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"Any organisation that has truth, integrity or accuracy in its name is invariably about the very opposite." ~Wiki Editors' notice board.

Trouble in Paradise? The Scots want their money, the BoD’s peace initiative goes bust, and the revolving door keeps revolving….

From the Jewish Chronicle:

Scot and bothered

By Charlotte Oliver, July 21, 2016

The director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) has accused the Board of Deputies of failing to back its Scottish members.

Addressing Sunday’s Board meeting in London, Ephraim Borowski asked why SCoJeC had not received financial support from the Board in 18 months. The council had previously been awarded £2,500 annually.

Board president Jonathan Arkush responded that “on the one hand, they are extremely emphatic about SCoJec’s independence… and on the other hand, the hand is out for money. I have to think quite carefully about our priorities and I personally did not see it was appropriate at the moment to continue that payment.”

He added that the Board had funded the Jewish manifesto for the Scottish elections in May.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Borowski claimed Mr Arkush’s reply was “unprincipled” and “a complete obfuscation. We have to be independent. We have to deal with a Scottish government that will not listen to an address in Kentish Town. Consequently, it is quite clear that the Scottish community needs financial help.”

A Board spokesperson said that it continued to back “advocacy efforts in Scotland” and offered “strategic advice”.

Discord over Board peace plan

By Simon Rocker, July 21, 2016

The Board of Deputies is to launch a programme involving synagogues and churches to support “peace-making” between Israelis and Palestinians.

Invest in Peace, which has been in the pipeline for several months, is being developed with so far unnamed “church partners”.

The planned project came to light at Sunday’s meeting of the Board, where an attempt to lay down conditions for entering into joint programmes was overwhelmingly defeated.

Gary Mond, a deputy for JNF, moved a motion to block the Board from initiating projects with organisations which had expressed antisemitism, opposition to Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state or support for boycotts of Israel.

He said that “by setting such red lines in stone we avoid a situation whereby a controversial project is entered into before the Board has had a chance to consider it”.

We have to talk to people who don’t agree with us

Mr Mond explained that he had been prompted to ensure no repetition of the Board’s joint project with the charity Oxfam from three years ago which was fiercely opposed by a minority of deputies. Its joint venture had caused “abject disillusionment” with the Board outside, he claimed.

Oxfam, although it does not back boycotts as such, opposes trade with Israeli settlements.

But Karen Newman, a deputy for Liberal Judaism and participant in the Oxfam programme, who opposed the resolution, said that “we have to be free to talk to people who don’t agree with us otherwise we are only talking to ourselves”.

The original seconder of the motion, Tal Ofer, a member of the Board’s executive, withdrew at the eleventh hour. Marie van der Zyl, who chairs the defence division, explained that Mr Ofer, who was not present on Sunday, had decided after consultation with deputies and former Board officers that the resolution would “not be helpful to the Board in the long term”.

Mr Mond was nevertheless under the impression that Invest for Peace had been dropped. “Thankfully, I gather that project isn’t proceeding,” he said on Sunday.

But a Board spokesman the following day confirmed that it was going ahead. It would, he said, “link local synagogues and churches to support positive peace-making between Israelis and Palestinians. It is something we have been developing with church partners. Over the coming months, we will be looking to engage more local synagogues and churches.”

● The Board of Deputies has been accused of “double standards” for refusing to make public disciplinary action against its members.

Gabriel Webber, a member of its executive, said that “just as we want Labour to be transparent when it disciplines members, so should we. The Board is no different. Double standards do not help our cause.”

But, in response to a question from Mr Webber at Sunday’s meeting, Board president Jonathan Arkush said he believed most deputies would prefer that disciplinary proceedings remain confidential because “sometimes in the heat of the moment, things are said”.

Board’s ex-social action chief has faith in new role

By Simon Rocker, June 10, 2016

The Board of Deputies’ interfaith and social action officer has left after five years to join a new government-backed faith venture.

Rabbi Natan Levy has become head of operations at the Fayre Share Foundation, the charity founded by Jewish interfaith activist Maurice Ostro, vice-chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews.

The foundation is the lead partner in a consortium recently chosen by the Department for Community and Local Government to run Strengthening Faith Institutions.

Rabbi Levy, 42, feels that “global engagement among faiths is in a crucial stage. Religion matters. It drives wars and causes great acts of kindness. But nothing is standing still.

“The low-risk, low-reward approach that characterises a venerable organisation like the Board of Deputies holds an important role and long may it continue.

Global engagement among faiths is in a crucial stage

“But there is a crying need for bridges that push further, engage with more difficult voices and have less of a need to look over our shoulders.”

The Board made a “tremendous impact” on a limited budget.

With better funding it could “develop a long-term proactive strategy focused on examining why certain faith-based problems continue to rise again and again, and devote dedicated resources into creating constructive solutions towards them.

“Why do certain church organisations push BDS year after year? Can we move the needle on antisemitism within the Muslim community?

“One could envision it nurturing an interfaith team of experts, who could support Anglo-Jewry to confront the various issues of the moment, while laying the foundation towards 10-year change.”

Rabbi Levy explained that the Strengthening Faith Institutions’ programme would “support churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and gurdwaras to become healthier, more inclusive and professional.

“There is a recognition in both the government and third sector that faith centres are the oft-overlooked fulcrums of grassroots and effective change in a community.”

The foundation had a track record in innovation, he said, including the launch of a hub, Collaboration House, for a dozen interfaith charities, the CCJ among them

Who Harriet’s Place Isn’t

Over the years Harriet’s Place has been accused of being a Church of England Vicar (and still are according to the rabid Rabbi Kenny Cohen), Richard Carvath, a Muslim cleric, the International Director of a British NGO, a cowboy from Dallas, and many others. We are none of those.

As a matter of fact, the people whose causes we write about rarely give us an interview, so we rely on other corroborated and verified sources and public, and sometimes not so public information.  Being an investigative blog, we sometimes speculate, but rarely without sources, and never blindly. Often times, our sources can’t be named, but what they tell us is verified thoroughly or we don’t print it. Sometimes we pick up stories from other bloggers whom we may know or have common interests with.  All of the Harriet’s Place affiliated blogs are listed on our home page.

Who we are is a consortium of American and British investigators, journalists, protestants, catholics, jews, male and female. Our number of contributing authors changes all the time given schedules, interests, and geography.

We created Harriet’s Place in response to the outrageous Harry’s Place vile and vitriolic hasbara blog.  We are not named for some narcissistic sociopathic CoE Vicar’s illegitimate daughter. Our original blog, Hoffman Chronicled dates back to 2010 and Harriet’s Place is merely a 2012 metamorphosis.

Harriet is speechless…

For the first time since the Harriet’s Place team, now collectively known as “Harriet” assembled and started blogging over 10 years ago, we are speechless.  So, without further comment, read Richard Carvath’s blog.

From Virtue Online: Alan Jacobs has the scoop

Dog collar or cross? The Church of England’s vendetta against Barnabas Fund

The Dog Collar or the Cross? The Church of England’s Vendetta Against the Barnabas Fund
Dr. Sookhdeo target of pro-gay-pro-Muslim-multicultural agenda of St. Paul’s Dean

By Alan Jacobs
June 30, 2016

Paul’s opening challenge to the Galatians is probably even more deeply felt and more damning for us in the sort of Church we have become today, “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel – which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!” (Galatians 1:6-8).

A couple of verses later he goes on to ask rhetorically, “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ” (Galatians 1:10).

Therefore, among the key messages from this crucial Scripture are that the glorified status of the preacher of a lying gospel, even were it to be uttered by an angel from heaven, counts for nothing. A lie is not truth however eminent the worldly credentials of the teacher, however much they “look the part”. In just the same way, a lie to please people by conforming to society’s predominating trends and mores, no, that’s still not truth either.

And yet, Christians have still to respond to the urgent question that is asked of them by non-Christians, and will one day be asked of them before their Maker, “Which do you follow, the dog collar or the Cross?”

For the fact is in the cancer of “clericalism” that is strangling Christianity in places such as the Church of England, the lying spirit that “looks the part” can vividly be seen in the grand photo albums of the Anglican Primates Meetings and Lambeth Conferences; all those tall mitres and flowing clerical robes, the colorful paraphernalia of religious authority. High councils and conclaves and fine clothes to cover apostate hearts, and if ever there was a religion of this world rather than the Kingdom of God, it is this.

I would add also that, in my mind and in the perception also of many of my black Christian brothers and sisters, these Roman vestments manufactured and conventionally imposed by a white Anglican Establishment do hang rather awkwardly on the African and other more orthodox Christian leaders from the Global South. Just as awkwardly in fact as the whole made-up Anglican bureaucracy and political language under which they are forced to work. The vestments, the committee structures, the Anglican political language of never-quite-telling-the-truth-not-ever – all of these are of Anglo-Saxon origination, and so when a black face peering from under a bishop’s mitre tries to pronounce a Christian teaching, it simply doesn’t “look the part” in the same way, nor do his words carry the same weight as if it were being said by a white man in the Queen’s English.

I often hear quiet complaints from fellow white Evangelicals who feel genuinely uncomfortable at the “thinly veiled racism” directed at African bishops who are trying to defend biblical teaching against the advancing gay agenda in the Church, and the whole Anglican appeasement of Islam’s rising political power. But I have to say to them that the Church of England hierarchy has always with an iron rod maintained control of “language”, and ruthlessly punished those who don’t speak “Anglican” the way they should, or play the C of E’s political game under the rules these people have written – rules which are from the very outset stacked against the prophets. It is these gatekeepers of the Anglican polity speaking Frankincensed High Anglican, not the Bible’s words, which stand as final arbiters of what the Church is or is not. I doubt Paul and his troublesome Gospel would stand a chance.

Take the example of the way that senior figures in the Diocese of London and Lambeth Palace have taken to utterly destroying the Barnabas Fund, such as Bishop Richard Chartres, Dean David Ison and his alleged Sookhdeo assault victim wife, Hilary, and the Alison Ruoff cabal of the former Barnabas Fund trustees including Ivar Hellberg, Grianne McDonald, and the Revds. Robert de Berry and Nick Wynn Jones. Barnabas Fund is the only Christian organization in the field which has fearlessly spoken out against Muslim persecution of Christians and warned of how the Church’s homosexual agenda directly threatens the safety of Christians in places where the anti-homosexual Muslims have the upper hand and use it as a stick to beat Christians with – something about which the African bishops have repeatedly spoken.

What we have now is a shocking situation where white, pro-Muslim, pro-homosexual churchmen have the whip hand over the Barnabas Fund’s black former International Director, Dr Patrick Sookdheo, whose Pauline penchant for “telling it as it is” is just intolerable to them. How ironic, even comedic it is that a Christian organization dedicated to speaking out for persecuted Christians is itself the object of persecution by others who claim to be Christian, but the simple, crystal-clear fact is that recent events are merely the natural culmination of decades of racism, smear and mockery directed at troublesome and intemperate Barnabas, driven by a Diocese of London and a state Church of England whose true vested interests lie not in Christ but in maintaining political power in Parliament (where the bishops sit) through Britain’s multicultural-multifaith, gay-friendly diversity agenda and maintaining the flow of millions of dollars of government money to the Church and the Diocese to support it. “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people”.

The troubles faced by the Barnabas Fund in the Diocese of London have been many over years, and include the case of Dr Sookhdeo being marginalised and eventually booted out of an initiative on Christian persecution at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, which is a pet project of the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, and highly feted and heavily funded by the UK government for representing the “right kind” of Christianity. Other sources report how Lambeth Palace apparently decided Dr Sookhdeo was “the most dangerous man in Christendom” for his robust narrative on Islam and Muslim persecution and so ensured he was eliminated. A quick glance at the website of St Ethelburga’s and its various syncretistic projects on Christian-Buddhist-lesbian-feminist-spiritual-ecology is self-explanatory as to why this kind of Anglicanism would find Barnabas a difficult fit.

