a dinner to be held by LFPME, which is to be addressed by Ed Miliband.  An interesting use of Mick Davis’ money.

Moving on from cynical bribery and blackmail to ga ga land, Denis McShane chips in.  McShane is a former Labour MP and a convicted and time served fraudster and thief.  It is uncanny, the attraction that the Zionist cause has for the criminal milnd (sit down Simon and Gerald).

McShane was described by the tribunal in the FUCU case as “glib”. That was probably the kindest thing they could find to say about him.

He starts by pointing out that the Tory party is really not that much better than Labour, on Israel, and the LibDems are beyond the pale. He goes on to say that since there is no credible party with a satisfactory position on Israel, Jews are DISENFRANCHISED !!!!!

In other words, since there is no sufficiently “Israel indulgent” party, Jews have no use for their democratic right to vote. Jews have no interest in healthcare, education, quality of life in the UK, the question of the EU etc., etc.  It’s Israel first, last, and always.

Is he right ?

All in all, the Independent on Sunday and the Jewish donors that spilt their guts have done us all a great service.  So much for the notion that the Israel lobby is but a mere figment of our imaginations and anti-Zionist paranoia.

Who is the Christian… decide.




It surely is time for the Jewish community to do something about the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis.  Even those inclined to put the most generous interpretation on his indiscretions have been forced to the conclusion that this man just has to go.

We can only hope it doesn’t take as long to find a replacement for Mirvis as it did to decide on a successor to Lord Sacks.

Certain sectors of the Hasbarafia are espousing the silly notion that an Anglican priest that goes to a conference or rally and somebody else is there that some other people have designated ” offensive ” ,  thereby ceases to be a fit and proper person to wear the collar.

We will resist the temptation to wonder whether this doctrine is an opportunistic one, put together to fit the case of the priest in question, and one that will be forgotten about as soon as it has served this particular purpose.

Rather, we will assume that they are men of integrity that do not indulge in double standards, and that the case in question is an extension of a general and universal principle.  If this is the case, then the Chief Rabbi is indeed in big trouble.

In August, Mirvis attended and spoke at a rally in London. This had been organised by Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.  CAAS had been hurriedly and opportunistically put together less than a month earlier.  This was for the express purpose of reviving Jonathan Sacerdotti’s career and to secure a share of the JLC welfare handouts that Mick Davis has promised organisers of “grass roots” activity.

Jonathan Arkush is no doubt “appalled“ that Mirvis should attend and speak at such an event, alongside and shoulder to shoulder with the lamentable Douglas Murray, who not only attended and spoke but was billed as a “keynote speaker“.

murray and mirvisDouglas-Murray

Murray, of course, is a professional Muslim baiter, totally obsessed with Muslims, Islam and anything to do with either. Muslim baiting is what he does for a living.  There is a wealth of material, including written, audio and visual, graphically illustrating Murray’s racism and it is not difficult to find.  He is very much in your face about his attitudes.  Murray and his views are well documented and we don’t want to re-invent the wheel.  However, a few examples won’t come amiss.

His more honest and memorable outpourings include….

things have got to be made harder for Muslims all round.


London is a foreign country now that in twenty three out of thirty three boroughs White British are in a minority.”

Muslims in Europe must be viewed as an opportunist infection”

He wants to totally ban immigration from Muslim countries. His problem with this is, of course, that Muslim countries have a lot of Muslims in them and therefore, the chances of any given immigrant from one of them being Muslim are high. So a total ban it has to be. Note, this ban would be totally based on the religion of the prospective immigrant.  It would be interesting to see the response if he wanted to ban the entry of Jews.

Given his Muslim baiting propensities, you will not be surprised at his nod and a wink attitude to the English Defence League and the EDL’S admiration of him.

Here he is humming and aaahhhing in response to the question “should we support the EDL.”

The admiration is reciprocal. From the EDL blog:

Luckily there are a few members of the middle and establishment classes who believe that the EDL at least deserve a fair hearing. One of these is the British writer and former director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray.. It’s a pity there aren’t more public figures like Douglas Murray.. Thank you for being right Mr Murray.”

Here you can see Murray at his finest, the personification of smirking evil.  The Hasbarafia might notice certain ironies here but probably not. The best bit is where he tells another panel member that he cannot be both a Muslim and a European. That he has to choose. That he cannot have two identities.


Murray is a big buddy of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, both denied entry to the UK on account of their far right inflammatory views.

Here he is with Spencer, complete with Spencer’s eulogy of him: From JihadWatch

James Brandon worked with Murray at the so called Centre For Social Cohesion and tells us….

My time there was a constant struggle to deradicalise Murray and to ensure that the centre’s output targeted only Islamists and not Muslims as a whole.”

You can read about why the Conservative party front bench severed all relations with Murray here:  From Conservative Home

We could go on and on and on………

Murray’s admirers include the neocon warmonger, David Aaranovich, Stephen Pollard, to the right of Genghis Kahn editor of the Jewish Chronicle, and strangely, the carpetbagger and serial writer of begging letters, Maajid Nawaz and his scam operation, Quilliam.  Nawaz also spoke at the rally Mirvis attended.

Oh yes, as well as Mirvis, Vivian Wineman, the Board President and Laura Marks, Board Vice President also spoke and stood with Murray at the above mentioned rally, though they got loudly booed for their trouble.

Will the last of the Zionist glitterati out, please turn off the lights ?

If I were in the same room as the notorious perjurer, Jeremy Newmark, would that make me a liar? #CST/Jonathan Arkush/Stephen Sizer

Mark Gardner CSTJonathan ArkushJeremy NewmarkDave Rich CST

The wonderful thing about the Hasbarafia is they seem to have a collective learning disability. So, it is no surprise that despite the disaster of the Board of Deputies and Council of Christians and Jews’ attempt to have Revd. Stephen Sizer charged with stirring up racial hatred, and the grotesque humiliation of their climb down after charging him with “conduct unbecoming” under the Church Disciplinary Measures, they are back again.

They are certainly gluttons for punishment. Concerted attempts to “get Sizer” seem to be an annual occurrence, as regular and as certain as Yom Kippur. Despite the inevitable frustrations they inflict upon themselves, they will keep coming as long as the Church continues to indulge them and feigns to take them seriously. These attempts are clearly and demonstrably installments in a carefully orchestrated campaign of harassment and attempted intimidation, as a brief look at the history makes clear. The problem is that the Hasbarafia simply is unable to get it through their thick skulls that the Church is never going to sacrifice a senior and most Christian priest to a baying mob of Zionist extremists. The Church could save itself an awful lot of time and trouble by declaring an end to it, making it clear that enough is enough and inviting them to FO.

The present installment of the annual Sizer hate fest has been kicked off by that ludicrous organisation, the Community Security Trust, which purports to be the cutting edge of the anti-Semitism industry but which, in reality, is nothing more than a rich source of gravy and Gerald Ronson welfare cheques for Dave Rich and Mark Gardner.

It is, as ever, oh so predictable. They despair of ever being able to get at this global authority on, and campaigner against, Christian Zionism on account of anything he says, or writes. So it’s always about links to web sites or attempts to establish some kind of guilt by association. That is, he was at the same meeting as such and such, or he was on the same platform as so and so.

Unfortunately for the Hasbarafiosi, Revd. Sizer’s message is always an uncompromising Christian one. Is this is what they hate and fear? As Archbishop Welby recently tweeted about Emma Watson’s speech “Its accuracy is shown by the wicked backlash”, so it is with Stephen Sizer’s message. Perhaps it is the clear Christian message that drives them to distraction and causes them to to spend so much time and energy in attempts to silence him, not to mention frittering away so many Hasbarafia £millions  on assorted 2-bit organisations. Never in the history of mankind have so few had so many organisations. They are terrified of the anti-Christian Zionist message, particularly when it is delivered so eloquently and compellingly as it is by Stephen Sizer. He must be silenced, they tell themselves, but remain clueless as to how. Consequently, they stumble from one disaster to another.

The internet rabids throw out all these accusations about the conference and about Revd. Sizer without having a clue what they are talking about. All they know is what they have learned from other internet rabids. None of them were there. Read about it from someone that WAS there:

Crescent International: Meeting of Minds in Tehran by Eric Walberg


As we have said above, the latest silencing effort has been kicked off by the Community Security Trust. How the security of British Jews is affected by an Anglican priest’s attendance at a conference in Iran is anybody’s guess. The reality is that the “security“ issue is merely a front for the CST’s Zionist agenda, as we shall see in the APPENDIX.

The CST run a blog, the content of which, is usually pretty hysterical, to put it at its mildest. This week they surpassed themselves.

They tell us that Rev. Sizer attended a conference in Tehran. They then go on to tell us that among the great many other delegates were a few they had identified as holocaust deniers or “conspiracy theorists”. Except they didn’t  say a few, they said a HOST, and then linked to an ADL piece on the same subject. The ADL piece said several. So, we have a UK organisation devoted to silencing opponents of Israel by screaming “anti-Semite” at them, getting its information from an American organisation on the same trip. Many will recall the attempts by Gerald Ronson, the CST’s Chairman and funder in chief, to silence The Guardian.

Ronson is a fraudster on a gargantuan scale. It has been suggested that during his consequent incarceration, he shared a cell with Simon Cobbs. This is sheer nonsense. They are of entirely different generations and while Simon was nicking chickens, Ronson was nicking millions. So as well as serving his time he was able to pay a £5million fine without blinking.

Ronson’s behaviour indicates a criminal mind, so it is not surprising that he mostly employs people of iffy character and even more iffy associations.

Who else was at the conference is irrelevant. Stephen Sizer was there with his own Christian agenda. The only thing relevant is what is that agenda, and what did he say. The Hasbarafia do not have the intellectual honesty and the integrity to address these issues, but merely squeal that it could only be to participate in a conspiracy to kill all the Jews. While the Church is telling them to FO it might add “And grow the F up”.

See APPENDIX below for a detailed example of the CST’s lack of integrity and how it just cannot be trusted.

The appearance of the blog post set off a feeding frenzy with most of the usual suspects quickly picking up the baton and running with it. None were quicker off the mark than Jonathan Arkush of the Board of Deputies, and the reason for this is simple. While most of the Hasbarafia knee jerkers were taken by surprise, we have been able to categorically establish that Arkush knew in advance that the post was going to appear.

This is highly suggestive of the CST being merely front men, the Board being bound as they are by the terms of the agreement they entered into with Revd. Sizer in 2013. Such a post, would of course, be a gross violation of this agreement. The fact that they have already violated the agreement several times, we will leave aside for the moment.

Interestingly, the Hasbarafiosi seem to have given no thought to the impact of their histrionics on the interests of Iranian Jews. Or perhaps they have, but just don’t care.  It’s “get Stephen Sizer time”.

The Iranian Jewish community is the largest in the Middle East outside Israel. It is, for the greatest part, left in peace by the Iranian government. It is unmolested, and they are able to travel freely and are free to leave Iran any time they wish. They choose not to leave. Happy Jews in Iran is of course, highly inconvenient to the Zionist narrative. Zionist histrionic invective obviously does nothing to shore up the interests and security of this community and could be said to threaten it. These people seem to be expendable, so far as British Hasbarafiosi are concerned, probably because, as always, bottom line, it is all about Israel.

It is interesting to compare this reckless attitude to the work done by the likes of Revd. Sizer to promote the cause of peaceful co-existence between Muslims and the beleaguered Christian population in Iran.


CST are fans of, and contributors to the racist cess-pit site, CifWatch. This is about as ugly an anti-Muslim hate fest as you are ever going to encounter, rivaled only by Harry’s Place (run by the racist nut job David Toube aka Lucy Lips).

CifWatch is managed by the juvenile delinquent Hilltop Yuffer and CAMERA welfare chequer, Adam Levick. CST are blissfully content to be in partnership with Levick to the extent of regularly contributing to his nauseating enterprise.

Typical of Levick, is his reaction to the recent murder by beheading, of a woman in South London at a time when neither he nor anyone else had any idea who the murderer was.

“Chances very high that the perpetrator was Muslim”

“Anyone have confirmation that the perpetrator of the beheading today was Muslim”?

Screenshot 2014-10-08 12.07.11

As it turned out, the killer was not Muslim, much to Levick’s disappointment.

Imagine if Revd. Sizer were to say “chances very high the guy arrested for loan sharking was Jewish. Anyone have confirmation that the loan shark was Jewish?”

Pots, kettles.

For several years, a certain Jonathan Hoffman, established and maintained links with the Muslim baiting English Defence League, and particularly, with Roberta Moore, who graduated from the EDL Jewish division to become an organiser for the time-served terrorist, Victor Vancier’s Jewish Task Force.

