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From the river to the sea and the crying game

by on March 26, 2014

Jonathan Arkush

Last night (25 March) the University of London college, Kings voted by 348-252 to support the BDS campaign.  The resolution was as follows:

This Union Resolves:

1. To carry out thorough research into KCL investments, partnerships, and contracted companies, including subcontractors, that may be implicated in violating Palestinian human rights as stated by the BDS movement

2. Pressure King’s College London to divest from Israel and from companies directly or indirectly supporting the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies;

3. To have a plaque in all KCLSU student centres acknowledging that KCLSU formally supported the BDS call, as was done when KCLSU showed solidarity to our sisters and brothers in their struggle against Apartheid South Africa with the following text: “KCLSU officially endorses the 2005 Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel until it abides by international law and ends it illegal occupation of Palestine. KCLSU is proud to follow the example of a similar call in the 1980’s, which successfully led to the end of apartheid in South Africa.

“Naturally, this has reduced the Board of Deputies, Jonathan Arkush in particular, to their familiar state of self-pitying and tearful hand wringing.  See here.

You will note Arkush’s typical dissembling when he tells us that the motion was immediately disavowed “by the academic leadership of King’s College London”, thereby creating the impression that the college had made a statement opposing the resolution.  In fact, they merely pointed out that the Student’s Union was independent of the college.

Arkush is particularly upset that there was some chanting of  “from the river to the sea”.   This, he says “sent a message of hate to Israel and once again demonstrated that the true agenda of BDS is not to influence Israel, but to destroy it”.   “He undoubtedly hopes that the current Methodist leadership is reading this”.

He finds this “hateful”.

Arkush is perfectly ok with the present de facto one state from the river to the sea because it is an Israeli controlled apartheid state.  What he finds hateful is the idea that it might become a democracy.

What we would say to Mr. Arkush is that racist soldiers breaking down your door in the middle of the night, abducting your children and transporting them to a foreign country, in gross violation of the Geneva Convention is pretty hateful too.


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  1. richardarmbach permalink

    Once again the Board talks from both sides of its mouth. It has rejected the idea of two states and finds the idea of one democratic state to be “a message of hate to Israel”. Seemingly, in line with its instructions from its minders at the Israeli Embassy, the only situation it can live with is continuing occupation and dispossession.

  2. Jessica Collins permalink

    I was at the vote. A lot of people had worked long and hard to get this result and were naturally in a celebratory mood afterwards. Would celebration by the ” no ” campaigners, if it had gone the other way, have been hateful ?

  3. Harvey permalink

    Do try to keep up with the latest news
    Vote has no significance . Much like you in fact . Thanks for playing all the same

    • Harvey permalink

      “However The [sic] second decision was made that we will not use KCLSU resources to implement the ‘Resolves’ section of the motion or otherwise promote the BDS movement through the union.”

  4. richardarmbach permalink

    Harv keep peddling the rickshaw businuss is both competitive and precarious

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