Then we have the targeting of Dr Sookhdeo by the pro-gay-pro-Muslim-multicultural agenda of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral. While this alliance may seem just a bit odd given the habit Muslims have in their own countries of throwing homosexuals off tall buildings and the parallel habit in our countries of gunning them down in gay clubs, in both the US and UK Muslims have bizarrely found common cause with LGBT, atheists and other “victims of society”, something demonstrated by the post-Orlando launch of the “LGBT Against Islamophobia” campaign as part of London Pride. The pro-gay-agenda-pro-Muslim-agenda Dean of St Paul’s, David Ison who has gone out of his way to slander and vilify Dr Sookhdeo, has as his very close friend and right hand man Canon Mark Oakley, a homosexual man who lives with his male lover in cathedral housing, and publicly declared his longstanding sexual relationship earlier this year. Oakley is a patron of “Tell MAMA”, a shocking project run by an unscrupulous and bitter Muslim foe of Dr Sookhdeo called Fiyaz Mughal. Mughal’s project essentially operates as a vigilante organisation which scours Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere for criticism of Islam and Muslims which it then promptly reports as a “hate crime” to the UK authorities. With no First Amendment in Great Britain, the draconian laws which criminalize and silence open debate about Islam in the name of “Islamophobic crime” find an obvious parallel with the “homophobia crime” thought policing, under which Christians are thus doubly suckered. That Mughal’s project has received millions of dollars from the UK government which has engaged this Muslim as a favored consultant, has been angrily condemned in the British press, but still the prevailing culture of political correctness edges ever towards an Orwellian silencing of those like Sookhdeo.

Meanwhile, the Church of England in its greed for worldly power and state money and sponsorship through cosying up to the interfaith-intersexual harmony agenda has given us the scenarios of the gay vicar of St John’s Church, Waterloo in London hosting a Muslim mosque service where he praised “Allah”, and David Ison himself along with Canon Andrew Nunn, the outspoken homosexual activist who is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Correspondence Secretary, vocally campaigning for full homosexual unions within the Church, and their signing a letter in advance of the Primates Meeting calling on the Church to “repent” for its treatment of gays.

At the same time, in response to a previous article of mine for Virtue Online about how the Church of England has allowed its priests to engage in homosexual clergy abuse, a response was received from Rev. William Campbell-Taylor, the Hackney vicar turned City of London politician and councilor who tried and failed to prosecute his vulnerable male victim for revealing at a survivors meeting in the British Parliament that the priest had asked him for oral sex – on the grounds that by exposing these true allegations of abuse this had caused Campbell-Taylor “distress and alarm”. In his correspondence, Campbell-Taylor listed his own expansive titles and authority as an Anglican cleric, and cited the vulnerable male’s ethnic-cultural background and disabilities as grounds why the establishment vicar should be believed over the non-establishment abuse survivor. Again, it was the question of which of the two best “looks the part”. What Campbell-Taylor failed to mention was that, as reported first-hand by journalist witnesses, the Judge described his conduct as “at the very least, bad taste” and that he is currently being investigated by the City of London Standards Committee for allegations of “stalking” and “abuse of power as a Councilman”.

The City of London is widely known as a magnet for gay clergy, whose beautiful and largely empty Christopher Wren churches are resplendent with high Anglican liturgy, lovely frocks and incense and theatre, and generally empty of both congregants and the Bible. That it should be extremely hostile territory to Barnabas and to the Gospel is an inevitable result of the vast flows of corrupt money from oligarchs and dictators, gay saunas frequented by clergymen, and Roman culture in the City which financial wrongs have been condemned by anti-corruption groups like Transparency International. Here in Babylon is inevitably where religion is become a tamed lifestyle accessory re-modeled and domesticated to the obedience of what society is prepared to hear and for the pleasing of people. And so, with his stubborn and extremely inconvenient voice of Christian orthodoxy in the face of sexual deviation in the Church and the brute force of other religions, Barnabas and Dr Sookdheo really do need to be wiped out entirely.

In the subsequent articles in this series, we explore in greater detail something of the prior history and activities of the Diocese of London and how this spiritual war against Barnabas and Christian orthodoxy began to take shape.

Alan Jacobs is a frequent commentator on various religious blogs and sites. A retired American Petro-Chemical Engineer from Dallas, Tx. He is focusing his attention on the Church and its future in both the US and UK.

The London Diocese connection: The continuing saga of the persecution of Patrick Sookhdeo


In a previous post Harriet’s Place investigators had uncovered the link between the old trustees who tried to take over Barnabas Fund and the new complainant, and the London Diocese of the CoE, by virtue of the relationship between Alison Ruoff, a former trustee of Barnabas Fund and David Ison, the current Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The ninth commandment. 

Hilary Ison, like Diane Fischbacher is the latest political pawn being used to take down Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo of Barnabas Fund. Hilary Ison is the Dean of St. Paul’s wife and as we’ve said before, the Dean and Alison Ruoff are well acquainted. So well acquainted that she put his name up for Dean and voted for him even though he’s at the head of the CoE LGBT rights movement. They also serve on 2 charities together. We also know from deep within the Evangelical community that Mrs. Ison’s not so sure of her position and is seeking support from others as to whether she’s doing the right thing or not. Maybe Bishop Chartres and his wife could offer her some advice about the ninth commandment:

You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice, nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his lawsuit.

— Exodus 23:1-2

We believe that the Dean of St. Paul’s wife, Hilary Ison has done just that, as the “politically well placed” new complainant.  Our CoE sources have indicated to us that this newest complaint is part and parcel of the campaign to eliminate Dr. Sookhdeo’s anti-gay and anti-Islamist extremism scholarly rhetoric from the national dialogue.  If Dr. Sookhdeo can be eliminated, the LGBT and the Islamophobia lobbies will have taken out a major defender of biblical Christian values.  We also have reason to believe that he won’t be the last one on their agenda to eliminate.

Alison Ruoff ruoffa01_180px

Alison Ruoff, one of the renegade trustees who led the fray to take over Barnabas Fund is known for being an outspoken member of General Synod (former) and had a heavy hand in the retirement of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  It was she who suggested that he be retired to academia and presto!  He was. We also know that it was she who saw the opportunity to supplant Dr. Sookhdeo with Rev. Robert DeBerry at the helm of Barnabas Fund and the machinations that were used, including lying, secret meetings, and secret emails were nothing less than Machiavellian.  We don’t call her “The King Maker” for nothing.

We also know that Alison Ruoff’s son, Mark has recently been ordained and is on the fast track to one day, possibly follow in Ison’s footsteps (ht SB).  How did that happen, we wonder? Ok, we don’t wonder that much.

Ivar Hellberg Ivar_Hellberg01

We know so far, that Diane told whom we presume, based on two different sources we can’t divulge just yet, to be Ivar Hellberg, a former trustee, that she lied about the incident that convicted Dr. Sookhdeo of inappropriate sexual touching.  We know Diane was Alison Ruoff’s and Ivar Hellberg’s pawn, and that Ivar Hellberg was an active-turned-reluctant participant in the takeover attempt.  We believe that given his Psyops background, he was able to groom Diane to conduct what’s known in intelligence circles as a “honey trap”, but he failed to take into consideration Dr. Sookhdeo’s physical ailments and personal disposition that would make such a ruse unsustainable over the long run.  We believe he’s realised this and is contrite…..but not contrite enough.  We believe his intelligence community connections have been misused over the years and span several documented incidences including a Sandhurst campaign to stop the building of a mosque that Ivar used his connections (illegally) to fulfill.  We believe that this event was encouraged by Alison Ruoff’s NO MORE MOSQUES  agenda, even though she began it 3 years earlier.  In Ivar, she found a kindred spirit and together, they stood to take over the UK’s most financially sound and successful NGO.

We also believe that Ivar Hellberg is one of four men that Diane frequently spoke to about her sex life and other inappropriate subjects for two married people.

We understand both Alison and Ivar stand to be sued for their unconscionable conduct as trustees of Barnabas Fund.

Robert deBerry Robert

CoE Revd. Robert deBerry was the king without a throne, whom Alison intended to seat at the helm of Barnabas Fund.  The only problem was that he had grave issues with telling the truth and his thinly disguised as “imperialism” racism, was legendary. We’re willing to bet that sometime in the near future, he’ll be able to attach “defendant” to the end of his name instead of King in front of it.

Harriet’s Place investigators are working diligently to uncover this conspiracy and cabal and will update you as facts become available.

Still to come….the Mark Woods connection, Diane’s lost 40 days, the London Diocese and Masonic connection, what happened at Exeter didn’t stay at Exeter, the other former trustees, and that Crimestoppers report that Wiltshire PD has yet to address.

Stay tuned.


William Campbell-Taylor Sexual Abuse and Blackmail exposed by Pike’s Peak News

by Ben S. Fielding

Harriet’s Place has for some time been following the case of the bisexual married vicar, William Campbell-Taylor (also known by the alias “Father William Taylor”) who tried to prosecute one of his male victims who had revealed in the British Parliament that the priest had asked him for oral sex.

Campbell-Taylor, who is a Councilor in the City of London as well as the vicar of St Thomas’ Church, Clapton Common in the Hackney Deanery of London Diocese, had used an obscure piece of British law as a weapon, namely that by talking publicly of these embarrassing sexual activities, his vulnerable male victim had caused Campbell-Taylor as the perpetrator “distress and alarm” (a whole load of humiliation in front of his fellow clerics and his wife).

The threat of a Court case that would prosecute a victim of clergy sexual abuse for publicly talking about their experience at the hands of an abuser like William Campbell-Taylor, sent shockwaves around the survivor community worldwide.  Over months, delegations of survivors met at Lambeth Palace with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, to complain about this suppression of a survivor’s free speech to tell his story.  The church and clergy grapevine was buzzing as the news spread across the water to different Anglican provinces around the world.

The story was covered by the admirable team at Pike’s Peak Christian News in Colorado.  I called the Denver phone number on the Pike’s Peak website and spoke with News Editor, Lucy Brooks, and Staff Writer, Bruce Rodgers, about how the news site got hold of this very British story. “Though we’re die hard Coloradoans, we set up Pike’s Peak to cover Christian news from across the globe”, said Lucy, adding that her colleague, Bruce Rodgers had spent a considerable amount of time in London during his career.

The story was researched substantially by Bruce Rodgers, a one-time Wall Street hedge fund manager-turned Episcopalian pastor, who gave up the cut and thrust of the stock market to follow Christ’s calling.  “My heritage is thoroughly English, and we’ve all been brought up in the Episcopal Church, though it’s not always been an easy fit for a committed Evangelical.  I spent time at a seminary in Cambridge, England researching the thesis for my divinity masters and, though I’ve never actually met him, it was there I first heard from contemporaries about this guy, William Campbell-Taylor – or as I knew him, ‘Rev. William Taylor’. He seemed an interesting guy, and I read a book of his about his ministry and campaigns in the historic City of London. I never gave it much thought after that”.

William Campbell-Taylor hit the headlines in 2013 as the star of a film about the City of London and global tax avoidance and again as a party politician councilmember. “It raised interesting dilemmas for me both as an Anglican which is the state church in England, and as an American Christian where the separation of church and state is law” says Rodgers. “The Christian Gospel is a political challenge to this this world, but God’s Kingdom is not of this world, and don’t Christian pastors get a bit dirty when they do secular party politics?”

The first news of William Campbell-Taylor’s multiple history of sexual abuse and blackmail started to filter out round about the end of 2014. Rodgers says, “I started hearing reports from Cambridge and from friends who were now in Christian ministry elsewhere. Then amazingly, at the exact same time I got this press release forwarded from a different direction by one of my old co-workers from JP Morgan’s London office. I told Lucy and she said to me ‘We need to do this. This is a story we’re being called to cover’.  And so we started digging with our contacts on both sides of the pond.”