Hoffman EDL

Hoffman is not an obscure hasbarifioso foot soldier. He is an elected Deputy, member of the Board’s Defence Division, and at the time, Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation. Despite both organisations being fully aware of Hoffman’s activities, neither have ever dissociated themselves from him or uttered a solitary word of admonishment or condemnation of him. They clearly regard him as a fit and proper person to hold high office in their organisations.

Nor have CST uttered a solitary word of criticism of Hoffman, or of the failure of the Board or the ZF to do so.

Here is a glimpse of Hoffman at his delightful best:

Pots, kettles.

Nor does CST experience any unhappiness at the associations of even more senior Board officials.

For a long time, the Board’s historical position as the major voice of mainstream Zionism, has been firstly undermined, and then overtaken by the emergence of rival organisations that are much more realistic and in tune with the the realities of the Middle East, than the dinosaurs of the Board. This process is continually fueled by the correct perception that the Board is merely an extension of the Israeli Embassy. Chief among these organisations, of course, is the Jewish Leadership Council, headed by Mick Davis.

The JLC is no friend of the Palestinian people and ultimately functions as a prop to the process of Jewish dispossession of the indigenous population. It is however, clever enough to wrap this position in a sugar coating consisting of occasional mild divergence from the position of the Israeli government. This is extremely judicious, just enough to fool most of the people much of the time.

Its leader is Mick Davis, who has just been voted the most influential Jew in the country by the judges in the JC’s rather silly “influential Jews” exercise. The JLC is outflanking the Board, and with the greatest of ease.

In consequence of the latest Israeli atrocities in Gaza, the Board is also being outflanked from the other side, that is by the rabids of the multifarious “grass roots organisations that are multiplying at an exponential rate, as the carpet baggers heading them up, smell JLC money and the opportunity of a nice little earner in the pro-occupation/dispossess the Palestinians industry. Typical of these “organisations” is Stand With Us and Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, but there are literally dozens and dozens. Taken together, they might be regarded as the political arm of the Hilltop Youth.

In last weeks Jewish Chronicle, Mick Davis announced that he planned to organise an alliance between the JLC, the “acceptable face”, and the ” grass roots “. That is Davis is going to throw money at them which is his  solution for everything. Needless to say there is an ever growing queue of opportunists lining up to receive their JLC  welfare cheques. This Unholy Alliance is only strange until you recognise the true nature of the JLC, well illustrated by its cheerful tolerance of the notorious perjurer, Jeremy Newmark as its CEO.

Mick DavisMartin Sugarman

This of course, leaves the Board out in the cold, caught in a pincer movement. The Board saw this coming, of course, and frantically tried to pre-empt it in a forlorn and sad attempt to be the first to get down in the gutter with the Sacerdotti’s of this world.

Steven Jaffe’s job title was hurriedly changed from “Communal Engagement Adviser” to “Grassroots Adviser“ in an attempt to give him, and the Board, some street cred. President W(h)ineman took off his tie (some say he is in the habit of sleeping in it), rolled up his sleeves, and rushed off to make a fool of himself on the streets, including getting on the soap box and making an embarrassing attempt at rabble rousing oratory and got hissed at and booed for his trouble.

He took himself down to Brighton to show his face at a demo organised by the bottom feeders known as Sussex Friends of Israel. SFI are an ineffectual collection of Zio-fascists and Christian Zionist crazies with glazed over eyes, whose only success to date is getting Ecostream, an enterprise of the Israeli company Sodastream, “Ahaved”, meaning…shut down due to their disruptive presence. They have made strenuous attempts to link up with the Jewish Defence League, widely credited with provoking the much publicised trouble at a Paris synagogue, and with off shoots of Victor Vancier’s terrorist group, the Jewish Task Force.

SFI’s main tactic is to stand in the street and abuse and bait Palestinian sympathisers. They seem particularly fond of targeting middle aged women.

SFI is “led” by a certain Simon Cobbs.

Simon is a case and threequarters. Former Exeter guest of Her Majesty, convicted and self-confessed fraudster, junkie and make believe Jew, he has made himself into something of a legend in Brighton, and W(h)ineman seems proud to have him as his latest buddy.

Vivian WinemanSimon Cobbs

See Simon “Proper people, not girls” Cobbs in action:

And even better here…..

Wineman, at the same time, shared a platform with the EDL apologist Douglas “things have to be made harder for Muslims” Murray.

Learning nothing from this, W(h)ineman then goes hurtling up to Manchester, to line up with the counter protestors outside Kadem, who have invited the Muslim baiting English Defence League. We have seen nothing from W(i)neman to suggest that he dissents from the counter protestors position that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend“ and that “The EDL often come to anti-Muslim things and therefore they are more than welcome.”

CST have had nothing to say about any of this.

Pots, kettles.

Among the more vociferous of the Hasbarafia establishment are Jeremy Newmark and Jonathan Arkush.

Newmark is a former spokesman for the Chief Rabbi, former CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council and was appointed by the Israeli government to the steering committee of the Global Coalition for Israel. He was a witness for the claimant in the FUCU case, a case that Jeremy Goldberg, QC described as an epic folly.

For the incognescenti, the case was about a legal claim brought by a maths teacher, Ronnie Fraser, against his teaching union. He claimed that the Union had harassed him, in breach of equality laws, due to its handling of the Israel-Palestine debate. It was in consequence of the evidence he gave in this case, that Newmark secured ever lasting notoriety as a perjurer. The Tribunal said……

We regret to say that we have rejected as untrue the evidence of Ms Ashworth and Mr Newmark concerning the incident at the 2008 Congress… Evidence given to us about booing, jeering and harassing of Jewish speakers at Congress debates was also false, as truthful witnesses on the Claimant’s side accepted. One painfully ill-judged example of playing to the gallery was Mr Newmark’s preposterous claim, in answer to the suggestion in cross- examination that he had attempted to push his way into the 2008 meeting, that a ‘pushy Jew’ stereotype was being applied to him. The opinions of witnesses were not, of course, our concern and in most instances they were in any event unremarkable and certainly not unreasonable. One exception was a remark of Mr Newmark in the context of the academic boycott controversy in 2007 that the union was “no longer a fit arena for free speech”, a comment which we found not only extraordinarily arrogant but also disturbing.”

This perjurer was quickly off the mark following the appearance of the CST post, demanding that AB Welby “sanction” Revd. Sizer. Hello ?

As for Arkush, it is difficult to know where to start.

He is chair of the BoD Defence division and emotionally fragile in the extreme, which makes it impossible for him to make good judgments. He is given to responding to stress by having the most dramatic meltdowns. In the aftermath of these, he is given to pleading that he was “unwell”.

Arkush has a burning ambition to be Board President, and this is not impossible, given that there are enough like minded goons among the Deputies to get him elected. This would be the final nail in the Board’s coffin, since it is entirely financially dependent on the JLC. The JLC is headed by the same Mick Davis referred to above. In consequence of his most famous and memorable wobbler, Arkush made a mortal enemy of Davis. Read all about it here: Jonathan Arkush’s humiliating apology.

Arkush is totally amoral and devoid of any semblance of integrity. He was a leading player in the disgraceful shambolic conspiracy with the Council of Christians and Jews that sought in 2012 to have Revd. Sizer prosecuted for inciting racial hatred/conduct unbecoming.

It was he that instigated the CDM complaint, and who,  when the Bishop of Guildford decided in 2013 that conciliation was the way forward, shamelessly conned the Bishop. Arkush asked if Gavin Lightman could be one of the conciliators. He omitted to tell the Bishop that Lightman had been his tutor at University and that they were still mates. Arkush and Lightman were spotted socialising during the conciliation process.

It seems to be a line of attack that Revd. Sizer, in attending the conference in Iran, was in breach of the spirit of the conciliation agreement. If it was in either the letter or spirit of the agreement that Jonathan Arkush had a veto on how Revd. Sizer conducted his Christian ministry, obviously Revd. Sizer would not have signed the agreement.

In any event, Arkush is already in multiple breaches of the agreement. A clause was that the Board would discuss the issue with Revd. Sizer if they had future concerns. This is clearly breached by Arkush entering into the above mentioned conspiracy with the CST. It is further breached by Arkush, like a two bit internet troll attacking Revd. Sizer on twitter, rather than taking up the faux concern with him.

The agreement was clearly breached when Arkush followed up the CST post with a series of threats, threats repeated by  Jerry Lewis, in the Jerusalem Post.

But we needn’t restrict ourselves to recent events. Arkush cynically subverted the spirit of the agreement almost immediately after it was signed.

An amusing tale of blah blah and substance…FUCU deja vu: #hasbarafiafail


If you were to go to the CST web site, you will see on their tool bar “anti-Semitism.” If you were to click there, you would find a blurb about the wholly mythical “EUMC working definition”. This will-o-the-wisp is much beloved by the Hasbarafia. The EUMC put on their web site a definition of anti-Semitism, pretty much in line with what the dictionary compilers tell us, and which the ordinary speakers of the language, who are sovereign in this respect, understand by the expression. Even this was intended to be purely a discussion document.

Israel isn’t mentioned, as you would expect.

Then, the American Jewish Committee appended some Israel stuff intended to outlaw any significant criticism of Israel because it was anti-Semitic.

Well there it sat, unacted upon. Yet the Hasbarafia sold this as Europe’s definition of anti-Semitism and constantly hurled it in the faces of their political opponents.

The successor to the EUMC took no action in respect of this piece of junk and eventually, in a junk clearing exercise, removed it from the web site.

We were therefore somewhat surprised to be invited by the CST to “click here to download the EUMC working definition”.

So we “clicked here”.

What we found was not anything to do with the EUMC, which no longer exists, but some gobbledy gook from something called the European Forum on Anti-Semitism. Who? Well, we clicked on “about us” to find what we expected. A bunch of self appointed Hasbarafiosi, that CST represent as an august official body of the European Union.

This sleight of hand on the part of the CST is VERY NAUGHTY, which we have come to expect from Gerald Ronson’s boys.

Needless to say, the “definition” by the EFAS is even more intended to shut down debate on Israel, than the fake AJC addition to the EUMC “definition”.

The CST has no clothes.


Read here for Harriet’s Place’s latest update on the upcoming Methodist Conference (cross-posted from The Methodist Room at Harriet’s Place).






Following, and in consequence of, our last post, in which we pointed out how the Jewish Chronicle’s Marcus Dysch consistently lied and misrepresented Stephen Sizer, in particular, how he regularly churned out the lie that following the Board’s bottling out of the CDM complaint and humiliating climb down, Revd Sizer “apologised to the Jewish people”, Marcus seems to have had a bit of a rethink.

Since thinking is not Marcus’s strong point, the rethink has not taken him very far.  In his latest diatribe against Revd. Sizer in this week’s JC, the words/phrases “apologised”, and “the Jewish people” are remarkably conspicuous by their absence.  However, he remains very firmly in the naughty corner.

This time, because he knows we are watching him, he avoids “apologised to the Jewish people“ in favour of “expressed regret”.

This is technically true, but Marcus carefully avoids telling us what was regretted.

Stephen Sizer said he regretted that “some people had been offended.”

Marcus has consistently substituted “apologised“ for “regretted” and “the Jewish people“ for “some people”.

Well, we seem to have weaned him off that, but there are still some sleights of hand, that in the course of time, we will cure him of.  No rush.

Amazingly, in this latest piece, Marcus, totally gratuitously and wholly without context, tells us that Revd. Sizer was “briefly investigated by the police.”  So you, like everyone else, are wondering what this was all about.  Maybe he was suspected of raping and pillaging his way from one end of the Diocese to the other ?

Nothing so colourful.  The Council of Christians and Jews acting, as per, as the Board of Deputies gopher and in collusion with the Board, had the less than bright idea that it would be cool to go to the police and claim that Revd. Sizer was stirring up racial hatred.  The police glanced at the stuff and more or less told the idiots to go away and quit playing silly buggers.

It will be interesting to watch the Jewish Chronicles progress in its attempts to discomfort Revd. Sizer, an obsession that is doomed to endless frustration.

Marcus Dysch, cub reporter and Stephen Pollard wannabe, but lacks the talent.

Stephen Pollard

The Jewish Chronicle editor, Stephen Pollard, is an extremely nasty piece of work, to put it at its absolute mildest. Nothing excites him so much as a good brawl and he has reduced the JC to little more than a mouthpiece for the most extreme Zio-fascists in the community, and a vehicle for his own personal agenda. He is an apologist and advocate for those that form alliances with the extreme homophobic and Islamophobic right. For example, he demanded an apology from Dan Sheldon, the then campaigns director of the UJS, after Sheldon had referred to Jonathan Hoffman as being “happy to demonstrate alongside the EDL”.  That this was demonstrably and undeniably true, concerned Pollard not one iota.  He went on to describe Hoffman as “a tireless worker for Middle East peace” and accorded Hoffman ” specially invited blogger” status. Hoffman, as Pollard intended, used this status to conduct vicious vendettas against more sensible and moderate members of the community.

