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The fall and fall of Dexter Van Zile

by on April 13, 2014

It is a bewildering thought that Dexter Van Zile is a Christian.  He seems to be extremely uncomfortable with the Christian message and, in fact, exhibits a positive antipathy towards it.  Our understanding of Christianity is that Christians profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and live so far as is humanly possible, in accordance with His teachings.   Dexter makes no effort whatsoever, to live in accordance with Christ’s teachings, but rather denigrates and vilifies those who do.  The reality is that Dexter is a fake Christian just as he is a fake everything that he has purported to be.

He also seems to have a learning disability.  After his attack on Munther Isaac went bellyup and made him a laughing stock, his response was not “I can learn something from this”.  Instead, it was to make a strategic retreat, lick his wounds, and then to begin a smear campaign against Sami Awad.

What Munther had said in his talk at CATC2014, laid along side what Dexter wrote about it, clearly demonstrated Dexter to be obsessive and vindictive.  Similarly, a comparison with Dexter’s life and Sami’s is, to be frank, embarrassing.  While Sami is out in the trenches in the Holy Land, doing his Lord’s work, softening hearts and seeking to heal wounds, Dexter sits in his Boston office collecting his CAMERA welfare cheques, and blowing raspberries.

Almost unbelievably, Dexter attacked Sami for living Christ’s Gospel and preaching and teaching the ways of peace to men of violence.  Sami fearlessly takes the message of non-violence and peaceful advocacy for change, even to Hamas.  Dexter maintains that there is a line and that Hamas are on the wrong side of it.  As in all violent situations, the men of violence have to be won over or a never ending spiral of violence has to be expected and accepted.  What would Dexter have Sami Awad do?  What would Jesus have Sami Awad do?  Would Jesus accept that there was a line and that those on one side of it could be redeemed and those on the other could not?

Dexter complains that Sami’s efforts with Hamas have not brought any positive results.  When the Christian Dexter says his prayers, (koff) does he say “well Lord, I’ve given it a bit of a whirl, but I haven’t had much in the way of results, so I’m moving on”?

Disgracefully, Dexter represents Sami as providing training for Hamas in how to deceive the West. The man is a fraud and dissembler.  How does Dexter know what’s in Sami Awad’s heart, the will of his Lord, and the hearts of the men he is reaching out to.  This kind of projection is one of Dexter’s frequently used tools to control the images that leap off  the page during the course of his smear campaigns.

This is just about the immediate Sami Awad situation.  There is so much more to tell you about this freak and you can be sure that we will be doing so.  So……stay tuned.


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