“We had initial setbacks. I asked a friend of mine who’s an US vicar living in London to try and set up an interview for me with William Taylor, but it didn’t work out.  The lawyers of the male victim had told him not to talk to anyone, and we thought maybe this isn’t going anywhere. But bits of news kept hitting us as though we were being drawn back to it, and so we asked a London-based source of ours to use her PI skills to procure the material, such as getting the statements of eyewitnesses, and talk to others involved. Most useful were emails which William Taylor himself had sent around rather fervently and extensively about the case, which gave us some insight into the personality and what was going on here.”

Lucy cuts in, “There were almost two dozen prospective witnesses, and the heads of survivor groups eagerly helped. What was most disturbing to me was that Campbell-Taylor had pulled a favor as a police chaplain to get his local cops to prosecute the case, so the head of one British survivor group spoke to the police about how this shocking thing could happen in a free country.”

While William Campbell-Taylor’s complaint was eventually thrown out by the Court, to the relief of sex abuse victims and all concerned for freedom of speech, the story rolls on, and you all know how Harriet’s Place loves a good story. Stay tuned. We know this story isn’t over.

Keeping it simple.

Harriet’s Place has noticed a resurgence of witch hunt-like false allegations of anti-Semitism going round, all in the quest to silence Israel’s critics.  Rather than hash and re-hash the “merits” of  the Zionist Lobby’s efforts, and because a poll of our staff found that most of the souls inhabiting Harriet’s Place halls and offices find the subject bereft of merit and intellectually boring, since anyone with half a brain can see what all this drum beating is all about, we’re just going to keep it simple.

Instead of indulging and enlightening the willingly clueless, we’re going to just boil it down quickly and succinctly.  Israel’s treatment of other human beings, whether it’s the Palestinian people, or their advocates, is unconscionable.  It’s not Jesus like. Full stop.  It’s this simple:

Matthew 7:15-20 New King James Version (NKJV)

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

For all you Christians out there who still believe Israel is doing God’s will, and that anyone who opposes it, be it cleric or layman is anti-Semitic, there’s no hope for you. Harriet’s Place doesn’t have enough time, words, or bandwidth to convince you otherwise. People like James Mendelsohn,  Joseph Weissman, Nick Howard, the Harry’s Place cabal, the Jewish Chronicle, and the entire Jewish Lobby (yes, I said Jewish because it’s certainly not Christian in spirit or doctrine) are actively pursuing those who would dare to stand up to the evil that is permeating our society, politics, and pulpits. It’s not going to stop until the return of Jesus Christ, and if we can’t see it for what it is by now, only the Lord can help us. If you’re a self-professed Christian, get on your knees and pray for discernment….NOW……before it’s too late.

So, the next time you get an email, FB post, or Tweet that intends to draw your attention to someone they’re trying to target as anti-Semitic, take a look at Matthew 7:15-20 and decide for yourself what you’re going to believe in…..Jesus’ word, or man’s.  For those of you who have enabled this evil, like Bishop Andrew Watson, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, and all their minions, you’ll get yours….maybe not in this life, but when you’re asked what you did on Earth to be faithful to your Lord and His people, you’ll finally get your just rewards.  Speaking of the Lord and HIS PEOPLE, how can people who don’t believe in HIM be HIS PEOPLE?

It’s that simple.

UPDATE on the Patrick Sookhdeo saga


According to Richard Carvath’s blog, a Crimestoppers report, to which he was a witness of its filing, has been submitted by an unknown source who had a conversation with the 2014 complainant, whom we believe to be Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s former PA, Diane Fischbacher according to our sources as well as is our own conclusion. This report encompassed the source’s conversation with the complainant and included talk that she made up the grounds for the charge Dr. Sookhdeo was convicted of, along with talk about her use of the strong anti-anxiety drug, diazepam, and talk about her sex life.  This is explicit in Carvath’s video and blog report.  The source remains unnamed publicly.

Also, according to other journalists, is the Wiltshire police department’s attempt to remove from the public domain, the name of this alleged criminal who, if the Crimestoppers report filer is correct (and we have a good inkling of who it is and what’s involved…ok better than an inkling), the complainant, having filed a false claim against Dr. Sookhdeo, should be prosecuted.

Harriet’s Place wants to know if this Crimestoppers report has made its way to the Wiltshire police department yet for further investigation and if so, and the complainant has denied the unnamed source’s allegations, have they done anything to find out the identity of the unnamed source and why this source would make such a report that might be a crime in and of itself if it’s not true, depending on UK law?

Based on tips, interviews, and public information, Harriet’s Place has put together a pretty robust summation of just what’s really going on and so far, there are no thought police here in America and the First Amendment is still alive and well, not to mention that it’s in the public’s interest to uncover any false charges and prosecutions that may have taken place. While it may be in the Wiltshire police’s mandate to protect the claimant(s), it’s an even higher cause to protect people like Dr. Sookhdeo from these kinds of false allegations born of conspiratorial efforts by people such as the former trustees who tried to take over Barnabas Fund.  As we’ve said before, they are directly linked and this source’s statement confirms it.  We know Diane was the mole, feeding them information on Dr. Sookhdeo and Barnabas Fund.  We believe through several means of confirmation, that she was also the 2014 complainant and is the alleged perjurer.

The second complainant, we are told, by a reliable source from deep within the Evangelical community, is being used as a pawn in the political battle for the future of the CoE.  We’ve speculated before that Alison Ruoff, one of the leaders of the failed takeover of Barnabas Fund has something to do with the second complaint and since then, we’ve found out that in spite of her opposition to the CoE endorsing gay marriage, she backed David Ison as Dean of St. Paul’s.  David Ison is a leading proponent of the gay marriage agenda and has been for quite some time, so it’s impossible that Alison Ruoff didn’t know this when she supported his appointment. While no one has mentioned her name per se, we also know that his wife, a former Vicar, was at one time, back in the 70’s, either employed or was a volunteer at Barnabas Fund.  Our source who knew her then, wasn’t sure and it isn’t material to the case.  We’ve found that Alison Ruoff has plenty of reasons and form to facilitate a man’s (Patrick Sookhdeo’s) demise just as she pushed for the resignation of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  David Virtue has reported that Alison Ruoff even apologised to her Evangelical colleagues for backing Ison. You do the math.

Harriet’s Place wants to know if this new complaint was the price of his appointment?

More to come.


Alastair Allen: A model of incompetence


Screenshot 2016-04-23 08.56.29



Under construction

The #Hashtag Marriage of Kristin Perers #Vicar’s Wife



There can’t be many people on the planet who won’t recall the epic and toe-curling interview of Tom Cruise with Oprah Winfrey.  Here, Tom, surrounded as he is by the ever-present questions about his homosexuality and loveless Scientology-arranged marriages, leapt up on to that yellow sofa and loudly proclaimed his enduring love for Katie Holmes:

Despite movie success since, Tom’s never recovered his image from this cringe-worthy fiasco of over-marketing a marriage. No surprises then when the inevitable split came two years later, following Katie’s scarily PR-managed interview for W Magazine about how perfect her sexually-ambiguous religious leader hubbie was:

W Magazine Katie Holmes TomKat

Lower down the celebrity food-chain, we have the case of Rev. William Campbell-Taylor, the bisexual Hackney vicar and City of London Councilor, who is married to Boho-chic Floridian designer, Kristin Perers for now:

Over the years, William Campbell-Taylor (aka Fr William Taylor) has been busily marketing himself on movies and social media as a moral champion of the common people “the turbulent priest who rides into danger and creates an uproar” – and an endless flush of hashtags and Twitter posts:

In his pursuit of what he endlessly proclaims as “the common good”, Rev. Campbell-Taylor has eagerly lied, cheated, stolen and trampled on the very poor people he is supposed to be defending:

The dog collar-wearing politician’s tactics have included blackmailing a former Councilor from the same City of London Ward where he now holds office, and falsely claiming credit in his election campaign for work done by other councilors.

City of London Councilor, William Campbell-Taylor, Tried to Blackmail Colleague

The good reverend has a long history of sexual exploits with men as well as women, and his bisexuality is pretty public knowledge – as William Campbell-Taylor himself writes, “I don’t see sexuality in binary terms”.

However, having recently lost a Court case in which he tried to prosecute a vulnerable male for revealing in the House of Lords that Campbell-Taylor had asked him for a “blow job”:

William Campbell-Taylor “Lied and Lied and Lied and Lied” to Cover Up Blackmail and Sexual Abuse as His Complaint Against His Victim is Thrown Out

the question now is what kind of #Hashtag marriage does @kperers and her sexually “bivalent” vicar husband have?  Actually, just like her other half, Kristin’s gift for self-marketing means she’s made a great deal out of being a #VicarsWife, as her blogs, Twitter and Instagram endlessly sell herself in an American fantasy of being an English clergyman’s tea-and-scones lifestyle accessory.  But like Campbell-Taylor’s selling of himself as a vicar-politician, this ultimately is a marriage all for sale, all spin and marketing, with shabbily poor content.  If a picture speaks a thousand words, well take this absurdly theatrical Tom Cruise-like Mary Poppins photo Kristin had done of herself:


The Bible has some important teaching about what it means to be a virtuous wife, Proverbs 31:11-12: “Her husband trusts her completely. With her, he has everything he needs. She does him good and not harm for as long as she lives”. Proverbs 12:4: “A noble wife is the crown of her husband, but the wife who acts shamefully is like rottenness in his bones.” We know of other vicars’ wives who have stood modestly and quietly by them in righteousness and virtue, defending the truth when their husbands have spoken out, and whom have lived out a Christian marriage with dignity and quiet reserve. By contrast, @kperers #VicarsWife has rather prostituted the Gospel’s understanding of Christian marriage, and is literally selling a cheapened product of #VicarageLife #VicarsWife for a swooning lifestyler audience.


While Harriet’s Place doesn’t begrudge Kristin her fantasies and crude money-making marriage marketing (even if it looks just a bit like over-compensation for having a married a guy with a history of having sex with other men) what is so distasteful about all her hashtag marketing, is that in all of this the massive hurt of the innocent people her husband has blackmailed, sexually groomed, lied to, used and thrown away – none of this matters to her one bit.

Yes, we get your game @kperers #VicarsWife #Hypocrite married to #RevBlowJob

William Campbell-Taylor Caught Cottaging on Clapton Common

As tweeted by his wife, boho chic Florida designer, Kristin Perers, her bisexual vicar husband has recently gotten planning permission to convert some derelict public toilets on Clapton Common – just opposite their home.


Mar 13

Planning permission granted from derelict loos to local venue for singing the blues

With the news that #WilliamCrumbleToilet asked a vulnerable male for oral sex and lost the court case to try and silence his victim, Harriet’s Place wonders whether the new toilet venue in Upper Clapton will now become cruising central for straying bisexual vicars such as William Campbell-Taylor.

William Campbell-Taylor

William Campbell-Taylor blackmail

William Campbell-Taylor sexual abuse

Who is Richard Carvath? Hero or villain?

After watching Richard Carvath’s investigative journalistic efforts unfold to uncover the sordid conspiracy to persecute Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, we were curious about just who this journalist was. Finding a huge digital footprint of his and others who know him both online and off, we’ve come to the conclusion that Richard Carvath is a man of great principle, conservative Bible derived values, and as near to fearless as a man can get.

He has fended off many online attackers on social media who behave more like a pack of jackals than human beings. Given their immoral proclivities and viewpoints, such as being pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and general amoral conduct online, we now understand that the opposition to Richard Carvath is more of a moral issue. They band together and attack en mass like pack animals and school yard bullies do.  One makes a comment either to him or about him and another either reiterates it or adds to it until a frenzied free for all has ensued. They’ve attacked his faith, values, family, writing, appearance, morals, politics, and anything else they could think of to belittle, malign, embarrass, and humiliate him.  Yet, he marches on….unwavering, unfaltering…fearlessly.