He  granted the same status to a  grotesque misogynist “Melchet Mike“.  Mike was given to threatening female bloggers with rape.  This was pointed out to Pollard, who was completely unfazed and and who just carried on regardless.

He also cheerfully accorded blogging space to a BNP  political candidate. When The Guardian got onto this he lied his way out of it by saying that it was inadvertent and in consequence had changed the blog policy. In fact the policy was changed five months later over an entirely different issue.

Having said this, there is no doubting Pollard’s talent.  He is a brilliant journalist and the JC seems to be a commercial success under his tenure.  Circulation continues to fall which is probably inevitable in the case of a publication with such a small target audience in  an age of proliferating alternative information sources. Readership, however, seems to be holding up, even increasing, and the advertising content is phenomenal.

Contrary to what is commonly supposed, not all JC staffers are cast in the Pollard mould. Some of the present and recent ones make some effort to do their jobs and at the same time retain a modicum of integrity. For example, Simon Rocker, Charlotte Oliver, and Anna Sheinman.

However, there is also a good sprinkling of little Pollards on the staff too.  Sandy Rashty is every bit as obnoxious as Pollard, and has been described by some as an embryonic Pollard in a dress, and by others as the JC’s answer to the fruit loop Caroline Glick. Sandy is talented, though hardly brilliant. She is best known for being the JC’s link with the Zio-fascist hate group Sussex Friends of Israel and for her kissy-kissy relationship with the former Exeter guest of Her Majesty, fraudster, junkie, make believe Jew and nut job Simon Cobbs.

But this brings us to the saddest case of all, the utterly talentless but none-the-less wannabe Pollard, Marcus Dysch. Marcus is a case.  He is the JC’s “political correspondent”, and writes an endless stream of badly written dissembling garbage.  Fortunately, his output is always excruciatingly transparent.

If Marcus has anything in common with Pollard it is his shamelessness and ability to brazen out being caught lying.  For example, in the aftermath of the Board of Deputies bottling out of the CDM case against Stephen Sizer, and their humiliating climb down, Marcus reported that Revd. Sizer had “apologised to the Jewish community.”  Marcus simply made this up.  It never happened.  This has been pointed out to him several times.  However, Marcus not only does not retract previous occurrences of the lie but never misses an opportunity to repeat it.

Let’s give Marcus a final chance to do the decent thing.


Hmmm… answer came the loud reply.

If Pollard thinks he is going to train Marcus to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, he maybe isn’t so smart after all.

How the State of Israel got its claws into Christy Anastas

The Anastas family refused to abandon their home to make way for The Land Grab Wall.  This is what the State of Israel then did to them……Anastas-house-300x200d


More from Howard, Christy and the IIC/Israeli Foreign Ministry


And still more from Howard and Christy



Just who do these freaks think they’re fooling?  The IIC is an agency of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.  Not only is Christy being exploited by Howard Stern, but also by the Israeli government.

So far as the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland is concerned, the less said, the better.

This character was until very recently, a Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation:  


More from Howard and Christy

Howard and Christy have threatened to publish their emails to us, so we thought we’d save them the trouble.

Emmaus Group Office

Dear Harriet,


I was sent a link:    in order to read your article about me which, as you can imagine, I find utterly distasteful.  What you have written is so far from the truth it beggars belief and is deeply libellous.   It has caused offence to me, my wife, my children and Christy herself.   As a Christian family we are all shocked and horrified that you have the propensity to write such things about people you do not know.


We would like to meet with you at the earliest possible time to discuss your article face to face and request you evidence your claims.   I should advise you that we, as a family, are considering consulting with lawyers tomorrow regarding this matter.


Howard Stern & Christy Anastas


Emmaus Group Office

Dear Sir,


Further to our email last week we note with regret your lack of response.  We have consulted with lawyers and it is clear your blogs are seriously  libellous and we have been advised a prosecution would be successful.  However, we would prefer to meet  you face-to-face to discuss your blog as we wish to understand more your rationale and position.


We can come either to your home address, or your place of work, both of which we are aware,  or we can meet in one of the cafes close by your home.     Should you fail to respond to this email we reserve the right to publish it which may place you in a detrimental and less credible position.


Yours sincerely


Howard Stern & Christy Anastas

The courageous Laurence Brass’ exasperation finally boils over

Laurence Brass

There seems to be a great deal of surprise that Laurence Brass wrote the article that he did, in the latest edition of the Jewish Chronicle.

See Board of Deputies treasurer shocked by ‘visit’ to West Bank

Our surprise is that it took so long.  Laurence has long been the nearest thing there is to a decent human being among the Board illuminati.  He has always found the Board’s, at first implicit, and increasingly explicit, code of OMERTA intensely frustrating.


He once brought a resolution before a Board plenary that would have set aside the rule that there should be no criticism of a present or any past government of The State of Israel.  No prizes for guessing how that fared.

He has consistently pointed out the no brainer that the Board’s credibility would be greatly enhanced if it wasn’t (correctly) perceived as an extension of the Israeli Embassy.

How he has been able to bear being in the company of these people for so long is impossible to grasp.  Our take on the article is that his recent experience has caused him to give up on the Board.  He once was regarded as one of the two serious contenders for the Presidency in 2015, the other being the execrable, totally amoral Jonathan Arkush.  This became increasingly unlikely, as he persisted in expressing unwelcome views.  To his immense credit, he continued to express these views regardless. Laurence Brass is a man of immense experience and very considerable attainment.  He is fully aware of how many apples there are in a pound.  He has always known exactly what he is doing and he knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote this article and broadcast his sorrow at what he had witnessed in the Occupied Territories on social media.

The consensus seems to be that Brass will get “Goldstoned” and there will be a retraction.  Certainly, he will come under a great deal of pressure.  Just hob nobbing with Breaking the Silence and the estimable Yachad (too sane to be allowed into the Zionist Federation) would be bad enough, without his expressions of outrage at what he had witnessed.  Further, it wasn’t just criticism of Israel, it was criticism of the hallowed IOF, “the most moral army in the world”.

We doubt there will be a retraction, but the next plenary should be fun; be sure to catch the live stream.

Some have expressed the view that Stephen Pollard was asleep on the job, and when he wakes up the article will be pulled. That won’t happen; Pollard does not sleep on the job. Pollard, in general political and economic terms, is way to the right of Genghis Khan and is the most nauseous Zio-fascist.  He once described Jonathan Hoffman as “a tireless worker for Middle East peace.”  He is however, a journalist.  He has been described as a brilliant one and we wouldn’t quibble with that.  He also much enjoys winding up the Board because it is, and it stimulates, wonderful copy.  He also loves a good dust up for its own sake, regardless of whether it brings him tangible material gain.

Having said all this Brass’s declarations are welcome and the public breaking of ranks virtually unprecedented.  Hopefully, they will encourage certain autres.


Howard Stern, Zionist pimp and a vulnerable young girl

He was in the neighborhood looking for business opportunities.  She was in the neighborhood looking for a way out.  Life had become mundane for the young woman who wanted a ticket out of her misery.  He had what she wanted and he knew it.  He could sense her distress and steered the conversation onto topics he thought might distract her.  She wanted to talk about “it”.  “It” was the misery.  He then knew he had her.x
He offered her the way out she had longed for and she took it.  “It” was no longer going to haunt her.  She now had possibilities and hope.  She knew it wasn’t going to be free but she didn’t mind the cost….so far.  He had the extra room and she didn’t eat much.  How bad could it be?  And then, he laid out the big bait….an education.  All she had to do to get it, was to help him out.  So far, it meant just talking.  She was cool with that.  She did notice that he was a little demanding about what he wanted her to say.  He would occasionally correct her story with little prompts and veiled looks.  She knew that if she was going to get what she wanted, the little corrections weren’t that big of a deal so she silently complied.x
They went to enroll her and true to his word, he whipped out his checkbook and filled in the required numbers to get her started.  She began to get worried about having enough time for her studies since he had been filling up her calendar with more and more “dates”.  Then, the little corrections became bigger ones and he became more insistent that she make her story fit in with his ambitions.  He was going to be someone if it killed him…and she was just his ticket too.x
Eventually, she didn’t have time for her classes and dropped out.  She was so bogged down with guilt, fear of him, and indebtedness, all she wanted to do was hide.  She abandoned her family and friends to do just that.  She didn’t want them to see what she had become.  She owed him so much now, she’d never get it worked off….unless she gave completely in to him….and she did.  He now controlled her every move, her every thought, her every word.  Lock, stock, and barrel.  He owned her.  And now she had no way out.  She had now become…….xx
A Zionist harlot


Hate group SFI supports the destruction of 800k Palestinian olive trees and a complicit company


SFI Simon Cobbs

SFI Simon Cobbs


IOF LTC Peter Lerner

SFI admirer LTC Peter Lerner, social media guru of the IOF


We realise that life can be disappointing but some disappointments can be difficult to take. We had such a disappointment over the Easter weekend. Simon Cobbs, the jailbird ex( ? ) junkie ” founder ” of the fringe hate group, Sussex Friends of Israel, wound us up throughout the whole of last week, before sending us crashing to earth with a bump that must have been heard in Inverness.

All week Simon kept reminding us that there was a momentous surprise in store for us at the demo outside the Brighton Ecostream  store on the coming Saturday. He reminded us not once, not twice, not thrice but lots of times.

On the morning of the very day that all was to be revealed Simon teased us almost beyond endurance, when he announced he was on his way to Ecostream with a smile on his face because ” I know what is coming”.

Well we figured that at the very least there was to be a surprise visit from Bibi, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What did we get ?

We got the news that, coincidently, Ecostream had put some Palestinian olive oil on their shelves. Huh ? Is that it ? Why would they do that ? Because they had hearts of gold and wanted to give Palestinian farmers a leg up ? Well I guess there COULD  be fairies at the bottom of my garden.

This is a company complicit in the destruction of 800,000 Palestinian olive trees !!!

This gut wrenching, vomit inducing cynicism was compounded by the fact that they also put some Sussex farmer’s stuff on the shelves as well, to get some local leverage.

” They want to boycott Palestinian and Sussex farmers don’t you know good burghers of Brighton.”

This is Hasbarafia bullshit so transparent that even my sister’s pet canary’s retarded cousin saw through it in a nano second. All reminiscent of broken records much favoured by apartheid South Africa.

We have the happiest blacks in Africa”

” Boycott will hurt them more than it hurts us”.

Then the matter was handed over to Simple Simon,  SFI’s Emeritus Professor of Deductive Reasoning , who came up with a syllogism so water tight it would make Aristotle wish that he ( Aristotle) hadn’t bothered and had just left it to the professionals.

Sodastream have put some Palestinian stuff on their shelves

THEY  therefore are the real friends of Palestinian farmers ( the wilfull destruction of 800, 000 olive trees not withstanding)

The boycotters are therefore calling for the boycotting of Palestinian farmers ( and Sussex farmers to boot)

They are therefore not pro Palestinian but merely anti Israel

We will be taking a closer, more detailed look at Simple Simon and his admirers towards the end of the week. In the meantime you can get a glimpse of Simon On Saturday below. Here you can experience Simon at his analytical best.

Look out for the Brighton garbage skip supporter of  Israel h/t LancasterLen

It should be obvious to even the most naïve among you that this entire sick stunt was put together by people a lot smarter than Simon. Here’s who. It was announced a while back that this little band of haters was  so successful  that it had been able to appoint “ a part time director “. What ? What’s to direct ? Here we have half a dozen or so Zio Zombies, a dozen at the most. Plus  some rotating occasionals. They don’t do anything other than make fools of themselves of a Saturday afternoon and scoff pies. Can they not manage this all by themselves ? They need directing ?
Step forward Neil Duncanson, the part time director who held the camera on Saturday and organised the material afterwards. He regards himself as some kind of media specialist. His role is to work closely with Sodastream and turn the shapeless antics of Simon and his fellow goons into stage managed stunts, such as the one on Saturday. Duncanson seemingly thinks he can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. He obviously doesn’t know Simon like we know Simon.
In any event it looks like we can look forward to a rolling series of cheap tricks coordinated by Duncanson and the Sodastream powers that be.
Unfortunately Saturday was a spectacular own goal. Rather than telling us something about BrightonBDS , it merely shines further light on what a cynical, exploitative and manipulative organisation Sodastream are.

All BrightonBDS  now have to do is simply keep on reminding people about the 800,000 olive trees. Doh !!!!!!

