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Who rattled CAMERA’s cage?

by on April 3, 2014

It is clear from social media activity and other sources that CAMERA is gearing up for a major campaign against Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint.   Their efforts will be made to effectively label Christ at the Checkpoint organisers as anti-Semites and liars, and to derail the 2016 Christ at the Checkpoint Conference. Obviously this will be led by the obsessive hand wringer, Dexter Van Zile and the rather smarter Gilead Ini, one time Twitter imposter of Gidon Shaviv.

Here is Dexter in a posed trash picking photo-op to go with the other 3 times he’s been seen at international events picking up trash.  Maybe there is a career for him after CAMERA?Dexter

Here is Gilead Ini, a man of more identities than morals.  Just ask Wikipedia.Gilead-Ini-medium

and here is Gidon Shaviv, whose Twitter profile was “borrowed by” Gilead Ini for a few days.FDaOGsEw

Watch this space for an account of just how unscrupulous and amoral these guys are.

A heated debate took place into the wee hours at Harriet’s Place as to whether we should ascribe to them the word “evil”.  We decided for the moment to table that.  In the meantime, we would repeat our previous advice to anyone being targeted by these freaks not to engage with them in any way, shape, or form.  They are not people who can be sensibly dealt with, given their proclivity for untruth and a lack of any moral compass.


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One Comment
  1. richardarmbach permalink

    Has anyone else noticed that Gilead Ini and Adam Levick behave in exactly the same way on twitter? The same hectoring and bullying. The same misconceived sense of self importance. The same narcissistic assumption that people are answerable to THEM.

    I guess it’s page 1 in the CAMERA basic training manual.

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