From what we’ve read about Richard Carvath, he believes the Bible is God’s inspired word. Insanity?  We don’t think so.  He also claims to believe that abortion is murder. Mental illness?  We don’t think so.  He’s a Zionist, but we won’t hold that against him. He is also against gay marriage and believes homosexuality is a sin. So do millions of other Christians. The Church of England is poised to schism because of this issue. So why, when Archbishops, Bishops, and Vicars all over the world are in debate about this subject is it a mental health issue about Richard Carvath when he weighs in on it?

Bullying.  It’s plain and simple.  Richard Carvath is being bullied online by a bunch of uncivilised and conscienceless bullies.  He’s been attacked on Twitter, Facebook and in various blogs and websites where comments are enabled. Often times, he defends himself using wit or logic only to be retaliated against, with greater force.  We’ve seen fake blogs about him and we’ve seen him mocked and impersonated, specifically to embarrass him. We’ve been able to identify these miscreants both online and offline and most of them have significant holes in their characters and lives that bullies often have that lead them to become bullies.  Superiority complexes that belie extreme insecurity, narcissism, and a general lack of self control abound in these bullies, but what’s sad about it is, there are so many of them, they look like a consensus who make use of the old toxic adage that if something is repeated often enough, it becomes truth.  This is what we believe has happened to British journalist Richard Carvath.  He happens to come from an area of the country where his conservatism isn’t the norm, or reflective of the majority, but it’s held by millions of Christians in other areas.  We have observed that his “detractors” are, in general, not people of faith. This suggests to us that Richard Carvath is being persecuted for his Orthodox Christian values….and he knows it goes with the territory. God bless him.


Twitter troll 1T1:5 confirms false accuser of Sookhdeo…UPDATED

Screenshot 2016-04-04 00.52.35


We knew she was the former trustees’ mole.  Several interviewees told us that.  But this guy validates our suspicions that she’s the false accuser. We assume he’s trolling Carvath as part of a misguided effort to persecute Sookhdeo on her behalf and he doesn’t like what’s been uncovered.  Instead of having empathy for a wrongly convicted man and helping his friend take responsibility for her actions, he trolls Carvath.  Nice.


Oh yeah…Is anyone surprised?  Screenshot 2016-04-12 13.37.48


PS  We already know who 1T1:5 is but thanks for the emails.  And we know 1T1:5 knows who she is so that’s why we consider it a confirmation.

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo: Criminal or Victim?

We’ve learned that Barnabas Fund’s former International Director and founder, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s sexual assault accuser has confessed to making false allegations via investigative journalist, Richard Carvath. What we don’t know is, is this the same woman Harriet’s Place has uncovered as the Barnabas Fund mole who fed information to the former trustees before, during, and after their takeover attempt? We think so.  It adds up.  Since we don’t know the name of Carvath’s confessor, we can only put the facts together to see what the puzzle looks like.  The sum of it is that Diane Fischbacher, Sookhdeo’s long time PA, was in a good position to make the complaint.  We originally were curious about the trustee takeover attempt, but were led by facts and witnesses to understand that the takeover attempt and the sexual assault allegation were intertwined.  Carvath’s blog reports that he had received an email from the complainant’s husband and then the confession was reported.

We have also learned that the alleged victim from 2014 was using a strong drug, diazepam, known for being prescribed for anxiety.  This begs the question, did Barnabas Fund hire Diane Fischbacher knowing she suffered from anxiety and was on such a drug as diazepam that could have disastrous effects on her work and stability?  Or did she acquire this condition after she was hired?  We understand from various public sources that another former Barnabas Fund employee, Kathryn Wakeling also is an anxiety sufferer and has been diagnosed with OCD.  We also know that another former employee, Kayleigh Ghiot, has admitted on her own blog to having a near break down prior to her employment at Barnabas Fund.  We believe that all 3 women are the complainants in the original trial against Dr. Sookhdeo. Again, we have to ask if these conditions were revealed to Barnabas Fund prior to employment?  We know from David Virtue’s article, that Kathryn Wakeling and Kayleigh Ghiot are the witness intimidation complainants.  We find it astounding that Sookhdeo’s legal counsel didn’t bang that drum at trial.  We also don’t believe that the intimidation charge was on target.  Sources close to BF tell us that neither witnesses were supposed to be there the day of that impromptu speech and that they were told not to be.  But that drum was also left alone at trial.  We regret that Barnabas Fund hasn’t responded to our requests for direct dialogue so we have to rely on peripheral sources that we can verify and/or corroborate, independently of BF officials.

We’ll be watching to see if the Met police do their jobs and investigate this confession and we’ll continue to be open to any and all tips and communications from anyone who feels the need to get clean from this disgusting and vile conspiracy.  The truth will out, and we’ll report it now, and in the future, in the event any other “complaints” are made.

We understand that the new complaint was made by a white CoE Vicar and it dates back to 1977.  We have it on good authority that this complainant is caught up in the polarisation of the CoE over gay marriage since the pro side is led by her husband, the Dean of St. Paul’s, David Ison.  What our source couldn’t tell us is how Alison Ruoff can possibly be involved in the taking down of Patrick Sookhdeo, given her abhorrence of gay marriage, yet she cohorts with the likes of David Ison, her theological antithesis.  All we can figure is that it’s all about the former trustees’ takeover attempt, and its failure.  Revenge is best served cold, Mrs. Ruoff.  This dish is way too hot to be successful.

We do know that David Ison is on the PCAW advisory council, a whistle blower advocacy charity concern, and this new complainant most likely is receiving the best counsel and encouragement such a support team could offer.   From


The Council has an advisory role to the charity. Michael Brindle QC is Chairman. Current members include Michael Smyth CBE, Michael Woodford MBE, The Right Hon Sir Anthony Hooper, Roger Bolton, Dr Yvonne Cripps, Edwin Glasgow QC, David Owen, Dr Elaine Sternberg, Dr Marie Stewart, Stephen Whittle OBE, Guy Dehn, Maurice Frankel OBE, Marlene Winfield OBE, Michael Rubenstien, Sarah Veale CBE and the Very Revd Dr David Ison.

We also know that David Ison serves with Mrs. Ruoff on The London Diocesan Board of Finance and The London Diocesan Fund charities as trustees and as Richard Carvath has pointed out, the knowledge of what’s happening goes much farther up in the hierarchy in the CoE than just this.  Where Ison’s and Ruoff’s interests converge can only be speculated upon as the mutual interest in seeing Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo buried.  Ison wins by getting another gay marriage opponent off his back, and Ruoff gets her revenge along with putting the Asian guy back in his place where he belongs. Harsh sounding? Yeah…but what’s worse than saying it is doing it.

If Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo is a serial sex offender, then let it come out.  But let it be the truth, not more of what’s transpired so far.  We’ll be there to make sure this conspiracy ends so that the truth can come out. Take it to the bank….that’s American for it’s a certainty.  This new complainant had better have her facts straight and be spot on about what happened and what didn’t.  Date, time, place, opportunity, and motive.  If those elements are all there, let’s get a criminal off the streets. Somehow, we doubt they are.

Richard Carvath on Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s false conviction of sexual assault

British journalist Richard Carvath has exposed the false allegations of indecent sexual assault against Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo on his blog here.

Published on Mar 30, 2016

The woman who accused Dr Patrick Sookhdeo of an indecent assault in 2014 has confessed to making up false sexual allegations. Dr Sookhdeo, 69, of Pewsey, Wiltshire, was convicted of an indecent assault on the woman after a five-day trial at Swindon Crown Court in February 2015. Dr Sookhdeo was also convicted of two related charges of witness intimidation. Dr Sookhdeo has always maintained his innocence and is pursuing an appeal against the convictions. The Sookhdeo accuser’s confession has been reported to police. The woman, who cannot be named, also opened up in conversation* about suicidal feelings, Diazepam and her sex life.

[* This conversation was not with Richard Carvath]


A previous report by Richard Carvath on the matter can be seen here:

Published on Feb 11, 2016

Richard Carvath updates the on-going story of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo with this report on the Barnabas Fund’s new publication in defence of Dr Sookhdeo, ‘Hard Pressed on Every Side’

He makes further comment about his findings on his blog:

COMMENT: the Church of England vs Dr Patrick Sookhdeo

COMMENT: They say ‘Confession is good for the soul’.  Who knows what mental anguish, what spiritual oppression brought a deceitful, deluded woman to the point of telling the truth?  Thankfully, she has belatedly admitted the truth to herself – and confided in another.

The parallels between Dr Patrick Sookhdeo’s accuser – let’s call her ‘Mrs X’ – and Judas Iscariot ring loud and true.  Judas betrayed Jesus after years of intimate association with the Christ; and Judas ended by taking his own life.  Mrs X knew Dr Sookhdeo well for several years and, after attacking an innocent man, after taking tens of thousands of pounds in compensation for a crime which never took place – money meant for the benefit of genuine victims of persecution and genocide – Mrs X was plagued by remorse and suicidal feelings.  Let us hope and pray that Mrs X does not add the crime of self-murder to her false sexual allegations.

Is Mrs X’s use of Diazepam – a mind-altering drug – a contributory factor in her suicidal feelings, or in the false claims she made in 2014? We don’t know for sure, but we must allow for the possibility that the effects of Diazepam are partly to blame for Mrs X’s criminal conduct and mental state.

However, Mrs X remains culpable for her actions; she chose to take the drug in the first place, and, the evidence of her willing, secret dealings with acknowledged enemies of Dr Sookhdeo cannot be excused as coincidental to her false allegations – we know now that over many months Mrs X actively co-operated with people she knew to be Dr Sookhdeo’s enemies, before the day she plunged the dagger, and also afterwards.

What will the police do? That is a matter for them, but surely, at the very least, the police are duty-bound to bring in Mrs X and her husband for questioning and to make further enquiries.  Surely the police are honour-bound to notify Dr Sookhdeo or his lawyers of their receipt of the report about the confession and also to say what they’ve done about it.

And the plot thickens. The Church of England’s web of intrigue against Dr Sookhdeo grows larger with every passing day, as journalists discover more of the truth.  Why is Mrs X linked with the latest complainant, the woman vicar who has falsely accused Dr Sookhdeo of an indecent touch in 1977?  If it is merely a coincidence, then it is truly a remarkable coincidence indeed!  Of course, it is no coincidence.  There is an organised plot to destroy Patrick Sookhdeo, his life and work.

The Archbishop of Canterbury should have a care that where Adolf Hitler’s bombers failed, his senior hierarchy’s dirty deeds do not succeed in raising St Paul’s to dust.  The truth will out. One thing I promise you is this: the London trial of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo will be one of the most important criminal trials in the history of 21st century Britain.  It may bring down the Church of England, and the impact of that would be global.  How well will Justin Welby fare under cross-examination by the best barristers, before a London press gallery?  We shall see.

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UPDATE: Patrick Sookhdeo sexual assault victim admits to lying

Richard Carvath has the latest on this continuing saga:

Stay tuned for more updates as we are still receiving new information daily.

The stitch of up Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo comes unraveled

As Harriet has always said, all things out, eventually, and this is the case with the conspiracy against Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo.  Harriet’s Place investigators and a plethora of other investigators and journalists, American and British, have been working overtime to get to the bottom of the pathetic conspiracy to end the career of Barnabas Fund’s founder and International Director.

It began with an attempted trustee takeover, led by the “king maker” Alison Ruoff. Her “king” in the making was one, Robert de Berry, whom we’re told has a history of problems with “people of colour”, and along with a few other trustees including Grianne McDonald, a particularly sanctimonious type, Ivar Hellberg, who had spent time in the intelligence field and was capable of being the plotmaster (1), and Canon Paul Brooks, Barnabas’ well funded and established mission was readied for takeover.  A Pakistani Christian, Wilson Saraj had just been promoted to Projects Manager to the dismay of the cabal of former trustees.  With a few (now former) employees on board supplying them with information (2) and tactical advise, some crafted for purpose, sources tell us a honey trap of sorts was set. Was Diane the mole?  We’re told so.