Doubtless you will be wondering just who is funding this ” part time director ” Don’t say Brighton and Hove Council Tourism Office. I thought of that before you. Quite clearly it begins with an ” S ” .


It is characteristic of stupid people that they think everyone but them is stupid. So it is with Simon. You will see above, reference to the destruction by the IOF  and settlers of 800.000 Palestinian olive trees. Simon tells us that the figure is 18,000.  ” I know this how  ? “, he rhetorically asks himself. He explains that he has friends and the internet. He needs to find himself more reliable friends and to outsource his internet research. You can be sure that the ” friends ” he refers to are crazies associated with StandWithUs, widely regarded as the diaspora equivalent of  The Hilltop Youth. That being the case they have a natural interest in olive trees.

The figure of 800,000 is an old figure and almost certainly an underestimate. Simon also points out that in the UK  vast numbers of trees are destroyed to make way for wind farms. We are not talking about wind farms but the mass destruction of ancient olive trees because they belong to Arabs and represent the livelihood of Arabs and to make way for housing and necessary infrastructure for illegal Jewish colonies.

He goes on to tell us about Israel’s net gain of ( unspecified ) trees , except of course we aren’t talking about Israel, we are talking about the Palestinian territories. Nor are we talking about unspecified trees but olive trees that represented the livelihoods of 100, 000 people. Did he REALLY think we wouldn’t notice ? Or is that his fans are dumb enough to nod their heads at stuff like this?

You can see Oxfam’s take on the matter here.

You can hear the useful idiots version in his own words here.




Aunty-Semitic Tropes

……what they are and why they are necessary.

This is racist.

This isn’t.


The pillar sustaining the State of Israel is, of course, the US.  In place of the US you can insert “the West”, given that the foreign policy of  most Western nations can be summarised as “stay close to the Americans”.  This was famously exemplified by Tony Bliar’s famous instruction to the British Ambassador in Washington, “get up the White House’s arse and stay there”.

Israel is the most dependent nation on earth.  No other nation is entirely dependent on another for its very existence.

That having been said, a second crucial existential pillar is “anti-Semitism”.   Anyone that doubts this should try to imagine the landscape without it.  Imagine if Israel had to get along without anti-Semitism, just as white South Africans had to get along without anti-Dutch racism and the Soviets had to get along without anti-Slav racism.  Imagine if the State of Israel and the wider Hasbarafia were divested of the anti-Semitism card, and the goons at CAMERA and similar organisations were not able to launch into self pitying squeals of “anti-Semite” at any reference to Israel that fell short of eulogy.

These squeals aggregate into an impenetrable crescendo of deafening noise that intimidates the target leaving him/her/it battered and bewildered. The churches are particularly susceptible to being quieted and having their public positions “modified” by this phenomenon.  Ask the Methodist Church in Great Britain.

Unfortunately, most targets of this white noise either back down or make the fatal error of trying to go through it, only to find it, as I have said, impenetrable.  Those few who have wised up simply put their ear plugs in, step around it, and leave them to squeal at the moon.


“persecution of or discrimination against Jews” Collins English Dictionary

hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group” Merriam Webster Dictionary

“hostility and prejudice directed against Jewish people; (also) the theory, action, or practice resulting from this” OED

Now here, we have statements of the meaning of anti-Semitism, the definition of anti-Semitism, arrived at by the dictionary compilers’ observations of the aggregate force of the uses of the expression by the multitudes that speak the natural language.  Unfortunately for the Hasbarafia, in the West, there is not a lot of it about.  As the regulars will testify, down at the Dog and Duck, when the boys have had a few and the racist garbage starts to flow, Jews rarely, if ever, warrant a mention. There certainly isn’t enough to keep the Hasborafia squealing about it 24/7.

Worse, there is no reference to Israel in the definition. Why should there be? If you stand on any random street and ask 100 random passers-by what they understand by anti-Semitism, you can be confident that Israel won’t get a mention.

The Hasbarafia overcome these problems by creating a private language in which they stipulate a privatised definition that they energetically seek to force on the rest of us.

And, of course, there is always anti-Semitic tropes.  They are not as good as anti-Semitism but they are better than a blank minute.


Anti-Semitic tropes expand the arsenal of the Hasborafia, infinitely.  So, what are they?

You are in the presence of an anti-Semitic trope when it is suggested that a Jew, or group of Jews is guilty of something that Jews, as a collective, have been accused of in the past, however dim and distant.  This constitutes a “libel against the Jewish people” and is anti-Semitic.

This kind of libel is different from the more familiar kind of libel, in that these are libels to which there is NO defence.  If the man down the road accuses me of libeling him, I have certain potential defences; fair comment, privilege etc., etc.  The best defence of all, of course, is that the published statement is true.  None of these defences is available in the case of an anti-Semitic trope.  Truth and falsehood are entirely irrelevant.  Whether the statement is true is not any part of the issue.

So, if you imply or state that a Jew has blood on his hands as in the now famous Scarfe cartoon (above ) you are anti-Semitic.  This is because way back in the 13C, Jews were persistently accused of using the blood of Christian children in their religious rituals.  So, to suggest that a Jew has blood on his hands today, is an invocation of this 13C blood libel.  I am not sure whether accusing a Jew of killing someone bloodlessly, eg. by poison, counts as a blood libel or whether it doesn’t.

So, the above cartoon is racist but the many depictions of, for example, Tony Bliar with blood on his hands is not, Tony Bliar not being Jewish.

For centuries, Jews as a collective have been suspected and accused of being in the habit of poisoning Gentile water supplies.  This makes it difficult to discuss Abba Kovner and Nakam. It is said that Kovner and his boys poisoned the water supplies of several German cities in the immediate aftermath of WW2.  Once again, whether this is true or false is not in any way the issue.  It probably isn’t true.  What is certain is that they planned to. How far they got with these plans is disputed.  But it is anti-Semitic to even talk about this because that puts us in the presence of an anti-Semitic trope and we are therefore, racists.

Another centuries old canard is that Jews were engaged in one great plot to control the world, if not the cosmos.  What that means for us today, is that it is anti-Semitic to connect a group of Jews with power and influence.  This is particularly so when this power and influence relates to policies and attitudes in respect of The State of Israel.  Making such connections amount to invocations of the “rule the world” canard and are libels of the Jewish people.  Only anti-Semites suggest these kind of connections.

Once again, truth and falsehood are irrelevant.  So, we cannot make references to an American Jewish/Israel lobby despite everyone being perfectly aware that not only is there such, but it is immensely powerful and well organised, second only to the gun lobby.  So powerful that no American President, Senator, Congressman, candidate or wannabe candidate dare stray from its line for very long. Menachim Begin famously told Ronald Reagan, “Don’t worry about the Hill Ron, I’ll take care of them”.   In making these assertions you can be sure that no Zionist will tell me I am mistaken.  Why get involved in that, when simply calling me anti-Semitic, settles the issue once and for all.

The idiotic Zio-fascist (albeit now defunct ), Jonathan Hoffman, went so far as to tell the Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow, that he was anti-Semitic after he expressed doubts about the strength of this lobby.  Hoffman explained that any reference to the lobby was anti-Semitic, even in the form of a negative existence statement, because it conjured up unwelcome evocations.

Jewish organisations may not be as powerful outside the US,  but they are invariably well organised and effective, especially in the UK and Australia.

Lobbying and the seeking of influence is perfectly legitimate in a democracy of course, but then so is the the pointing out that this influence has been sought and obtained.  Except that it isn’t. It’s anti-Semitic.  It’s one of those tropes.

Further, it needs to be said that the lobbying isn’t always legitimate, in that the employment of tactics involving bullying, threats, intimidation and even blackmail, is not Kosher.  My detailed knowledge is restricted to the UK, but I am able to testify that these illegitimate tactics are common. They don’t boast about it like they used to, because they don’t want Harriet to see what they are up to.  But Harriet sees anyway.  Anyone harbouring doubts about this needs only to visit our sister site, Harriet’s Methodist Room here.

For centuries, among the excuses for intensified persecution of Jews, pogroms, the charge of disloyalty to the “host country” was often prominent.  What this means for us today is that we cannot state, with impunity, the blindingly obvious fact that many Jews and Jewish organisations find choosing between the interests of Israel and the interests of their own country, when they conflict, as they often do, a no brainer.  In America, they are called “Israel firsters’.  The existence of these people and groups is rarely allowed to become a subject for debate.  The inconvenient truth is dealt with by declaring an anti-Semitic trope, since this truth has some resemblance to charges laid against Jews in the days of yore.  Anyone suggesting such a thing is anti-Semitic.  End of story.

In the UK, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, at one time the primary Jewish organisation, but now in terminal, precipitous decline, functions as an extension of the Israeli Embassy, a fact ruefully acknowledged by the Board treasurer Laurence Brass, one of the saner members of this lamentable organisation.

The interests of the UK and the perceived interests of Israel are clearly often at odds.  For example, the continuation of occupation is manifestly contrary to British interests as evidenced by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s designation of the territories as “The Occupied Palestinian Territories”,  and affirmation of the illegality of the colonising of the West Bank.  The Board rejects the advice of its own government in favour of “whatever the government of Israel sees fit.”

The Jewish organisations work in close tandem with the Israeli Embassy and regularly seeks its advice, for example when the JLC and the Board proposed to visit the territories in 2012.  When doubts set in, they sought the advice, not of their own Foreign Office, but that of the Israeli Embassy.  That is, they sought permission from the Embassy.  Permission was denied and the trip did not take place.

The former CEO of the JLC and official spokesperson for the Chief Rabbi, the notorious perjurer Jeremy Newmark, is merely a gopher on behalf of the Embassy.  Newmark was APPOINTED to the steering committee of the Global Coalition for Israel by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The Jewish organisations work closely with the Embassy in conducting lawfare campaigns against British citizens and organisations.  That is, organisations of BRITISH Jews, collaborate with a foreign power to constrict the civil liberties, including the right to assembly or non-assembly of other British citizens.

Now, I do not expect to be challenged on these facts.  Once again truth and falsehood are not the issue since we are in the presence of an anti-Semitic trope.  I am therefore, anti-Semitic, matter resolved.

This is not an exhaustive list of anti-Semitic tropes.  There are many others.  However, I hope to have outlined enough to make it easy to spot others, when they are encountered.

How to deal with the accusation of being a purveyor of anti-Semitic tropes?


Yawn, ignore it and carry on, regardless.


The fall and fall of Dexter Van Zile

It is a bewildering thought that Dexter Van Zile is a Christian.  He seems to be extremely uncomfortable with the Christian message and, in fact, exhibits a positive antipathy towards it.  Our understanding of Christianity is that Christians profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and live so far as is humanly possible, in accordance with His teachings.   Dexter makes no effort whatsoever, to live in accordance with Christ’s teachings, but rather denigrates and vilifies those who do.  The reality is that Dexter is a fake Christian just as he is a fake everything that he has purported to be.

He also seems to have a learning disability.  After his attack on Munther Isaac went bellyup and made him a laughing stock, his response was not “I can learn something from this”.  Instead, it was to make a strategic retreat, lick his wounds, and then to begin a smear campaign against Sami Awad.

What Munther had said in his talk at CATC2014, laid along side what Dexter wrote about it, clearly demonstrated Dexter to be obsessive and vindictive.  Similarly, a comparison with Dexter’s life and Sami’s is, to be frank, embarrassing.  While Sami is out in the trenches in the Holy Land, doing his Lord’s work, softening hearts and seeking to heal wounds, Dexter sits in his Boston office collecting his CAMERA welfare cheques, and blowing raspberries.

Almost unbelievably, Dexter attacked Sami for living Christ’s Gospel and preaching and teaching the ways of peace to men of violence.  Sami fearlessly takes the message of non-violence and peaceful advocacy for change, even to Hamas.  Dexter maintains that there is a line and that Hamas are on the wrong side of it.  As in all violent situations, the men of violence have to be won over or a never ending spiral of violence has to be expected and accepted.  What would Dexter have Sami Awad do?  What would Jesus have Sami Awad do?  Would Jesus accept that there was a line and that those on one side of it could be redeemed and those on the other could not?

Dexter complains that Sami’s efforts with Hamas have not brought any positive results.  When the Christian Dexter says his prayers, (koff) does he say “well Lord, I’ve given it a bit of a whirl, but I haven’t had much in the way of results, so I’m moving on”?

Disgracefully, Dexter represents Sami as providing training for Hamas in how to deceive the West. The man is a fraud and dissembler.  How does Dexter know what’s in Sami Awad’s heart, the will of his Lord, and the hearts of the men he is reaching out to.  This kind of projection is one of Dexter’s frequently used tools to control the images that leap off  the page during the course of his smear campaigns.

