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Dexter at the Checkpoint

by on February 28, 2014

Sizer at the checkpointDexter Van Zile

Breaking news, you read it here first.  My buddy, and the Palestinian peoples’ best friend, Dexter Van Zile is attending CATC once again.

Dexxy (I have been accorded the rare honour of referring to  him as such, just like his Mum does) calls himself “a Christian Media Analyst”.  This has never struck me as the kind of “job” you would find a regular grown up person doing. What I do know is that Dexxy is currently subsisting on CAMERA welfare handouts.  Harriet’s Place’s resident shrink emphatically insists that Dexxy has OCD.  For sure, he is much given to hand wringing, literally and metaphorically.  He is apt to abruptly break off a conversation you may be having with him and rush off and pick up some litter.

Some say, that by the end of the CATC event, Bethlehem will be the tidiest town in Palestine.  Even tidier than Modi’in.

I asked Dexxy why he was so besotted with this particular event.  He explained that he planned to remind “the anti-Semitic assembly” that “the whole caboodle belongs to the Jewish people, given to them by their friendly Real Estate Agent in the sky”.

When Dexxy submits his report, you can be sure that…..

Rev. Stephen Sizer won’t escape a mention, nor will the “unrepresentative” nature of the Messianic presence, and he’s going to tell us how the Christian population of Palestine is shrinking, not because of the occupation, but because of Islamic persecution.  This, despite the testimony of the Palestinian Christians, themselves.  Please don’t throw the names of Pastors Naim and Steve Khoury at me, those associates of the Christian Zionist nutjob John Hagee.  YYYAAAWWWNNN.

I, as I’m sure you all do, await Dexxy’s report with keen interest.


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