Sookhdeo’s Personal Assistant, Diane Fischbacher, who was the office hugger, found herself in the perfect storm.  Fueled by job insecurity and the need for affirmation, the seduction by the former trustees was too hard to resist.  She wasn’t cut out for her job in the first place and certainly didn’t have the moxy to endure Sookhdeo’s management style, which we understand can be brusque.  Only those seasoned veterans of high level negotiations, confidential funding deals, and a vast tolerance for international personality idiosyncrasies are cut out for such work.  Diane was no match for the work or the environment due to the high demands and sophistication of such highly confidential work. Her dress, manner, job skills, and personality were more suited for hostessing than for the diplomats, clergy, and high level financiers who regularly wandered in and out of the Barnabas Fund offices in Pewsey. She bonded with the other women who were equally inefficient or misemployed.  Two of them have admitted to having mental illness.

Make no mistake, Patrick Sookhdeo is not an easy man to work for, but then, neither is the work easy, itself.  Considering it can determine whether people live or die, are rescued or not, and the confidentiality of all that goes into making those rescue deals, it takes a certain type to understand the idiosyncrasies and intricacies of Sookhdeo and his work.  The mistake he made was in not captaining his office the way he captained his life saving deals. He counted on his employees to rise to the occasion, and setting better boundaries for his staff wasn’t high on his to do list. Because these boundaries had reached the breached level to an extreme, he had to act. Setting a dress code didn’t set well with some of the women of Barnabas Fund.  It was necessary to avoid offending visiting dignitaries of other faiths who found the cleavage and thigh action at Barnabas Fund a little uncomfortable. Things had to change at Barnabas Fund and some didn’t like it.

We also understand that during and after the failed takeover attempt, there was a concerted effort to apply financial pressure on Barnabas Fund by running up the legal bill that BF would ultimately be responsible for, and creating a legal situation that would cost BF a bundle to untangle.  We surmise that since they couldn’t get Dr. Sookhdeo out up front, they’d make him so expensive to keep that the BF board would want him gone.  This tact, combined with a new angle, to make him prison bait, is what is behind the new charge filed recently.  Our CoE sources tell us that with Alison Ruoff’s connections to the former trustees, former employees and the current complainant (via this complainant’s husband who happens to sit on 2 charity boards with Ruoff) intact, the effort to bring a complaint that dates back to 1977 forward, to establish a pattern of sexual predation is moving forward.  We have it on good authority that another one or two have been lined up to do the same in case the plot falters.  We also have it on good authority that Christian Today knows all of this and wanting to be on the “right” side of the political game being played here, chose the narration of the former trustees and employees concerned, over a balanced truth. Mark Woods has a lot to make up for after the demise of the Baptist Times, after being “in print” for 156 years.

We also have information that suggests that in the PC sensitive climate of interfaith relations, Patrick Sookhdeo’s condemnation of Islamic extremism became a liability and he’s been called “the most dangerous man in Christendom” because of it. What’s interesting is that his views are compatible with Alison Ruoff’s, which we understand is part of why she wanted BF for herself, but his methods and unwillingness to play the CoE game made them incompatible. He had long ago given up on the CoE due to, by their own admission, rampant racism, and she was still climbing the ladder, hoping her Bishop Chartres would eventually be the Archbishop of Canterbury. We’ve learned from a reliable CoE source that he’s set to retire, a failed Ruoff “king-making” endeavor.

We’re receiving more information daily and will continue to keep our reading public informed since this so very important issue of abuse of the legal system is of great public interest. Harriet’s Place is bumping into a lot of that these days.  Harriet’s Place thanks God that some of the people involved have consciences and are repentant.  We’re praying for them to all come clean.  The truth will set you freeeeeeeee!


From Barnabas Fund document “Hard Pressed On Every Side” 2016

(1)  “….but Ivar Hellberg was said by Robert de Berry to be the group’s planner.”

(2) “Robert de Berry stated verbally to Bishop Julian Dobbs and Mr Philip Richards in February 2013 that they had “a mole” in the office. It must have been someone working very closely with Dr Sookhdeo because of the mysterious way in which the majority trustees seemed to know confidential things in advance.”



The stitch up continues: The continuing saga of Patrick Sookhdeo

Harriet’s Place has also been following the sad saga of the persecution of Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo and the tips just keep rolling in.  It appears that Richard Carvath has some of the story here.

We’ll be waiting and watching for more of this sordid affair to unfold and we anticipate the death blow (another timely and well contrived) complaint any time now.  Rumour has it that ladies are being recruited as we speak, to come forward to ensure Dr. Sookhdeo spends his golden years in a prison cell for unwitnessed, uncorroborated and vague 30 year old “offenses” no one can remember, not even the complainants, until now.

Harriet’s Place has one question? What’s the price of a boob bump these days?  We bet Rev. Mark Woods has that answer.  But like any good journalist, he’s staying schtum on his sources.  He has to.

Ok, we lied.  Harriet’s Place has more than one question.  The big one is if a guy with Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s education, credentials, faith, and life’s work is going to diddle with women and get nothing out of it, why would he go to the trouble?  Is he that daft that he’d risk it all for a feeble grope every 10 years or so?  There’s more to this story so stay tuned.

How To Get Away With Blackmail: A Guide By William Campbell-Taylor


By Ben Fielding

As Harriet’s Place has been following the case of the Florida Princess and the Vicar Who Would Be Mayor, William Campbell-Taylor (aka Fr William Taylor), has made a great big, big deal of selling himself in movies and social media as an heroic champion of the poor huddled masses against the dark forces of the City of London Corporation:


The spiel for the film he had made tells us how “Father William Taylor” stands as a fixed point of “moral virtue” against the evil powers of the City.  This is of course the same virtuous William Campbell-Taylor who recently lost a court case where he had tried to prosecute some bloke whom he had asked for oral sex, and who had then gone on to talk about his abuse at the hands of the Priest in Parliament:

There is a story here in that, even before his little sexual faux pas, William Campbell-Taylor had been alleged by a former councilor from the same City of London Ward where he now holds office, to have tried to blackmail him.  The councilor writes, “William Campbell-Taylor, by his own admission threatened me” and “was in a position to blackmail me.” A third council member who is also a priest described Campbell-Taylor’s conduct as “evil”.

The question that Harriet’s Place now has for the City Fathers in the London Corporation is what are you going to do about it?  This blackmail, abuse, lying and cheating by Campbell-Taylor has been going on for so many years that it rather makes a mockery of the fact that you apparently have a “Standards Committee” to preserve high moral standards in public office.

Just as ironic, is the fact that Campbell-Taylor recently retweeted a criticism of Donald Trump as being unfit to hold public office.

Looks like a little of the pot calling the kettle black, to me.



Portsoken’s finest.



The Vicar and the Florida Princess

This is a London case Harriet’s Place has been following for quite some time.  Our American cousins across the pond have kept us in the know and it appears to have concluded in favour of truth, justice, and freedom of speech. You can read it on Pike’s Peak News here:   Priest “Lied and Lied and Lied and Lied” to Cover Up Blackmail and Abuse as His Complaint Against His Victim is Thrown Out

While the legal case is over, it seems the Princess’ troubles have just begun. Harriet’s Place hopes our Princess knows you just can’t keep a man on the down-low down.  And in that case, our Princess needs to be on the up and up about her man. It won’t serve her well to keep her head in the sand.

After all that directional punning, Harriet needs a cuppa. We’ll keep you informed on this developing saga.  You know how we like a good saga.

What’s a Florida Princess in Hackney to do….


….when her Prince turns out to be more Lothario than Prince?  The problem is this Lothario is on the down low and doesn’t show any sign of repentance.  Harriet’s Place has received a tip from a London insider that our CoE priest-who-would-be-mayor-on-the-down-low is still on the make on the streets of Londontown.  What Harriet’s Place wants to know is does his intended victim know and how soon will our beloved Florida Princess be looking for another castle to redecorate?

If the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour, what’s to stop this ongoing slap in the face to so many who have entrusted him with their lives and well-being? Given he’s a man of the cloth, maybe the Church could do a little house keeping in Hackney and put an end to all the “under the covers” mischief that continues with impunity, if the city fathers won’t?

At any rate, take heed, all you men about Londontown.  The Hackney Preacher is still on the make.  And as for you, Princess…..he’s a frog.  Deal with it.

London Mayor finds out character matters.

Pikes Peak News

The story is here.

Public has right to know Boris Johnson fathered child during affair, court rules

Senior judges dismiss Helen Macintyre’s attempt to hide paternity of child born after brief affair with mayor of London
Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who fathered a daughter, now three, with Helen Macintyre. Photograph: Steve Back/Barcroft Media

The public has a right to know that Boris Johnson had an extramarital affair with a woman who later gave birth to their daughter, the appeal court has ruled.

Three senior judges decided on Monday that voters were entitled to be told that the mayor of London conducted a “brief adulterous affair” with the woman who later gave birth to their daughter, now aged three.

The mother is Helen Macintyre, a professional art consultant, who lost her legal battle to keep secret the paternity of her daughter, who is named only as “AAA” in public…

View original post 680 more words

The man who would be……Lord Mayor

William TaylorIt’s no secret that The Hackney Preacher and Councilman, William Campbell Taylor has his sights set on being Lord Mayor of London some day. The problem is, the job description for that position doesn’t include deception, blackmail, harassment, and immorality.  Unless of course, the city fathers want to broaden its scope to accommodate a future candidate who brings to the table all that and more.

We await the legal precedent that will be set in a pending court case in which the good Vicar alleges he’s been “caused distress and alarm” by a lowly vulnerable male victim whom he had asked for a blow job. Said victim revealed this information in a public forum in Parliament, causing the Vicar as perpetrator, embarrassment in front of his wife, colleagues, and fellow clergy. We are left pondering just what happens when it’s all over?

The first possible scenario includes the conviction of the accused, and his subsequent penalty, whatever it may be.  What’s left after that is one British Vicar, politician, and future (mayoral?) candidate who now can add a litigious nature to his illustrious list of character flaws.  Woe to anyone who might deal with him in the future.  So just what will the City of London have gained by the good Vicar’s misuse of the judicial system?  Will a rampaging criminal have been taken off the streets and the public finds itself a bit safer because of it? We think not. We surmise that the city council will have become just one idiot closer to a nuthouse, and the man convicted becomes just another of William Campbell Taylor’s notches in his own ever-growing belt of people he’s preyed upon.

This leads us to the second possible scenario.  Suppose the court listens to all the pertinent testimony and realizes the full weight of just what the witnesses have to say, and considers the ramifications of letting the courts be used as an instrument to silence those who dare to speak the truth when an elected public servant has done wrong. What will everyone concerned learn?  First and foremost, that the courts are not to be used as some kind of blunt force instrument to silence any and all citizens who are victimised by those in power. Secondly, that London’s public servants should conduct themselves with the dignity and integrity as set forth in the code of conduct governing public servants.  And thirdly, that London still is a leader in the world and holds a place in history that all Londoners can be proud of instead of being viewed as a place sullied and plagued by indecency, scandal, and corruption.

The crux of the matter is there’s no doubt that William Campbell Taylor asked for a blow job of another man.  The real issue is what should be done about it.  He’s a Church of England Vicar, he’s married, and while he has a few little minor indiscretions on his record, such as an illegitimate child (which didn’t stop him from being ordained), the attempted blackmailing of another Councillor, and various and sundry provable spoken inaccuracies (we’re trying to be polite here), what’s one more little itsy bitsy character flaw among friends, right?

Harriet’s Place hopes that no such precedent is set and  that the prosecutor and judge come to realise that a miscarriage of justice of this kind will have lasting consequences well beyond the next day’s headlines. We promise.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke
Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797)

Editor’s post script:  Given what we’ve found out about London’s current Mayor, Boris Johnson, we hope the city fathers have learnt something by reading this post.

Guess who wants to be Mayor?

Time to turn London around, don’t you think?


From our Cousins across the pond: The continuing saga of the Vicar and the Princess



Harriet’s Place has received another tip from our Cousins across the pond. The rest of the story is coming out that includes blackmail, intimidation, and abuse of power. We love a good bodice ripper, but this really takes the cake.