This is just about the immediate Sami Awad situation.  There is so much more to tell you about this freak and you can be sure that we will be doing so.  So……stay tuned.

Inspiring talk on “Who is my neighbor” at Christ at the Checkpoint 2014

At this year’s CATC2014 conference, Munther Isaac gave the most amazing, inspiring talk that should make us all optimistic about a way forward in Israel/Palestine.  The theme was inclusivity and “who is my neighbor”?  We at Harriet’s Place are a diverse hodge podge of people for whom this theme had great resonance.

Unfortunately, the thugs of the Zionist extremist propaganda organisation, CAMERA don’t like this message and are seeking to represent it as something different, entirely.   It is extremely important that people hear what Munther said rather than being left with CAMERA’s “mis”representation.

You can see and hear Munther’s brilliant talk here:

Please help us spread the truth and the light by distributing Munther’s talk as widely as you can.

CAMERA’s “Dexter Dilemma”


CAMERA’s “Dexter Dilemma”

By: Burkhardt


Well, it sure seems that after I highlighted Dexter Van Zile’s habitual lack of context in his “reporting” he has doubled down on dumb. Since my piece “The Echo Chamber of Dexter Van Zile”, he has been on an online rampage lashing out in all directions in an attempt to be heard as per the “Echo Chamber” in which he lives and writes. It is very hard to know who is listening to him, other than his own choir.

There has been a lot of attention recently, on the fact that Evangelicals, a demographic that is historically pro-Israel and where the Israeli narrative has had a monopoly, is shifting. The younger Evangelicals are listening more to the Palestinian story and beginning to get a broader perspective. Over the past 5 years there has been a shift, in part, thanks to conferences like ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ in Bethlehem, films like ‘With God On Our Side’ and more leaders coming out with less fear of any backlash. People are doing what CAMERA doesn’t like, asking questions and educating themselves.

This raises an interesting question. Is Van Zile the right person at CAMERA as the ‘Christian Media Analyst’ in this new era of shifting dynamics? It seems he is having to go to extreme lengths to come up with a “gotcha” by taking comments out of context, hashing up old articles and retweeting them. Van Zile, in a public lecture on February 15, 2012 in New Hampshire personally admits that dealing with Evangelicals is “difficult” for him because he is an ‘outsider to that community’. (11:12 – This becomes more evident every time Van Zile writes…he is playing catch up and doesn’t understand the issues he is talking about.

In his latest attempt at smear reporting, Van Zile questions whether Munther Isaac, who has become a favorite target of Van Zile’s, told the truth in 2012 when he said:

we [Palestinian Christians] worship with freedom and exercise rights like all Palestinians.”

At Christ at the Checkpoint 2014, Munir Kakish, head of the Council of Evangelical Churches says:

As a religious group, we are still unable to practice our basic civil rights to issue marriage certificates, register our church properties in the name of the church, or even open bank accounts to manage our churches’ financial affairs”.

Van Zile sees this as a contradiction and that someone must be lying. What Van Zile does not take into account, is that Isaac is talking about personal freedom of worship, which Palestinians do have, and the continuing fight for full official recognition of the Evangelical church by the Palestinian Authority, which Kakish is addressing. There’s a big difference. This is a fight that Evangelicals in Israel also are fighting and which Geoff Tunnicliffe, Director of the World Evangelical Alliance called for at CATC 2014, and brought to a meeting with Israeli officials that same week for churches in Israel. Do Palestinian and Israeli Christians have freedom of worship? Yes. Do Evangelical Churches have full recognition? No. So rather on diving deeper into these details and the full picture, Van Zile tries a lame attempt at alleging ‘conflicting stories’. Is the Palestinian Authority so repressive against Palestinian Christians that an International Christian Conference where Palestinian Christians, Jews and Internationals come together publicaly and online, in which Palestinian officials attend and the Prime Minister has spoken at in the past, is allowed and supported? What Van Zile is attempting by making accusations of anti-Semitism, conflicting stories, etc., is to cast Palestinian Christians as people you can’t trust, that their narrative is tainted by fear of the Palestinian Authority. We expect, in the coming days, more from Van Zile on these ‘issues’. He is struggling to come up with something, but so far, can’t climb out of the cesspool of tabloid reporting, which is what he has become infamous for.

CAMERA has a dilemma in Dexter Van Zile. The new surge in the Evangelical church, especially amongst young people, has them desperately searching for relevancy. Van Zile, their “Christian Media Analyst” has admitted to being an outsider here, and this is glaringly obvious. At a time when many pro-Israeli hasbara organizations are adjusting, and trying to find and highlight young voices of their own, CAMERA is stuck with Van Zile. And as I have said, it’s hard to know who is listening to him.


Editor’s comment: As Burkhardt has pointed out, a current favorite target is Munther Isaac on account of the talk that he gave at CATC2014. Anyone familiar with this talk will immediately recognise the ludicrous and desperate dissembling by Van Zile:

Munther chastises all faiths equally for their violence against each other.

Munther acknowledges that being Palestinian isn’t easy, given the reputation for violence Palestinian extremists have acquired.

Munther chastises all faiths equally for their exclusivity instead of their inclusivity.

In the telling of the alleged anti-Semitic joke that Van Zile is staking his reputation on, Munther makes no reference to Jews whatsoever. In fact, his punchline was clearly a further chastisment of Christians for their lack of attention to their Christian duty. How Dexter came away from that thinking he could sell this as  anti-Semitism  tells you as much about Dexter Van Zile as you will ever need to know. It’s make your mind up time, folks. See here.


Who rattled CAMERA’s cage?

It is clear from social media activity and other sources that CAMERA is gearing up for a major campaign against Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint.   Their efforts will be made to effectively label Christ at the Checkpoint organisers as anti-Semites and liars, and to derail the 2016 Christ at the Checkpoint Conference. Obviously this will be led by the obsessive hand wringer, Dexter Van Zile and the rather smarter Gilead Ini, one time Twitter imposter of Gidon Shaviv.

Here is Dexter in a posed trash picking photo-op to go with the other 3 times he’s been seen at international events picking up trash.  Maybe there is a career for him after CAMERA?Dexter

Here is Gilead Ini, a man of more identities than morals.  Just ask Wikipedia.Gilead-Ini-medium

and here is Gidon Shaviv, whose Twitter profile was “borrowed by” Gilead Ini for a few days.FDaOGsEw

Watch this space for an account of just how unscrupulous and amoral these guys are.

A heated debate took place into the wee hours at Harriet’s Place as to whether we should ascribe to them the word “evil”.  We decided for the moment to table that.  In the meantime, we would repeat our previous advice to anyone being targeted by these freaks not to engage with them in any way, shape, or form.  They are not people who can be sensibly dealt with, given their proclivity for untruth and a lack of any moral compass.

The Echo Chamber that is Dexter Van Zile

A guest post by Burkhardt


CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) is a non-partisan organization that according to their website is “devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East” and “CAMERA takes no position with regard to American or Israeli political issues”. Although CAMERA says they promote “Accuracy in Middle East Reporting”, the truth is they are a hotbed of Israeli propagandists in the media.

Dexter Van Zile, the Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA is known for his propensity for picking out a detail and running it into the ground as a falsehood, while ignoring the context in which it should be presented. Not seeing the forest for the trees defines Van Zile’s work.

A recent example of this can be found in his reporting from the “Christ at the Checkpoint Conference” which took place in Bethlehem in March 2014. Van Zile’s first article from his fact-finding mission was entitled “Stop Lying About Israel and Bethlehem”. In this article, Van Zile highlights 3 examples from the conference where local Palestinians or conference speakers referred to the Israeli Separation Barrier as “surrounding Bethlehem”. This seems like a crusade that Van Zile can’t let go of. He spent months trying to get CBS’s 60 Minutes to “correct” a segment they did on Christians in Palestine, when one of their interviewees said that Bethlehem was surrounded by the wall. Van Zile’s reaction was nothing less than obsessive including writing to 60 minutes’ Bob Simon, stalking CBS President Jeff Fagor and challenging him to a $5,000 bet to a charity if he could prove Bethlehem was ‘completely surrounded’. As is so often the case when challenged by hacks, Van Zile was ignored. He insists that the wall does not literally enclose Bethlehem so therefore it is a lie to say a wall ‘surrounds Bethlehem’. This is classic Van Zile, throwing context out the window. The term “surrounded by” is used in a variety of ways in everyday life. When someone says “I am surrounded by a group of friends”, do they mean literally that they have friends on all sides in a circle around them? Is this a lie? But let’s go to the Bible since Van Zile is the “Christian Media Analyst”. In Psalm 125:2 it reads: “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore.” As anyone who has been to Jerusalem knows, it is not covered on all sides by mountains. It is not literally surrounded. I am wondering if CAMERA will tweet out a ‘correction needed’ to King David or claim “that is a LIE”! History shows that armies who attacked Jerusalem, attacked the city from the North, where it was most vulnerable and did not have a steep valley.

Many who visit Bethlehem and more so, those who live there, rightly describe the wall as “surrounding Bethlehem”. But what this type of dishonest reporting from Van Zile does, is take away from the fact that the Israeli Occupation surrounds Bethlehem. Bethlehem, as a designated “Area A” is in fact, an island in the West Bank, which can be isolated at anytime by the Israelis. The Wall, Checkpoints, Roads, Settlements, Travel Restrictions create a ‘Matrix of Control’ which Van Zile ignores. CAMERA’s hope is that the America public will remain ignorant of the bigger issues surrounding the Israeli Occupation, and that those who speak about the realities on the ground cannot be trusted. To ask questions could mean you say the wrong thing and be accused of “lying”.

Most recently, Van Zile accused the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference Director, Munther Isaac of telling an “anti-Semitic” joke during his lecture. Isaac, the man whose entire talk was about not dividing into ‘us and them’ and loving our enemies, referring to the parable of the Good Samaritan. When referring to the two religious leaders who passed by the man who had been robbed, Isaac told a story of a Sunday school boy who said the two religious figures did not stop because the man who had been robbed did not have any money left. Well, Van Zile, who does not take context into account and has an agenda, promoted this as an “anti-Semitic” joke from Munther Isaac (associating Jews with greed and money). This is a new low for Van Zile, who makes a serious public accusation against Isaac, knowing full well that this is not what he meant. The joke in context is about religious people, not Jews. It was a joke about “US”. If he did think it was about Jews, he did not listen to the whole lecture, as Isaac’s point was that a person’s identity should not be an issue when asking the question, “who is my neighbor?” Van Zile represents it as being the exact opposite, by isolating every comment as being “against” Jews for political and propaganda purposes. It is shameful that Van Zile uses the pain and suffering of Jewish people in such ways. Here again, context is not important to CAMERA’s Van Zile, nor is the truth.

After the previous Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in 2012 Van Zile went on another similar, but much more personal crusade against the Awad family. The Awad family, in Van Zile’s words are considered “pillars” of the Evangelical Christian community in Palestine. Van Zile took issue with differing accounts of the death of Elias Awad, the father of Bishara and Alex Awad, and grandfather of Sami Awad. Elias Awad was shot and killed in the 1948 war. The family has repeatedly said that it is not clear who he was shot by. There are differing accounts, some highlighting the possibility that the shots came from the Zionist army side, others being less certain. Van Zile, as a hired propagandist for Israel, does not allow the possibility that Elias Awad’s death could be blamed on the Israelis. While the idea that it may have come from the Arab armies will not be placed under scrutiny from CAMERA, any suggestion of it coming from the Israels is. The bigger picture of the Awad family story of reconciliation, pain through loss in war, and understanding the “other” is lost on Van Zile. Again, CAMERA and Van Zile are not promoting accuracy in Middle East reporting, they are being paid to circulate propaganda to promote the Israeli narrative. If questioning the story of a family in pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one will help promote the cause of CAMERA, then “let the baby go with the bathwater”. We could go back to the Bible for an example that just because a story may have different perspectives and details, it does not mean the story is not true, or that people are lying. Van Zile looks to discredit and demonize peoples’ motivations. Whether or not Elias Awad was shot by an Israeli or an Arab, the Awad family remembers the story to promote reconciliation and understanding of the pain on both sides, by telling their story. What is Van Zile afraid of?

Van Zile lives in an echo chamber of hate and bitterness. His frustration is that deep down, he knows he is not keeping people to account, but rather, he is using the media as a propaganda tool to advance the nationalist aspirations of the Zionist State. He is not the first person to do so.

