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Robin Bagon + “Richard Armbach”

by on March 21, 2014



There was once a jewish vegan ( who lives in Brighton. Robin Bagon studied english at Birmingham university. Sue Blackwell was his personal tutor. Blackwell had linked to sites praizing terrorism against israelis. These sites were comparing Israel to nazis.The guardian newspaper ( said the board of Deputies was upset with Blackwell, which then upset Bagon in turn, who resented the board for speaking on behalf of students like himself who supported Blackwell. Bagon wrote to the board, and said that Blackwell was a “leading anti-racist.” (See the emails here – Blackwell left a sour taste in Bagon’s mouth. In his mind the board was trying to say what could & couldn’t be published, and  his noble cause was born.

He felt this political difference with the board of Deputies over the Blackwell CONTROVERSY would justify his behavior in future online clashes with figures from the board. Bagon’s writing became…

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  1. watchfuliris permalink

    While we’re flattered to be compared to and even mistaken for the hilarious guys at Jewdas (from whom we admit to lifting a few pics and such), we hate to burst Simon Cobbs’ bubble but it must be done. Since thinking isn’t his strongest point, we suggest he leave it to Adam Levick and in that case, he’s fucked.

  2. richardarmbach permalink

    Its tough knowing its not yet April and the year can’t get any better.

  3. watchfuliris permalink

    I have to admit…even we couldn’t have come up with something like this. Congratulations!

  4. richardarmbach permalink

    Yeah Iris, today we have done badly. Maybe tomorrow we can do better ?

  5. Adam permalink

    Great to see you talking to yourself, Robin.

    It won’t be so great when you get the kicking you deserve.

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