Pike’s Peak blog has it here.

‘The developing case of the City of London priest and council member caught in an abuse row (that’s Brit for scandal) took a new turn as it emerged he had allegedly tried to blackmail a fellow City councilor while both were holding public office.

Rev. William Campbell-Taylor is a Church of England cleric who is also a council member in the ward of Portsoken, in London’s financial district. Another former councilor from the same ward has alleged that while both were serving officials of the City of London Corporation, he had “been threatened by William Campbell Taylor” who “was in a position to blackmail me.” A third council member  who is also a priest has described Campbell-Taylor’s conduct as “evil”.

This development follows a vulnerable male alleging in the British parliament that Campbell-Taylor, who has an openly bisexual history, had asked the vulnerable individual for a lewd act of fellatio. In a bizarre twist, Campbell-Taylor has since filed legal proceedings against the victim for naming him publicly, under an obscure provision in the law that revealing this embarrassing information caused Campbell-Taylor “distress and alarm”.

Because of the precedent this sets, several national campaigning groups representing survivors of clergy abuse have reported this case to the UK government’s public inquiry on abuse which is headed by the New Zealand judge, Justice Lowell Goddard. Of particular concern to activists is the influence of Campbell-Taylor as a police chaplain in pressing this legal retribution against his victim.

Without an equivalent to the First Amendment, rape and abuse victims in Britain do not have legal protection of speech to talk publicly about their abuse perpetrators or name them. An official in Campbell-Taylor’s London district said “there ought to be a wardmote (electors’ meeting) to discuss this scandal”.’

Richard Carvath’s blog on Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo and Jezebel and the Satan gang

Richard Carvath has another take on the Mark Woods et al smear campaign against Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo.

From across the pond: The tale of the CoE Vicar on the “down low” and the Floridian Princess.

By Iris Bloom

Harriet’s Place has received a tip that a London Vicar has been caught up in a “down low” sexcapade worthy of notice, not for its salacious value, but rather, because of its noteworthiness and the legal precedent that it sets. For those of you not familiar with the meaning of  “down low”, it’s a Yankee term used for married men who secretly pursue sex with other men.  It’s our understanding that the Vicar involved is married to Florida artist and stylist Kristin Perers,kristinperersjpgwho took her NYC boho style to the UK and found her niche delivering American “shabby chic” to the proper doyennes of Londontown.  Those who know the ever fashionable Ms. Perers tell us that she adores being a Vicar’s wife, but we wonder for how much longer?

Pike’s Peak blog has the story here.

Stay tuned for further news on this developing story.

London Priest in Blackmail and Abuse Row

William Campbell-Taylor Clergy Abuse
William Campbell-Taylor

A City of London priest is at the center of allegations of blackmail and clergy abuse. Rev. William Campbell-Taylor, a Church of England cleric who is also a councilmember in London City Hall, tried to use legal retribution to prevent a vulnerable male from talking publicly about his allegations that the priest had asked him for a lewd act of fellatio.

But some 20 witnesses have come forward to testify about their own experiences with the priest. One prominent Christian witness reported he had been similarly betrayed and “been threatened by William Campbell Taylor” who “was in a position to blackmail me.” Another spoke about her experience of the cleric’s “secretive” and “lying” behavior with her.

Campbell-Taylor denies the alleged abuse with the vulnerable male, and rejects any suggestion that he had any close personal relationship with the victim. But dozens of letters from the cleric to the victim have since come to light in which Campbell-Taylor signs off messages with kisses and “love, William” and “W x” or “yr brother Muffin”. The victim writes to Campbell-Taylor challenging him about “your sexuality and past experience that has wreaked havoc in our personal relationship” and asks about the time “you said [to me] ‘How about a b**w job then?’”. In response, the priest evades the question and strangely writes back “you have been on my mind today because I know it is your birthday” and “I would like to be in a position to stand in solidarity in public with you as a friend” and again signs off “love William”. The victim further referred to characteristic phrases used by the priest such as “a stirring in the loins”.

Further witnesses report Campbell-Taylor’s known romantic relationships with both sexes, and a male contemporary from his days at the liberal seminary, Wescott House in Cambridge, England, writes about his dating history there, adding “I was definitely somewhat enamored of him – most people were in those days – he was stunning and charming.” William Campbell-Taylor is currently married to Florida photographer, Kristin Perers, and is a prominent media spokesman on London and financial issues.

Zionism has infiltrated the church in Jerusalem….stay tuned for more.

Harriet’s Place has received information that Zionist pandering by Anglican Bishop Suhail Dawani has led to the persecution of former Bishop Riah Abu El Assal and according to our sources, Assal isn’t going to take it anymore.  It appears there’s been a multitude of hasbara efforts to discredit him and bleed the church and school in Jerusalem dry.  We understand that the presiding Bishop, Dawani has gotten into bed with the Zionists including the American Episcopal church leader, Bishop Kathleen Jefferts Schori, and guess who she’s pals with? None other than our old friend, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Oh what a web we weave… this space!


The seven year long attack by Bishop Suhail Dawani and the Diocesan Council of the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem on Bishop Riah Abu El Assal and his family culminated on June 25, 2015 with a Supreme Court decision exonerating Bishop Riah of all allegations made against him.

The expenses for several legal charges filed against Bishop Riah were borne by the Diocese  with the approval of Bishop Dawani. Given the prosecutorial nature of the charges made, in the interest of justice and restitution, these expenses must to be recovered by the Diocese from Bishop Dawani, personally, since the legal campaign was nothing more than a personal vendetta against Bishop Riah. The best interests of the Diocese were not served, and as a result, the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem has suffered an untold loss of esteem and dignity within the Church and beyond. This reprehensible and concerted effort to harass, humiliate, and persecute Bishop Riah must be investigated, and proper measures taken to ensure that the misuse of Church funds and power is never used in such a personally corrupt and malevolent way again. The hundreds of thousands of dollars carelessly spent on groundless allegations in legal and court fees must be repaid to the Church.

In addition to recovering lost Diocesan funds, an investigation is imperative into other incidences of harassment and persecution by Bishop Dawani who abused his church authority, in the unconscionable mistreatment of a former Bishop who has served the Church for over 43 years faithfully, and without reserve, as Bishop Riah has.

An agreement was reached and signed by Bishop Dawani and the four Provincial Bishops in February 2007, paving the way for Bishop Dawani’s installment, whereby no legal actions would be taken and that Bishop Riah’s family would not be targeted in any way.  This agreement was ignored by Bishop Dawani.

In an act of harassment and persecution, at Bishop Dawani’s installation, to which Bishop Riah was personally invited to pass the Bishop’s Staff to his successor, Bishop Dawani,  Bishop Riah arrived and found that, his portrait had been removed from those of other former Bishops hanging from the walls of the “Bishops’ Lounge”.  When asked, Bishop Suhail denied he knew anything about it. Lay Canon Sami Habiby found it in the office where Bishop Dawani was dressing. He asked Bishop Riah to forgive Bishop Dawani’s lie and the slight, which he did.

On April 8, 2007, Bishop Riah was to preside over the Easter sunrise service by invitation of the Church in Amman, which he did at his own expense. Instead of being joined in prayer by Bishop Dawani, he found out that the Jordan mobile he used and had committed to pay for, had been disconnected, on Maunday Thursday, at Bishop Dawani’s demand, and that the church driver had been instructed not to render any service to Bishop Riah, who had asked him to bring his vestments, required for the service, from the Diocesan office in Amman.  Bishop Dawani was still not yet the Diocesan Bishop  at this time.

In September of 2007, mediation was offered by His Grace Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, by His Beatitude Michael Sabbah, (then Roman Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem), by the Head of the Lutheran Federation, Bishop Munib Younan, the Head of the Druze community in Israel, Sheikh Mowafaq Tareef, and by the administrator of the White Mosque in Nazareth, Sheikh Atef Fahoum as well as by others. These overtures were rejected by Bishop Dawani without regard for the judicial power of the Church and the provisions made by the Central Synod regarding Provincial Tribunals. This disregard for church protocols shows that Bishop Dawani is unfit for office and should be removed.

Bishop Dawani set into motion several retaliatory and discriminatory actions against Bishop  Riah’s family, who were highly qualified employees of the church school. These included firing his daughter, a US college graduate with honors, with a highly successful history as a fundraiser, claiming she was a former secretary of the Bishop’s, when in fact she was employed by the school. Another act of retaliation targeted Bishop Riah’s son, also a highly educated and qualified professional, who was summarily dismissed. He had revived a dying school as Director for 16 years, increasing the number of pupils from 149 pupils and 11 staff, to 1710 pupils with 142 staff members, resulting in receiving the Israeli Ministry of Education’s highest accolades.  Under his Directorship, the school had a balanced budget, but since his sacking, the school now has a significant debt of about $4 million USD. An investigation must be launched to determine the causes, as well as the reasons for the high turnover in employees especially within the school and  Diocesan Finance Departments.

Bishop Riah’s wife was also harassed. On one occasion she was viciously attacked after being invited by the Diocesan Finance Department to pick up long overdue stipend cheques on December 4, 2008. These cheques had been deliberately withheld to inconvenience Bishop Riah and his family. On June 22, 2011, both Bishop Riah and his wife were invited to pick up documents from the Diocese they had formally requested, and were accosted while trying to enter the Cathedral for prayer, in Jerusalem. In another suspicious incident, a family car was vandalized.

Minister for Labor, Dr. Ahmad Majdalani, after an in-depth and careful examination, found that Bishop Dawani, and the then Committee he chaired, had improperly and illegally transferred Bishop Riah’s apartment to a third party.  Other issues of malfeasance include charging the school for Bishop Dawani’s daughter’s mobile phone expense, personal enrichment via other miscellaneous stipends, and registering Ramallah Housing Society land in his own name, all against Diocesan regulations, which was only corrected by an order of the Palestinian court. Ramallah Housing Society funds of $60,000 USD were withheld by Bishop Dawani and only released after a press article exposed the controversy, creating yet another scandal for the church and school while under Bishop Dawani’s leadership.

In the interest of the integrity and reputation of the Diocese, the conduct of Bishop Dawani, must now be investigated thoroughly and professionally with proper restitution pursued vigorously and expediently. His misuse and abuse of ecclesiastical authority must be addressed and resolved urgently. The people of the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem deserve better of their Bishop, or they deserve another Bishop.

I have an island in the North Sea for sale. I wonder if Mark Woods is interested?


Either Mark Woods is terribly naive or his loyalty to a failed cabal of porkie pie tellers got the best of him.  I don’t think it was naivete’.  Mark has shown a proclivity for things that don’t quite ring true and that border on gossip and fantasy in his body of work for ‘Christian Today’.  We happen to agree with a reader who posted a comment on a previous post that it’s possible Mark Woods “would be happier writing in a tabloid setting”. Harriet’s Place can advise him that when doing an expose’, it’s not always a brilliant move to only talk to the losers of a power struggle.  History is written by the victors, and Mark falls far short of  the mark in his effort to carry on the losing and former trustees’ vendetta against Patrick Sookhdeo and Barnabas Fund.

Harriet’s Place has been conducting its own investigation and will publish more of our findings when all information (not just one sided) is in.

Andrew Carey, son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord George Carey is Barnabas Fund’s PR executive and has issued this statement:

Barnabas Fund response to articles in ‘Christian Today”

Four articles have appeared in a web publication Christian Today written by the site’s contributing editor, the Rev. Mark Woods. The articles are one-sided and hostile attacks on Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, and the Barnabas Aid.

The articles are extraordinary for their biased and selective nature. In the first three articles there is no balance and nothing positive is said at all about the diverse range of work of the Barnabas Aid in serving the persecuted Church. And they have nothing good to say about Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, the founder of the Barnabas Aid, who has devoted his life to giving aid and support to persecuted Christians. There is some faint praise in the fourth article amid much condemnation.

The one-sidedness of the attacks contradict Christian Today’s own mission statement: “We aim to be objective and fair in our reporting, rather than sensationalist or polarising.”