From the river to the sea and the crying game

Jonathan Arkush

Last night (25 March) the University of London college, Kings voted by 348-252 to support the BDS campaign.  The resolution was as follows:

This Union Resolves:

1. To carry out thorough research into KCL investments, partnerships, and contracted companies, including subcontractors, that may be implicated in violating Palestinian human rights as stated by the BDS movement

2. Pressure King’s College London to divest from Israel and from companies directly or indirectly supporting the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies;

3. To have a plaque in all KCLSU student centres acknowledging that KCLSU formally supported the BDS call, as was done when KCLSU showed solidarity to our sisters and brothers in their struggle against Apartheid South Africa with the following text: “KCLSU officially endorses the 2005 Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel until it abides by international law and ends it illegal occupation of Palestine. KCLSU is proud to follow the example of a similar call in the 1980’s, which successfully led to the end of apartheid in South Africa.

“Naturally, this has reduced the Board of Deputies, Jonathan Arkush in particular, to their familiar state of self-pitying and tearful hand wringing.  See here.

You will note Arkush’s typical dissembling when he tells us that the motion was immediately disavowed “by the academic leadership of King’s College London”, thereby creating the impression that the college had made a statement opposing the resolution.  In fact, they merely pointed out that the Student’s Union was independent of the college.

Arkush is particularly upset that there was some chanting of  “from the river to the sea”.   This, he says “sent a message of hate to Israel and once again demonstrated that the true agenda of BDS is not to influence Israel, but to destroy it”.   “He undoubtedly hopes that the current Methodist leadership is reading this”.

He finds this “hateful”.

Arkush is perfectly ok with the present de facto one state from the river to the sea because it is an Israeli controlled apartheid state.  What he finds hateful is the idea that it might become a democracy.

What we would say to Mr. Arkush is that racist soldiers breaking down your door in the middle of the night, abducting your children and transporting them to a foreign country, in gross violation of the Geneva Convention is pretty hateful too.

Robin Bagon + “Richard Armbach”

Originally posted on harrietsplace1:


There was once a jewish vegan ( who lives in Brighton. Robin Bagon studied english at Birmingham university. Sue Blackwell was his personal tutor. Blackwell had linked to sites praizing terrorism against israelis. These sites were comparing Israel to nazis.The guardian newspaper ( said the board of Deputies was upset with Blackwell, which then upset Bagon in turn, who resented the board for speaking on behalf of students like himself who supported Blackwell. Bagon wrote to the board, and said that Blackwell was a “leading anti-racist.” (See the emails here – Blackwell left a sour taste in Bagon’s mouth. In his mind the board was trying to say what could & couldn’t be published, and  his noble cause was born.

He felt this political difference with the board of Deputies over the Blackwell CONTROVERSY would justify his behavior in future online clashes with figures from the board. Bagon’s writing became…

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Virulent anti-Slav racism

Vladimir Putin

All this criticism of Russia and Netanyahu, sorry we mean Putin has got nothing whatsoever to do with the way that Russia is behaving.  It is anti-Slav racism, pure and simple.

It is an obscene farrago of anti-Slav tropes.

Whether you call it anti-Slavism, new anti-Slavism, border line anti-Slavism, alibi anti-Slavism, or causal anti-Slavism, it sucks.

Could it really be that Bruce Thompson is a Christian?

The Methodist Council are due to meet on April 5 -7.  It is then that the papers will be signed off for the 2014 Conference.  In the light of the Methodist BDS survey, and the seeming commitment the leadership have given to the BoD to reverse the 2010 boycott resolution and replace it with some mumbo jumbo along the lines of “export peace, don’t import conflict”, it should all be very interesting indeed.

Of course it is always possible that the Council might remain frozen like a rabbit in your headlights and the whole business will be swept securely under the carpet.

With exquisite timing Ann Reeder had published in last week’s Recorder an excellent piece on the situation in Palestine, from where she has recently returned.  She spells out the simplicity of the Palestinian situation with surgical precision and reinforces the Kairos call for affirmative action, and goes on to make a compelling case for outside pressure, given that Israel will not move unless and until there is a significant fear of loss. This in marked contrast to the message from the Methodist ” leadership ” after their BoD  instigated visit to Palestine supervised by the Board proxy FORDIP.

We knew of course, there was going to be a response but were not sure whether it would be from Jonathan Arkush (who has unfettered access to column inches in the Recorder) or from the BoD’s gopher, Bruce Thompson.  We have to say that Bruce’s response was typically shallow and without any semblance of Christian empathy and responsibility.  It also reeked of desperation and consisted of nothing but the ridiculous and pathetic whataboutery argument.  When the hasbarafia can come up with nothing more than whataboutery, you know they are feeling the pressure.

Read Ann’s excellent piece and Bruce’s whining response below.

Methodist Recorder                                                                       March 7, 2014

What we have seen and heard

Ann Reeder reflects on a visit to Palestine

Singing carols last Christmas, I was struck by the unrealistic image of Bethlehem portrayed.  One month later in Bethlehem City Hall, listening to the Palestinian Mayor of Bethlehem, Dr Vera Baboun, I determined to write of what I had seen and heard.

At the lighting of the Christmas tree in Manger Square last December, she had said “Let us hope that we will  have peace”.  This December she hopes she will be able to say “Let us thank God that we have peace”, for 2014 must be the year for things to change.

Dr Baboun, a Palestinian Christian, talked about living with uncertainty and the ghettoization of Palestine.  She described “abnormality as the norm” and said that “It’s good that we still exist,” given the “knot settlement around the neck of Bethlehem”.

The city is besieged, she said, and while tourists may visit for a few hours, they may not see the economic cost, the “sparkle that is fading in the eyes of young people”, the abuse of human rights and the huge illegal Israeli settlements that are suffocating a city that is now forced to buy water from Israel, its occupying power.  “Security comes from peace, not walls”, Dr Baboun said, referring to Israel’s Separation (or security) Wall around the West Bank.

How I hoped it could be possible for Church leaders to listen to her words. For as Palestinians and Israeli alike said to us, ask the International community to see what is really going on and make the Palestinians’ voice heard.


Our base in the occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank was Ramallah, with visits to East Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron. During our visit we were witnesses to the humiliation of Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints, the displacement of Bedouin people from their land, child detainees facing military courts, the poverty of Palestinian refugee camps, the demolition of Palestinian homes and the building of Israeli settlements deep in Palestinian territory (in one case a town of 50,000). I frequently thought back to the homeland policy and pass laws of the South African apartheid state that had destroyed homes, livelihoods and human rights for so long. But I also remembered the solidarity shown by the Methodist Church and others through boycott, disinvestment and sanctions that had led to a free, democratic and non-racial South Africa. And I hoped that freedom could come to Palestine soon.


Hebron, with its Tomb of the Patriarchs, is holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is a tense city of 225,000 people with a ghost town at its core, where 400 Israeli settlers are “defended” by 350 Israeli soldiers in a small area below the historic holy site. We walked Shuhada Street, the old main street with its market closed, knowing that the street is forbidden to Palestinians. We felt the reality of divided communities and zealous faith, extremist action worsening the situation.

In Ramallah, the weeping continues. We visited the Al Amari refugee camp. Built for 1,000 Palestinian refugees who were forced out of the Jaffa area in 1948, it is now an impoverished home for 10,000. A Palestinian who had been forced to leave his home said: “I want my freedom. I want to be able to take my daughter to the sea without checkpoints.”

But checkpoints and the Separation Wall are one of the most obvious obstacles to peace. The wall is a brutal statement of Israel’s occupation and expansion by stealth, deviating from the recognised international Green Line (the 1967 border) to encroach on Palestinian land and enclose illegal Israeli settlements.

As hundreds of Palestinians smuggle themselves from Palestine to Israel to work or visit family without permits and manage to avoid checkpoints and the Israeli Army, many point out that it is not the wall which is preventing suicide bombings, but a decision by Palestinians themselves.

We walked through the checkpoint at Qalandiya to see how it felt to stand alongside the Palestinians who are subjected to this ordeal. It felt as though I was back at Norwich cattle market, where animals were forced through a case to enter the ring. Long queues formed as people patiently and stoically endured this humiliation. The wall and its checkpoints are an economic waste as well as deeply humiliating. Our President, the Rev Ruth Gee, described what it felt like to be driven through the barrier when two soldiers boarded the bus (Recorder, December 27 2013/3 January 2014). This wall separates families from each other, from work, from school, from places of worship, from their land and from health services. As the President observed “They are people divided by a wall, by fear, by history. They are people living with injustice. They are people longing for peace and dignity.”


A member of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions showed us the impact of Israel’s tactics of forcibly removing Palestinians from East Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank. We heard of children taking their favourite toys to school in fear that they would return to a ruined house. Demolition notices are served on Palestinians without a timescale, causing immense psychological damage.

We observed the weekly non-violent opposition to the wall and the loss of land that followed its construction in the village of Bil’in. Quietly, dozens of people gathered on the hillside, waving the Palestinian flag. But from the other side of the wall, Israeli settlers looked on as the occupying Israeli defence force sprayed teargas over the non-violent protest.

I pondered how a people that had been persecuted for centuries and had suffered the tragic loss of the
Holocaust can deny a homeland, safety, security, human rights, a livelihood and human dignity to their Palestinian brothers and sisters. And I wondered why the international community that has passed so many resolutions opposing Israel’s occupation fails to stop arms sales to Israel and does not impose – as it could – the pressure to bring about change.

Just as the Churches in South Africa published their Kairos document calling for freedom and justice, so, too, have Palestinian Christians. “A word of faith, hope and love from the heart of the Palestinian suffering”, it is a word to the world on what is happening in Palestine. It is a call to the international community to stand by the Palestinian people who have been faced with oppressions, displacement and suffering for more than six decades.

From what I have seen and heard, I am convinced that we cannot ignore their cries for the international community to take action for peace, justice and reconciliation in the lands of the Bible. The occupation is destroying human beings and making a mockery of human rights. The Palestinian Kairos declares: “The West tried to correct an injustice and the result was a new injustice.” They call on us to help “shorten the time of suffering and hasten the time of reconciliation.”


More than two decades ago, the brave but just decisions of the Methodist Conference to support withdrawal from South Africa of Barclays Bank, the boycott of Shell and the release of Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners, alongside petitions and prayer vigils across the country, were part of the worldwide broadbased successful movement for change in South Africa. Having visited the West Bank, I think the time is right for the Methodist Church now to stand with the suffering Palestinian people and actively oppose the Israeli occupation. Israel has ignored international condemnation and failed to contribute meaningfully to peace talks. As someone I met said, it is because “Israel has not yet felt the pain”. Only through vigorous boycott, disinvestment and sanctions will change be brought about and will Israel and Palestine be free. If we act now, I cannot see how the two-state solution can be effected, given the devastating fragmentation of Palestine that the illegal settlements, the wall and house demolitions by Israel are bringing about.

I hope that Bethlehem’s Mayor will be able to thank God for peace next Christmas and that the Methodist Church will have played its part.

Ann Reeder visited the West Bank as part of a Labour2Palestine delegation as a candidate for the Euorpean Parliament.  She worked for the Methodist Church on international, relief and development affairs from 1984-1996.

Bruce Thompson’s response

Methodist Recorder                                                        March 14, 2014

Why this obsession with Israel?

From the Rev Bruce Thompson

What an extraordinarily ill-timed article from Ann Reeder likening Israel to apartheid South Africa and condemning the “occupation” (Recorder, March 7).

Of course, she can be forgiven for not foreseeing that it would be printed the week that Russia occupied Ukrainian sovereign territory, bringing on the biggest crisis in East-West relations in a generation; we will wait a while I think, for calls at the Methodist Conference to boycott Russia, as we gave China over Tibet or indeed many of the Arab nations for their treatment of women, the abused and the raped.

The article smacked of pre-Arab Spring thought, during which time tens if not hundreds of thousands of Christians have been “cleansed” from their ancient homelands alongside millions of others in Syria alone. And where is the outcry from those who are obsessed with criticising the only Jewish state in the world? With more than 130,000 dead in the Syrian civil war, a short drive from Israel, is it any wonder that there is fear in the region? Especially, with Iran’s Foreign Minister claiming that the greatest threat to peace is the Shia/Sunni conflict; and he should know, as his regime has funded terrorism in the region for decades. Indeed, Ann couldn’t have known that just days before her article was to be printed a ship was intercepted containing advanced missiles allegedly bound for militants in Gaza.

As for likening Israel to apartheid South Africa, well I guess we have come to expect this nonsense. Of course there are problems in Israel/Palestine; I know of no country where difference doesn’t cause a problem. Have we forgotten the continuing tensions in our own islands, not least Northern Ireland, where other separation walls exist?

Ann, of course, overlooks the fact that Arabs in Israel have the right to vote, there has been an Arab member of the Knesset since its foundation, there are Arab lawyers and Arab judges prosecuting Jews, there is even an Arab Supreme Court Judge. Hospital treatment is not segregated; everyone, whatever their race or creed, works as a team to treat the sick. There are plenty of injured Syrians who have been met at the border grateful to receive topquality medical treatment from Israeli medics.

Ann and other anti-Israeli campaigners are fond of using the term “Kairos”, a biblical term they have hijacked for their own political ends. “Kairos” can be translated as a timely opportunity or moment. To prolong this debate with such obsession and naivete is anything but timely.

Look elsewhere in the world and we will find far greater human rights issues, not least on Israel’s borders; but before we judge others maybe we should consider the issues on our own doorstep; the rise of the far right and the deepening divisions within our own communities, not to mention the food crisis and rapidly growing inequality.

We should recognise this as a Kairos moment for us and deal with those issues now. I am afraid that specks, eyes and logs come to mind.
Bruce Thompson, Lincoln

Because he’s Jewish or because he’s an arsehole?

The last paragraph of Richard Millet’s blog dated March 6,2014:

(I have been banned by SOAS, under threat of legal action, from filming or taking photos at these events without permission. All my requests for permission have since been declined. Others are permitted to film and take photos.)

Have any other Jews been banned from filming or recording at SOAS?


He obviously wasn’t banned because he was Jewish, he must have been banned because he’s an arsehole.

See below:

If you can’t view these videos, it will be because he deleted them, being his evidence property.

The Messianic panic over CATC exposed!

This dropped into our laps a few hours ago.  As we have tried to make clear, the Messianic panic about CATC is not to be underestimated.  The lunatic fringe is steadily influencing the Messianic invitees, and pressuring them into undertakings to advocate for the perspective of the “ultra-Zionist radicals”.   More on this to follow.

For the moment, here is what amounts to the Messianic Manifesto:

A Position Paper for the Messianic Jewish Community

regarding the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference (CatC)

1. The Word of God: the Tanakh and the New Covenant Scriptures together, are the one true, infallible, and unalterable standard of truth and life for all believers.  As Yeshua our Messiah declared, “Your Word is truth” (John 17:17) and “the Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).  Therefore we affirm that “all the promises of God are ‘Yes’” and ‘Amen’ (not abrogated) in Yeshua (II Cor. 1:20), and that “the gifts and calling of God” for His chosen people, Israel, “are irrevocable” (Romans 11:28b-29 in context).  “God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew!” (Romans 11:2).  Rather, “to them belong [present tense!] the adoption as sons, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the temple worship, and the promises” (Romans 9:4).
2. The Messiah Yeshua’s calling for His Body – in the Land of Israel and throughout the world — is to “make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19) by proclaiming “repentance for the forgiveness of sins…in His name to all nations” (Luke 24:47).  Every movement or activity which does not promote or which, on the contrary, distracts us from that central purpose and calling is not of God, no matter what biblical or spiritual language may be used to describe it.  Yeshua never commanded, or even suggested, that His followers were to “bring in” the Kingdom of God on earth.  Yeshua Himself promised to establish His Kingdom upon His return (Matthew 25:31, 34), and we are commanded to pray for that day to quickly come (Matthew 6:10; cf. Philippians 3:20-21).
3. Christ at the Checkpoint is, therefore, a false messianic movement, arrogating to itself the role of Messiah in establishing the Kingdom while promoting a humanistic, political “liberation theology.”   (All the “evangelical” CatC speakers reflect the same approach and goals, as is evident from the Kairos Document which Yohanna Katanacho, CatC Committee member, helped compose and Bethlehem Bible College endorsed).  Although cloaking its “mandate” in biblical language (“the teaching of Jesus on the Kingdom of God”) and using seductively positive terms (“Peace, justice, and reconciliation”), this movement has one overriding purpose:  to sway Evangelical believers worldwide away from belief in the eternal promises of God to Israel by slandering the Jewish people and delegitimizing the Jewish state; painting Israel as a wicked, oppressive, apartheid “entity”—especially in contrast to the supposedly ‘democratic, tolerant and peace-seeking’ Palestinian Authority and people.   There is no Gospel here!
4. Christ at the Checkpoint is a partisan political movement, willingly acting as public relations spokesmen for the Palestinian Authority to the Evangelical world.  The CatC 2012 keynote speech by then Prime Minister of the PA, Saleem Fayad, demonstrated the one-sided and political nature of this conference.  In 2014, CatC will open “under the Patronage and Presence” of Dr. Rami Hamdallah, Prime Minister of Palestine.  As president of Al-Najah University, in 2001 Hamdallah sponsored an exhibition glorifying terrorism, including a reconstruction of the Sbarro Restaurant massacre in Jerusalem.   By welcoming the patronage of one who glorifies terror, CatC has lost any claim to morality, not to mention objectivity.  All claims to be an Evangelical movement for “peace, justice and reconciliation” are exposed as false propaganda.
CatC speakers and “testimonials” consistently demonize Israel, while they absolutely refuse to condemn, or even mention, the repression of Evangelical churches and systemic human rights abuses by the Palestinian Authority and their outrageous financial corruption—all of which have been documented and which are recognized even by Israel’s critics in the European Union.  While the “nefarious evils” of the “Israeli occupation” are trumpeted incessantly, and carefully selective guided tours are offered to mislead naïve participants, CatC speakers make no mention of the hundreds of Palestinian terror attacks and thousands of Israeli terror victims which necessitated the security fence, for example.  Such inconvenient facts are summarily dismissed as beside the point.
5. CatC deliberately misleads their Evangelical brethren in the world by intentionally misrepresenting the two sides of the Middle East conflict.  CatC organizers and speakers like Sami and Alex Awad and Mitri Raheb crisscross the world, calling on Evangelical Christians to stand up for “their Christian brethren in Palestine” who are being terrorized by the Israeli occupation.  In so doing, these self-proclaimed Evangelicals are falsely portraying the conflict as a war of the Jews against the Christians.  Their use of the image of Jesus as a Palestinian being “crucified” on the “apartheid wall” by the Jews recalls the age-old anti-Semitic blood-libel.  The fact is that “Evangelical Palestinians” make up less than 0.1% of the population in the West Bank and Gaza; with 95-98% being Moslems and the remaining 2-5% being predominantly Roman Catholic or Orthodox Church members.  Western Evangelicals are intentionally and deceitfully led to believe a lie.
6. The organizers of CatC have as their final goal the end of the Jewish state and its replacement with a single, multinational “Palestine.” This is also the purpose of the BDS campaign against Israel, which is strongly supported by CatC organizers and speakers (see CatC website links to Kairos Palestine “Bethlehem Call” document there).  While ostensibly eschewing violence as the means to this end, and expressing willingness to accept a “two-state solution” as an interim measure, the dissolution of Israel is nonetheless the actual result which they promote (see Alex Awad interview).  Awad and Stephen Sizer participated—along with Hezbollah and Hamas representatives–in the 2008 Voice of Palestine Naqba conference in Indonesia where the objectives included: “To promote one-state solution through the referendum by the native Palestinians regardless of their race, ethnic, sect, and religion.”  The “Right of Return” demanded by Voice of Palestine-Naqba (and CatC) conference organizers would guarantee how that “referendum” would turn out!
This “one-state solution” echoes the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to acknowledge any Jewish right to an independent national existence in the Land of Israel (that is, Zionism), while at the same time demanding that same right of “self-determination” for the “Palestinians.”  CatC’s unequivocal, hypocritical condemnation of Zionism, Christian or otherwise, is therefore inherently racist.
7. Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christians should have nothing to do with a false messianic, partisan political movement which turns a blind eye to terror and misleads Evangelicals in order to promote the destruction of the Jewish state in the Land of Israel.  These false teachers are like those from which the apostle Paul warned the believers in Rome: “…by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting” (Romans16:18).  And what did he call us to do?  “Keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them.” (Romans 16:17).
We call on all those who follow the Messiah Yeshua truly and submit to His Word faithfully to join us in publically rejecting the CatC agenda and refusing to lend legitimacy to its activities in any way.
Grace is a great gift!
חסד הוא מתנה נפלאה

Israel Harel
Editor’s note: Israel Harel is not the author of the above “manifesto”, but is an affirming conduit.  But we do know who is.

Dexter at the Checkpoint

Sizer at the checkpointDexter Van Zile

Breaking news, you read it here first.  My buddy, and the Palestinian peoples’ best friend, Dexter Van Zile is attending CATC once again.

Dexxy (I have been accorded the rare honour of referring to  him as such, just like his Mum does) calls himself “a Christian Media Analyst”.  This has never struck me as the kind of “job” you would find a regular grown up person doing. What I do know is that Dexxy is currently subsisting on CAMERA welfare handouts.  Harriet’s Place’s resident shrink emphatically insists that Dexxy has OCD.  For sure, he is much given to hand wringing, literally and metaphorically.  He is apt to abruptly break off a conversation you may be having with him and rush off and pick up some litter.

Some say, that by the end of the CATC event, Bethlehem will be the tidiest town in Palestine.  Even tidier than Modi’in.

I asked Dexxy why he was so besotted with this particular event.  He explained that he planned to remind “the anti-Semitic assembly” that “the whole caboodle belongs to the Jewish people, given to them by their friendly Real Estate Agent in the sky”.

When Dexxy submits his report, you can be sure that…..

Rev. Stephen Sizer won’t escape a mention, nor will the “unrepresentative” nature of the Messianic presence, and he’s going to tell us how the Christian population of Palestine is shrinking, not because of the occupation, but because of Islamic persecution.  This, despite the testimony of the Palestinian Christians, themselves.  Please don’t throw the names of Pastors Naim and Steve Khoury at me, those associates of the Christian Zionist nutjob John Hagee.  YYYAAAWWWNNN.

I, as I’m sure you all do, await Dexxy’s report with keen interest.

Joseph P. Weissman steps off his porch and steps hurriedly back….

For the prequel to this story, you’ll want to click here.

From Rosh Pina Project blog deleted but cached here (HT to SM):

Donna Diorio defames Jewish terror victim

Posted on February 23, 2014 by 

The leader of a prayer for Israel ministry, Donna Diorio, has written a misleading blog post about  Israeli terror victim Kay Wilson, undermining Kay’s powerful story of suffering.

Diorio is responding to public criticism of her public views, and you will notice that she sees this whole issue as mostly about herself rather than Kay.

The headline she gives her article “Fence Sitting is Not in My Nature” – coupled with a photo of a fence, with a sign saying “Do not sit on the fence,” and the caption she adds that she is sitting on the fence – ought to give you some idea of the attitude Diorio has chosen to adopt and convey in this tragic discussion. If you read the headline, photo and caption alone, you would have no idea what her article is about, except that Diorio is very consciously headstrong.

Diorio is good on most issues – from the need for Christians to support Israeli believers in principle, to the threats of terrorism, to the practical concerns of congregations in Israel day-to-day – so it is a shame that this time she is so wide of the mark this time.

Diorio stepped into an online discussion,  supporting CATC by suggesting it was not appropriate for this Jewish terror victim Kay to speak at CATC 2014. However it was CATC that rebuffed her in 2012 when the wounds were fresh. In any case, the Jewish victim had not blamed all Palestinians for what a Palestinian terror cell had done to her and her murdered Christian friend. Diorio’s lack of attention to detail here is noticeable in that error, as well as missing the point many commented to her about.

So when Kay sought to explain herself further, Diorio did not stick around for long, nor did she seek reconciliation with her. Instead, Diorio rushed to her blog to pen a poisoned piece, presuming to know the victim’s intentions.

 Diorio wrote:

Tragedy is multiplied when unfulfilled revenge (bitterness) is given the platform to vent continually in the name of victimhood.

The implications are clear: Kay is the Bad Survivor, whom Diorio implies is motivated by bitterness and hatred. By contrast, the Good Survivor is Ami Ortiz – a child nearly murdered by a Jewish terrorist.

Diorio treats these poor victims as characters in her narrative, and her new blog post is a cynical exercise in Machiavellian writing, as she tries to use prayers said for Ami Ortiz as a propaganda weapon against a terror victim whom she wants to stay silent. It is almost as if, once having written about these characters, Donna feels she exerts a certain control over their stories.

When Diorio copies and pastes from other people’s newsletters, it is generally harmless. Yet this time, Diorio has blogged publicly about a private Israeli newsletter supportive of the Jewish victim, just in order to criticise it.

The tone of her article suggests a laced contempt for victims who don’t fit Donna’s narrative as she would like them to.

Sadly, until she issues an apology on her blog for defaming a terror survivor, we feel that Israeli ministries should think twice before giving Diorio permission to summarise their private newsletters on the internet, lest she uses them to further an unpleasant narrative whereby Jewish victims like Kay are portrayed without evidence as bitter and twisted.