‘No Comment’

Mr Woods first published a critical article in August arguing that because Dr Sookhdeo had been convicted he should be silent. Mr Woods has a right to his opinion but he went further than this in urging his readers to donate to other persecuted church charities, giving little or no thought to Barnabas Aid’s quite unique role and how it would impact the suffering of the persecuted church should Barnabas cease to exist.

Barnabas Aid offered an article for publication by Christian Today in reply but were refused. There was a complete unwillingness on the part of the Editor to enter negotiations about a possible response.

At the suggestion of a third party, Patrick Sookhdeo expressed his willingness to meet with Mr Mark Woods off the record as Christian brothers to resolve their differences. But Mr Woods insisted that any meeting had to include an interview for publication. Dr Sookhdeo, after advice from colleagues, felt obliged to decline.

Some weeks later, the Barnabas Aid received a list of questions from Mark Woods. These were a short but wide-ranging list of questions which had every appearance of a ‘fishing expedition’. These questions referred only to a small number of the allegations and claims which Christian Today was later to publish.

Barnabas Aid explained to Mr Woods that it was not possible to reply to his questions immediately because of a forthcoming employment tribunal. It was thought that Christian Today would delay publication until after the tribunal to allow Barnabas Aid the opportunity to fully reply to questions. The Fund’s communications consultant, Andrew Carey, asked Mr Woods and the editor for advance notice of any further publication.

Mr Woods confirmed that he would give notice. But the first article: ‘Patrick Sookhdeo: The untold story of the battle for control of Barnabas’ (29 October 2015) appeared without any other contact in advance from Christian Today to Barnabas Aid.

After the first article was published, Barnabas Aid contacted Mr Woods and Christian Today to inform them that it was not in the public interest to publish such a one-sided account and asked to be given the opportunity to comment before publication on the further articles which were promised. Mr Woods refused us any opportunity to comment and falsely claimed in the follow-up articles that Dr Sookhdeo and Barnabas Aid had declined to comment. We were not given the opportunity to comment on the second, third or fourth articles.

The facts

Mr Woods’ articles were even worse than we had feared from previous experience of him. This was a one-sided telling of events with no attempt to balance the picture. The articles have an unrelenting tone of hostility and sensationalism and they include significant errors.

  • Christian Today claims that the troubles began in 2012/13 when some of the trustees (now ex-trustees) began to raise concerns about ‘the need for tighter controls on how money was spent’. Mr Woods does not tell his readers that these concerns came from nowhere. They were not raised in any regular meetings of the trustees nor to the financial officers, accountants and auditors of Barnabas Aid. Instead those involved chose to call an emergency meeting of Trustees and focus their concerns about finance solely on Dr Sookhdeo who was not even a signatory on the bank accounts.
  • Christian Today claims that some ex-trustee complaints centred around the treatment of a former member of staff, who was made redundant, and Dr Sookhdeo’s management style in general. Sadly, there are times in a financial downturn when redundancies have to be made and there were three in 2012, as Barnabas sought to keep its overheads low. Redundancies are always difficult. All three members of staff were treated properly and according to correct procedures.
  • Christian Today claims that other staff ‘came forward’ with complaints about Dr Sookhdeo. It is untrue that they ‘came forward’. The former Chairman of Trustees has admitted that he wrote to and contacted many past members of staff all over the world, actively soliciting written complaints about Dr Sookhdeo. He was only interested in negative comments about Dr Sookhdeo not those which were positive. In fact, the former Chairman later gave Dr Sookhdeo a fulsome written apology for these actions.
  • Mr Woods paints a picture in which Dr Sookhdeo, his wife Rosemary, and Projects Director, Caroline Kerslake battled against a majority of trustees (who are now all ex-trustees) who were acting only in the interests of the charity. In fact, the majority trustees were independently contacting the Charity Commission and other third parties to undermine the Barnabas Aid rather than seeking reconciliation. They were encouraged to go to mediation by the Charity Commission.
  • Contrary to Christian Today’s account it was Dr Sookhdeo and the minority trustees who from the very beginning offered mediation. The ex-trustees eventually consented to mediation, which took place four months after they had first raised concerns, but only three of them attended.
  • Christian Today gives as an example of the ‘polarising ability of Dr Sookhdeo’ that a member of staff who was asked to send out an email from the ex-trustees refused to do so. This involved two members of staff, caught between the two groups of trustees, who begged the majority trustees to be allowed to take legal advice and were refused.
  • Christian Today claims that Miss Caroline Kerslake authorised expenditure of around £585,000 on a single project. This is completely untrue. Miss Kerslake has never had any authority to do so. Any such amount was authorised through proper channels which included the main Projects and Disbursements Committee on which two of the ex-trustees sat.
  • Christian Today is right that there was a rarely-used, confidential procedure for deciding on funding for ultra-sensitive projects but one trustee was always involved in such decisions. It does not take much imagination to see circumstances under which the utmost conditions of confidentiality would be needed when dealing with the persecuted church.
  • The suspicion of some of the ex-trustees about the relationship between three interlinked charities Barnabas Aid, The Barnabas Aid and Servants Fellowship International was wholly unnecessary. Financial reports were presented at board meetings. There was no secrecy about any of the arrangements. The Charity Commission is fully aware of the relationships among the charities of the Barnabas family and they are not of an unusual nature.
  • In his description of the February 7 2013 meeting in which Mr Woods says that Dr Sookhdeo launched into a ‘vindictive’ diatribe before walking out, a number of facts are omitted. The agenda, sprung upon Dr Sookhdeo less than two hours before the meeting began, included plans to vote him off. It was unsurprising that the atmosphere was heated. The minority trustees themselves perceived the attacks on them as ‘vindictive’ and left the meeting.
  • Christian Today suggests that in signing a new lease in January 2013 the minority trustees acted improperly. There had been a number of leases and each time they were done properly with legal advice.
  • The serving of a Notice to Quit was considered to be a necessary precaution given that the ex-trustees appeared to be attempting to split the Barnabas Aid. It was also an attempt to bring matters to a head and hence to achieve a lasting resolution for the long-term good of the Barnabas Aid.
  • The partiality of Christian Today in suggesting that this conflict was taking its toll on the ‘health and peace of mind’ of the ex-trustees, entirely ignores the experience of attack and ‘betrayal’ that the minority trustees themselves experienced. Some of the accusations made to Patrick were in extreme and insulting terms. The word ‘incubus’ was even used to describe him at one stage. It was also said that Barnabas Aid could be a ‘Muslim operation with a clever façade’, an accusation particularly hurtful to Dr Sookhdeo. The ex-trustees made no attempt to bring an end to the conflict; it was months before they would allow mediation to take place. They were encouraged to enter into mediation by the Charity Commission and eventually did so.
  • Christian Today claims that it was in about May and June 2013 that the ex-trustees came to the conclusion that it was no longer possible for Dr Sookhdeo to continue, but removing him had been their intention from December 2012 or January 2013.
  • The claim is made by Christian Today that the ex-trustees were spending large amounts of the charity’s money to defend themselves against Dr Sookhdeo. This is highly misleading. They contacted lawyers to find a way of ousting Dr Sookhdeo.
  • The Tomlin Agreement by which the situation was resolved was not undermined by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo. The Interim Board ran for its allotted time and was properly replaced by a new board. Though the Tomlin Agreement purported to prevent Rosemary Sookhdeo and Caroline Kerslake being appointed to the Board neither of them were signatories to that agreement.
  • Christian Today claims that Barnabas Aid is suing Wellers the solicitors that acted for the majority Trustees for negligence. This is inaccurate. At this stage no claim has been issued against Wellers.
  • On the subject of the second article ‘Patrick Sookhdeo: How Barnabas Aid International handled the sexual assault case” (30 October 2015) and the third article ‘Patrick Sookhdeo: How he intimidated prosecution witnesses in the sexual assault case’ (31 October 2015), Barnabas Aid has already stated that it is impossible for us to respond fully on these subjects at the moment because of an outstanding tribunal hearing.
  • Christian Today states that Barnabas Aid had misled the public in claiming that its grievance procedure had not upheld any of the allegations against Dr Sookhdeo. Barnabas Aid did not make this claim; we have specifically said that the grievance investigation “did not uphold any of the allegations of sexual harassment.”
  • An exhaustive grievance procedure and appeal found against Dr Sookhdeo on three matters: that Dr Sookhdeo discussed with the complainant the introduction of a modesty dress code because international visitors of many cultures regularly visited; secondly he discussed an open door policy to avoid false accusations and provide protection to all members of staff, and thirdly, that there was accidental physical contact which was not of a sexual nature.
  • In a third article ‘Patrick Sookhdeo: How he intimidated prosecution witnesses in the sexual assault case’ (31 October 2015), Mr Woods contends that in speaking at a meeting of Barnabas Aid staff and trustees, Dr Sookhdeo was acting against bail conditions that he should have no communication with two prosecution witnesses.
  • It was as a result of a meeting with staff of Barnabas Aid, also attended by most of the trustees, that the charge of intimidating a witness was brought. At the meeting, which marked the restoration of Dr Sookhdeo to his position as International Director, there were four speakers. Dr Sookhdeo himself did not want to attend the meeting, let alone speak, but was pressed to do so by the board of Barnabas Aid International.
  • It is incorrect that the two members of staff who were to be witnesses for the prosecution were required to attend the meeting. Attendance was voluntary for all staff, and in order to meet conditions of bail one of them had been specifically advised against attending the meeting by one of the senior managers of Barnabas. The other one had been working from home yet came in especially to attend the meeting, at the urging of a friend of hers on the staff. But Dr Sookhdeo was not told of this. He had expected that neither of the two individuals would be in the room. He was mainly looking down when speaking because of his acute embarrassment in the situation and when not speaking he was sitting in a position where he could only see a few other people.
  • Christian Today claims that many left the meeting. Only three left and one of these returned. There were 50 or 60 people at the meeting.
  • Christian Today claims to know better than us that Dr Sookhdeo’s sentence is in the middle of the sentencing range. We have heard from several lawyers and one judge that this was a light sentence for the two offences.
  • In the fourth and, we hope, final article from Mr Woods, ‘Patrick Sookhdeo: How has he survived at Barnabas?’ (2 November 2015), the diatribe against the character of Dr Sookhdeo continues unabated. Mr Woods makes one interesting point in his series of judgements on Dr Sookhdeo: “…his refusal to accept his guilt for the sexual assault is inexcusable.” This beggars belief. Does Mr Woods really believe that it is inexcusable to plead ‘not guilty’?
  • The rest of the fourth article seems intended to condemn anyone who will not sit in judgement over Dr Sookhdeo and the Barnabas Aid.

Barnabas Aid and Barnabas Aid International are issuing this statement with a heavy heart. It is only because of the continued attacks by Mr Woods that we have had to resort to putting a statement on our own website. These articles force us into bringing into the public domain details of a situation reflecting very poorly on ex-trustees who went to extraordinary lengths to discredit and try to oust Dr Sookhdeo. In the process they spent large sums of the charity’s money and severely impacted the hardworking staff of the charity. Positively we now have an outstanding Board capable of governing the Barnabas Aid, asking challenging questions of senior leaders and understanding financial matters and complying with charity law as the Barnabas Aid continues to grow. We will be seeking a refund of the money spent on legal fees.

There are some allegations to do with the articles that we cannot respond to fully but it is distressing that in spite of recognising the valuable work of the Barnabas Aid Mr Woods should scatter question marks over aspects of governance, and especially financial accountability in the Fund which have never been the subject of any serious suspicion.

Finally, Mr Woods seems to contend in his final article that the Charity Commission were negligent in not taking up the allegations made by the former trustees. In fact, after the complaints of the ex-trustees there has been an exhaustive process in which we have worked closely with the commission to satisfy all their enquiries and requests. Our accounts are always properly audited and we are meeting the Commission’s request to bring our policies up-to-date. We have put in place annual staff training to ensure that our work-place is a safe place for all.