  1. I find it presumptuous that Donna Diorio, who I have never spoken to, never met and in my understanding she has never even heard me speak publicly, appoints herself as the expert in assessing my state of heart. I also find it remarkable that this person, who to my knowledge is someone who has not endured what I have and also lacks qualifications in professional trauma counselling and clinical psychology, sees herself as qualified to evaluate my motives and my psychological condition.

    If she in fact had ever heard me speak, or bothered to read my articles, or spoken to my friends and colleagues, then she would know that I define myself as a terror “survivor,” as opposed to a continuous terror “victim.” Her ignorance is both hurtful for me yet shaming for her. I can only assume that she did not know that I am a speaker for Global Justice Group, an international NGO that advocates the rights of terror survivors, most of whom are Muslim. Likewise, she did not now that I am a speaker for American Friends of Magen Adom or One Family Together, an Orthodox Jewish NGO that helps Israeli terror survivors. I am also a public speaker for Tikvot, a volunteer-based organization which rehabilitates Israel’s victims of terror and wounded soldiers through sports. I am also part of AVE – “Against Violent Extremism – a unique project that brings those who have survived violence face to face with people who once engaged in hate crimes. I am also on an Israeli delegation in the European Union that strategises emergency help for trauma victims of natural disaster and terror attacks. Is this woman implying that these worthy organisations which I am a proud to be a part are the “Tragedy(s) that are multiplied when unfulfilled revenge (bitterness) is given the platform to vent continually in the name of victimhood? Her ignorant remarks are not just an insult to me but more gravely an indictment on these noble causes.

    As far as revenge and bitterness are concerned, I certainly do not, and will not, hold an entire people group responsible for the attack on myself. For her information, my Arab Israeli friend was the first to arrive to the hospital, a Palestinian Christian has called me weekly since the murder, my Muslim tax-driver friend, for a whole year, made himself available day and night to drive me around for no charge. I am, I believe, the only Israeli who is also on the forum for British Muslims for Secular Democracy. I am unable to see where exactly are my acts of “unfulfilled revenge” or where is the “platform” that I use “to vent continually in the name of victimhood.”

    • Hi Donna, why did you write:

      “Tragedy is multiplied when unfulfilled revenge (bitterness) is given the platform to vent continually in the name of victimhood.”

      What did you mean?

      Did you spot any inaccuracies in the blog post?


From Donna Diorio’s blog found here:


Fence Sitting is Not in My Nature

Please read my additional statement below
on the controversy stirred by this blog post.
Just in case anyone thinks I’m sitting on the fence, let me clarify:
There is no fence sitting in my track record.
When we first began to pray for the life of Ami Ortiz, who was terror bombed by a religious settler in northern Israel because of the family’s Messianic Jewish faith, one of the priority prayers after God miraculously saved Ami from certain death, was that his soul would not be eaten up in bitterness for what happened to him.Ami’s parents, David and Leah Ortiz are some of the most shining examples of Yeshua’s grace among the Israeli Body of Messiah, and indeed, in the worldwide Body of Christ.  As heartbroken and stricken as they were watching in horror what had taken place when their then 15-year old son opened a Purim gift basket that exploded with a shrapnel-loaded IED right in his hands, these parents walked out their long nightmare with a powerful and incredible grace.After the initial shock of having his body blown to bits, Ami Ortiz, to his credit, joined his parents in the grace of God not only to take care of him, but also to take care of the man who was finally arrested and eventually tried for the terrorist act.

Even though Israel refused to recognize the bombing as a terrorist act because it was Jew-on-Jew violence, thereby denying many terror benefits to Ami, the Ortiz family has fought their fight in the courts and in the public arena with a startling testimony to the grace of Yeshua. This is what it means to be a witness of the power of God through the life of the Messiah.

I bring this up because earlier this week I was attacked when I commented that I thought it was disingenuous to expect the Christ at the Checkpoint 2014 event to welcome an Israeli victim of a terror attack to speak to their gathering.

I did not see how any reasonable person could argue with that observation, but unfortunately, the terror victim took great offense, as did a popular Messianic Jewish blogger in the U.K.

In condemning my comment as somehow a betrayal, the U.K. blogger made an innuendo about my extensive writing about the Ami Ortiz terror attack.  The innuendo was that I  must only be interested when the terrorist is a religious Jew, not Palestinian terrorism. That when it came to the Arab terrorist stabbing of a Messianic Jew and her Christian hiking partner who died in the attack, that I was not interested at all.

That accusation belies the facts not only of my ministry in support of the Body of Messiah in Israel, but also my decades of writing about Islamist terrorism in Israel and the U.S.

From the moment I heard of the stabbing attack in December of 2010, my weekly prayer summary of Israeli ministry prayer requests has carried information and prayer requests for this Israeli terror victim.  That has continued all the way through to November 2013 when I last shared the request for prayers over the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder this lady suffered.
Just because someone makes accusations against others does not mean those accusations are valid.  I tried to address the accusations against me by both the terror victim and U.K. blogger, but my every word was so twisted that I finally quit trying to respond.  Fury will do that, causing the words someone else speaks to be heard differently from the intention of the speaker.In their minds, because I did not agree with making a weapon out of the refusal of the Christ at the Checkpoint to welcome this terror victim as a speaker, in their eyes I was an enemy of the truth.  This attitude gave leave to all sorts of abusive accusations and insults to be leveled at me.
This morning I opened an intercessory prayer letter out of Israel that asked for prayers against the CatC gathering.

This ministry is obviously opposed to Messianic leaders who have committed to go to these conferences over the past several years as foolishly pursuing peace.  They also asked that the newspaper column of this Messianic terror victim would convince Christians “who may be sitting on the fence about this conference.”

Last night I watched a local news channel do a terrible thing when it indulged the fury and hatred of a mother in confronting a drunk driver awaiting trial for horribly injuring her young son.  The news channel took her into the jail to confront him on camera face to face.  It was terrible to watch and it was not appropriate.

That mother will be able to confront the drunk driver in court, but doing this on camera with all her hatred and fury being unleashed on the man was extremely painful and horrifying watch.  It did not serve her well for viewers to see her unrestrained fury.

As she screamed at him how she would never forgive him and to shut up, because she was there to talk to him, not him to her, she made me feel very bad for her – and NOT in a good way. We can let the bad things that happen to us completely devour our souls. That is one reason that God says, Vengeance is mine.

It is completely understandable that this woman would be devastated by what her son was left like – nearly brain dead. But if this woman will not be completely destroyed by her own rage, then she cannot continue down the path of hatred and bitterness.

The news channel who thought this was a good idea did a great disservice to this woman and to the public. To encourage someone to rage like this for the cameras, is the ultimate lack of concern for what bitterness is doing to the soul of this mother.

Tragedy is multiplied when unfulfilled revenge (bitterness) is given the platform to vent continually in the name of victimhood.

When I think of the impact that the Ortiz family has had through their testimony of grace, it makes me very uncomfortable that so many think it is appropriate for the situation I commented on to be used as a weapon against the Messianic leaders who are pursuing peace at great personal cost.

My position is, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.  

Messianic Jews speaking at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference is a realm that requires mature, spiritual elders who are not in the midst of dealing with their own personal trauma.  This should be self evident even to those who will make an enemy out of anyone who deals truthfully with this matter.

Biting and devouring each other will not serve as a testimony to Yeshua.  I urge those who are intensely opposed to CatC to guard their hearts and not to speak evil of fellow believers who are not on the same page about this issue as you.

Additional Statement
By including my observations about a local news story that I viewed like an allegory in terms of spiritual principles about handling our intense hurts and traumas in life, I did not mean those comments to be a portrayal of the state of the Israeli terror victim referenced in this article, Kay Wilson.

I saw the news story as a worst case scenario of how unrestrained emotions seeing ourselves as victims cannot serve the process of spiritual reconciliation between fellow believers, and in my view, that lesson applies equally to those at CatC who frame their participation at the event in those terms.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous bloggers have promoted intensely bad feelings over an honest difference of opinions on the issue of Messianic leaders participating in CatC for the purpose of promoting reconciliation.  When there is no respect given for differences of opinion among ourselves, this is what happens.

My comments from the beginning of this conflagration were directed to the U.K. bloggers, and not to Kay Wilson whose ordeal I have covered in my prayer summaries from Israeli ministries from December 18th, 2010 through November  2013.  There was never an intent to hurt this lady as I have been repeatedly and viciously accused.
It is my hope that Kay will accept my consistent goodwill towards her and what she has endured.

I do, however, refuse to bow to the beat down being administered by the bloggers against me.   This statement has nothing to do with their demands for me to apologize but comes from the efforts of a peacemaker in Israel to end this firestorm.

The anonymous bloggers have no respect for each of us to have our own opinion of issues. Their attempts to demonize me and to create a breach in the Body of Messiah by twisting my words are unconscionable.

Kay, you have my personal regret for the misunderstanding between us.
Donna Diorio,
Feb 25, 2013.
Anonymous said…

Congratulations! You have joined the club of the “Weissmanised”. Your benefactor is none other than Embassy Press Officer (we won’t mention which one but suffice it to say, they now know of his online hijinks), Joseph P. Weissman aka Gev, Dudi, et al. For a little background info on your new friend, Joseph P. Weissman, please read here:

Keep reading….he’s there with all his Messianic cohorts like Nick Howard and James Mendelsohn….all Kay Wilson cohorts now, too. You see, they’re all behind spurring Kay on to maximize her victimhood. More on that can be read here:

You, Donna, have bumped into the darkest corner of the blogosphere. There’s no light to be found around here. If you continue, you deserve just what they’ll dish out.

February 27, 2014 at 7:22 AM

Meanwhile, back on Weissman’s own porch….

On Donna Diorio

Posted on February 26, 2014 by 
We welcome Donna Diorio’s expression of regret towards Kay Wilson, and hope this can be the first step towards a greater appreciation of Kay’s dignity in sharing her story to all who will hear – even in the face of criticism and misunderstanding.
Aside from this disagreement, we appreciate Donna’s prayer ministry and insight on a range of issues, and look forward to concentrating on more pressing events in the Messianic world.



  1. I was heartened to read Donna’s expression of regret. Under the circumstances, I was thankful that the RPP bloggers on this site spoke up for me. In so doing, they countered both the inaction of those have remained silent and challenged those who have accused me for speaking against “reconciliation” initiatives disguised by an Islamist agenda. I am appreciative that Donna has taken the time to express regret. I wish both her and RPP the very best as they continue to work hard and alert the public to the more important issues at hand, particularly the subtleties and deceptions of the Islamist agenda.

After news of Joseph P. Weissman’s abusive behaviour found its way to Israel, his transparent attempt to dissuade Messianic elders from breaking fellowship with him, is reproduced below.  We find this attempt to soothe Donna Diorio’s wounds to be shallow, manipulative, and out of self interest.  He maintains his obsessive war on Rev. Stephen Sizer and CATC by proxy and he isn’t fooling anyone.  All attempts to distance RPP from the name Joseph P. Weissman are to no avail.  His various aliases are already well known and documented.

An excellent article by Donna Diorio

Posted on March 2, 2014 by 

Donna has written a great piece on religious social justice, when it isn’t linked to some moral grounding, which I think deserves a wide audience even if you won’t dot every I or cross every T of what she writes here.

The link is available here.This paragraph resonated particularly with me:

If you mention “social justice” to most American Christians today you get a a huffy reaction back because of what the term means politically today in the United States. They don’t realize that God is the One who initiated the concept of social justice. The Bible, especially the Hebrew scriptures are full of God presecriptions for attaining social justice.

I would agree totally that social justice ought to be most relevant to all believers in God, and religious people shouldn’t cede this key concept to non-religious people – rather, the fruit of a good relationship with God ought to be a sound concern for the poor and the downtrodden, and those oppressed – a theme you find throughout the Torah and in the writings of prophets like Isaiah and Malachi.

I would also like to add that whilst there may have been sharp disagreement with Donna over a few issues, I think on reflection this shouldn’t take away from some of the excellent, powerful writing that she produces, and the ministry that she leads with much compassion and time-investment. It is important for Messianic Jews in Israel to know they can lean on people for spiritual and financial support, and Donna helps to personalise the needs of the Messianic community and put names and faces to struggling believers.

The nature of blogging occasionally leads to disagreements – particularly with emotive subjects such as terrorism and its consequences. We felt compelled to defend the integrity of a Jewish terror victim and we always will; it does not mean that we cannot see beyond this disagreement to affirm Donna’s gifts.

Generally, it is worth edifying and building each other up, and we would like to affirm Donna positively and warmly as much as possible, without compromising our convictions.

In that spirit, we encourage you to go read her article.

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