Andrew Carey

On Mark Woods:

From a Harriet’s Place reader on Mark Woods’ article for Christian Today “Five Things Evangelicals Get Wrong About Halloween”


Mark Woods

Mark Woods seems to think that introducing our children to symbols of witchcraft and evil is just a bit of harmless fun.  He seeks to ‘normalise’ the experience, culturally, and set aside the important scriptural injunctions and warnings. He tells us that “I am fine with witches and ghosts”. This is not the advice I would expect to hear from a Baptist Minister with responsibility for guiding young people in his church and maybe the safeguarding officer ought to look into it?

This exposure of children to symbols of the occult is an exact parallel of the normalisation of violence and killing through computer games which psychologists have now been able to link to acting-out behaviours and the erosion of empathy in young people.

In Galatians 5:19-21 Paul warns that those who engage in such things will not inherit the Kingdom of God. In view of Woods’ intemperate and, to my eyes, vicious articles against Barnabas Fund readers will recall that “hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy” are also listed by Paul as behaviours which will debar inheritance of the Kingdom.

I am led to ask, as I read more and more of Woods’ articles, what on earth is he doing as a contributory editor of ‘Christian‘ Today? Would he not be happier in a Tabloid setting?

The real story behind the story about the battle for control over Barnabas Fund

After the demise of Harriet’s Place’s beloved Richard Armbach, a sabbatical from the fray was just what Harriet’s doctor prescribed.  Harriet’s Place has continued on Facebook, if only to keep her very exquisitely manicured toes in the proverbial waters.  It appears that Harriet and her staff can no longer rest on their laurels with the recently revealed vendetta by Mark Woods of Christian Today against Barnabas Fund (and our devoted readers all know how Harriet’s Place loves a good vendetta).

So, without further ado, let’s get on with the task at hand and tell the real story of the Barnabas Fund’s former Trustee’s battle for control and why they really did it.

Just who is Mark Woods?

Let’s begin by asking just who Mark Woods is?  Harriet’s Place’s sources reveal that his lackluster journalism career (his tenure at Baptist Times during its demise has left us with many questions) matches his career as a clergyman.  What can be said about a man who proudly says on his Twitter page “Happy being a grumpy old man”. Just what kind of ordained minister would be proud of being grumpy, not to mention who would post the photo below, to go along with such an introduction?  Do they not teach Warmth and Smiling at Reverend skool? The answer is that such a person is probably not known for playing nice in the sand box to begin with, let alone have deep meaningful connections outside his own fantasy of being the world’s minder.  Yes, his body of work on display at Christian Today indicates that “Revd.” Woods has appointed himself the moral compass of Christendom, which Harriet’s Place has an issue with, given his heretical leanings, evidenced in his opinion pieces.  And remember, dear reader, Mark Woods offers not true journalism, but rather, his highly (self) esteemed opinion, as a legend in his own mind.

Mark Woods


Baptist minister and writer. Contributing editor . Happy being a grumpy old man.

But enough about Mark Woods.  Harriet is bored already with the subject, given that he’s a man without a life whose penchant for salacious pictures and backroom scuttlebut, instead of serving his fellow man, probably means he’s his own fan club.

What’s in this vendetta for Mark Woods?

So what would be in this vendetta for Mark Woods?  The answer is plenty.  Attention and the power he derives from slagging off his fellow human beings makes for a psychological profile that belies his title of Reverend. After 2 unsuccessful stints at the Methodist Recorder and Baptist Times, Mark Woods has a lot to gain by attempting a titillating “expose” of Barnabas Fund and Patrick Sookhdeo….redemption.  The only problem is, redemption includes finding the truth, and what Mark Woods thinks he’s found is nothing more than the sour grapes of a cabal of power mongers who thought they were going to take over one of the most successful charities in the UK.  They thought that much of it, to want to take it over and control it, but to their dismay, they found that Barnabas Fund has a unique purpose, history, and future, and it wasn’t one they could dominate and subvert. Patrick Sookhdeo wouldn’t allow it, so now we have what Mark Woods has titled Patrick Sookhdeo: The untold story of the battle for control of Barnabas when really, it should be titled “Patrick Sookhdeo:  The CEO we couldn’t own.  And now we find out that since they couldn’t control it, they want to discredit it.  It’s human nature…if you’re bent.  

Who are Mark Woods’ sources?

You see, the former trustees of Barnabas Fund wanted control.  They had no idea what they were going to do with Barnabas Fund when they got control of it, because none of them had the connections nor temperament to deal with the intricacies of the work, being the wannabes they are, but they were going to give it their best shot at taking it over, come hell or high water.  What they got was the hell they didn’t bargain for.  Having none of the clearances that Patrick Sookhdeo has, nor knowledge of what exactly to do with Barnabas Fund’s substantial donations, they launched their takeover bid and failed.  Patrick Sookhdeo wasn’t going to just lie down and let a bunch of misguided misanthropes take his life’s work from him, and had you been challenged by the likes of them, you would have fought tooth and nail to prevent it too.  His work at Barnabas Fund is a reflection of his faith journey, a journey that has been long and hard for a Muslim born convert to Christianity from Guyana, who has faced more adversity over it than most of the former trustees will ever know in their life times, combined.  I’d like to remind you that Dr. Sookhdeo and his wife are both suffering from serious or life threatening illnesses and have been, since before this travesty began.  And these people knew it.

Let’s talk about the sexual assault conviction, shall we?

So for Mark Woods to keep his pretense as a viable journalist, he had to come up with something big and that something came to him by way of Patrick’s conviction for sexual assault.  This made Mark Woods salivate at that thought of breaking the story to the world, but the problem is, he doesn’t bother to put the facts of the conviction forward so he intentionally leaves it to our imaginations, and you all know what happens when that’s done.  The reality is, Patrick Sookhdeo found his office full of sexually charged women to the point where he had to do something about it.  The office blather was too juicy, the employees’ fashion choices were more befitting a gentlemen’s club, and the excessive hugging that went on left him no choice but to put an end to it.  But what Patrick didn’t know what this: the former trustees had already poisoned the well and the offending employees had taken notes.  It was a perfect storm, and Dr. Revd. Patrick Sookhdeo was having none of it.  One former trustee (of the non-psycho variety) tells us that while one employee was checking her cleavage daily at work for just the right “plump”, Patrick Sookhdeo was trying to revamp the dress code, and a few office policies such as implementing an “open door” policy so that he wasn’t held captive by one of these Mata Haris in his office anymore, because there was a residual scent in the air of racism, conspiracy and betrayal, left by the former trustees.

Her hugs had gone from uncomfortable to entirely inappropriate and in delivering one of her usual, Patrick’s hand brushed her breast.  BAM!  We have a “victim”.  There was the opportunity she’d been waiting for. Already angry that her immodesty had been mentioned and her job proficiency was questionable, and with full knowledge of the former trustees’ agenda (one of which she still calls friend),  she had him.  It didn’t come out in court that she had tried to cultivate more than an office friendship with him…mostly because he’s a gentleman and Harriet’s Place had to pry it from someone Patrick used to call friend.  It also didn’t come out in court that one of these women was severely mentally ill and a mere BOO! in her direction sent her into a hand washing marathon that ultimately led to her opting to stay home. Mr. Bean could have been intimidating to that one.  Given that Patrick Sookhdeo doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and the highly tense and intense nature of his rescue work behind battleground lines, he doesn’t have time for hand holding and baby talk to a bunch of hormonal co-dependent women.  It’s interesting that there are other women we’ve talked to that didn’t find offense in Patrick’s management style and needed no special care.  It’s also interesting that our investigation has turned up that some equally distressing language used by the former trustees took place, but Mr. Woods fails to mention that. I hear it would have made a sailor blush.  Based on our interviews, we have to wonder about the balance of Mr. Woods’ article.

It’s not lost on us here at Harriet’s Place that while convicted of sexual assault, which came out in court as a boob bump, Mr. Woods continues to try to infer that Dr. Sookhdeo should be shunned, castigated, and humiliated as a sexual predator just as much as the rapist on the dark street corner who has stalked his victim, should be. This is where Woods shows his pathology and true intent.  He’s joined a group of former trustees and former employees with the sole purpose of taking Dr. Revd. Patrick Sookhdeo down.  He’s accepted partial and inaccurate information as gospel, and has fallen for the old fallacy that everything that happens in court is the truth. Any prosecutor or defense attorney can tell you that court is like an orchestrated performance with the better performer being the winner.  Many of us here at Harriet’s Place are either former litigators or associates of litigators, and whether in the US or UK, it’s still a dog and pony show, regardless of how one feels about the sanctity of our respective legal institutions and their verdicts.  Given the demographics of Patrick’s jury, it’s no wonder that the convergence of a poor defence and a victim-conscious jury rendered him guilty.  But please, Mr. Woods, spare me the histrionics.  Patrick Sookdheo poses no more a threat to another female or the public than I do, given that his battle with bladder cancer and its treatment makes him not the least bit interested in the extramarital hijinks his alleged “victim” pursued.  As a matter of fact, his alleged “victim” fits the psychological profile of a litigious money seeker and if I were a betting woman, I’d bet she’s sued before or wanted to.  We wonder how much she’s asking for from Barnabas Fund?  We bet it’s a bundle. That mentality is intimidating to any employer and the mistake on BF’s part, is in hiring her (and her cleavage) in the first place.

Intimidating, bullying, threats, and polarising.

Speaking of intimidating, Mr. Woods uses it freely when describing Patrick Sookhdeo along with “bullying, threats, and polarising”.  What’s interesting is the only people using those terms are the very people who have either been a failure to perform at their job, a former trustee who wanted control or a minion of theirs, or someone who spent more time shopping for 4 inch stilettos than at her computer.  We suspect that Mark Woods only asked for complaints or did he cast a wider net for interviews as a real journalist would?  Polarising is an interesting characterisation, given that Dr. Sookhdeo founded Barnabas Fund; its work is highly confidential and often based on rare intelligence being smuggled out of areas of conflict, and the utmost trust in his staff, Executive, and Trustees is required so that lives and valuable intelligence aren’t lost due to loose lips or people with hidden agendas.  In war and intelligence, you’re either with him or against him.  There’s no room for idiots or divisiveness, which the former trustees embodied, in both cases.

Follow the money! 

Here at Harriet’s Place, we have a credo we live and investigate by.  “Follow the money” has served us well over the years and another interesting point to make about the former trustees is that their gripes are all about the money and how it was spent.  Harriet’s Place has been watching this case develop from the beginning and since Barnabas Fund is an organisation of over 20 years duration, it’s fascinating how a bunch of new trustees would immediately home in on the money…and how the apparatuses that have been in place for those 20 years to allocate what money goes where and how, were suddenly in question.  Harriet’s Place investigators have had the corporate structure map, procedures, and policies of Barnabas Fund for some time now (HT to DF), and even a grade schooler can see what the former trustees have obviously missed, and that Mark Woods is so hell bent on casting public aspersions on BF’s viability as a charity, hoping to draw the attention of the Charity Commission to do his dirty work for him, that we now wonder how he gets by in life.  With constant legal advice, audits, and compliance requirements, Barnabas Fund doesn’t fart without asking someone in authority for permission.  To accuse Caroline Kerslake of unauthorised spending is ludicrous, if you know Caroline, or as in our case, we know someone who does.  The lady doesn’t rub her pocket change together without considering the consequences, let alone spend 585,000 without her committee’s signed and sealed consent.

It’s just too bad that Mr. Woods has chosen to go this route, but when pathology is involved, one doesn’t often have a choice and we here at Harriet’s Place, feel his pain.

Mr. Woods has promised us more to come and we can’t wait, because we, too, can name and shame, if need be. Keep the hot tips coming, folks…this is getting interesting.  There’s a lot more to talk about and you all know how Harriet likes to tell all.  Watch this space.

As it is with Mr. Woods, Barnabas Fund has not responded to our request for an interview…but we won’t be deterred.

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