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Hate group SFI supports the destruction of 800k Palestinian olive trees and a complicit company

by on April 20, 2014


SFI Simon Cobbs

SFI Simon Cobbs


IOF LTC Peter Lerner

SFI admirer LTC Peter Lerner, social media guru of the IOF


We realise that life can be disappointing but some disappointments can be difficult to take. We had such a disappointment over the Easter weekend. Simon Cobbs, the jailbird ex( ? ) junkie ” founder ” of the fringe hate group, Sussex Friends of Israel, wound us up throughout the whole of last week, before sending us crashing to earth with a bump that must have been heard in Inverness.

All week Simon kept reminding us that there was a momentous surprise in store for us at the demo outside the Brighton Ecostream  store on the coming Saturday. He reminded us not once, not twice, not thrice but lots of times.

On the morning of the very day that all was to be revealed Simon teased us almost beyond endurance, when he announced he was on his way to Ecostream with a smile on his face because ” I know what is coming”.

Well we figured that at the very least there was to be a surprise visit from Bibi, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What did we get ?

We got the news that, coincidently, Ecostream had put some Palestinian olive oil on their shelves. Huh ? Is that it ? Why would they do that ? Because they had hearts of gold and wanted to give Palestinian farmers a leg up ? Well I guess there COULD  be fairies at the bottom of my garden.

This is a company complicit in the destruction of 800,000 Palestinian olive trees !!!

This gut wrenching, vomit inducing cynicism was compounded by the fact that they also put some Sussex farmer’s stuff on the shelves as well, to get some local leverage.

” They want to boycott Palestinian and Sussex farmers don’t you know good burghers of Brighton.”

This is Hasbarafia bullshit so transparent that even my sister’s pet canary’s retarded cousin saw through it in a nano second. All reminiscent of broken records much favoured by apartheid South Africa.

We have the happiest blacks in Africa”

” Boycott will hurt them more than it hurts us”.

Then the matter was handed over to Simple Simon,  SFI’s Emeritus Professor of Deductive Reasoning , who came up with a syllogism so water tight it would make Aristotle wish that he ( Aristotle) hadn’t bothered and had just left it to the professionals.

Sodastream have put some Palestinian stuff on their shelves

THEY  therefore are the real friends of Palestinian farmers ( the wilfull destruction of 800, 000 olive trees not withstanding)

The boycotters are therefore calling for the boycotting of Palestinian farmers ( and Sussex farmers to boot)

They are therefore not pro Palestinian but merely anti Israel

We will be taking a closer, more detailed look at Simple Simon and his admirers towards the end of the week. In the meantime you can get a glimpse of Simon On Saturday below. Here you can experience Simon at his analytical best.

Look out for the Brighton garbage skip supporter of  Israel h/t LancasterLen

It should be obvious to even the most naïve among you that this entire sick stunt was put together by people a lot smarter than Simon. Here’s who. It was announced a while back that this little band of haters was  so successful  that it had been able to appoint “ a part time director “. What ? What’s to direct ? Here we have half a dozen or so Zio Zombies, a dozen at the most. Plus  some rotating occasionals. They don’t do anything other than make fools of themselves of a Saturday afternoon and scoff pies. Can they not manage this all by themselves ? They need directing ?
Step forward Neil Duncanson, the part time director who held the camera on Saturday and organised the material afterwards. He regards himself as some kind of media specialist. His role is to work closely with Sodastream and turn the shapeless antics of Simon and his fellow goons into stage managed stunts, such as the one on Saturday. Duncanson seemingly thinks he can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. He obviously doesn’t know Simon like we know Simon.
In any event it looks like we can look forward to a rolling series of cheap tricks coordinated by Duncanson and the Sodastream powers that be.
Unfortunately Saturday was a spectacular own goal. Rather than telling us something about BrightonBDS , it merely shines further light on what a cynical, exploitative and manipulative organisation Sodastream are.

All BrightonBDS  now have to do is simply keep on reminding people about the 800,000 olive trees. Doh !!!!!!

Doubtless you will be wondering just who is funding this ” part time director ” Don’t say Brighton and Hove Council Tourism Office. I thought of that before you. Quite clearly it begins with an ” S ” .


It is characteristic of stupid people that they think everyone but them is stupid. So it is with Simon. You will see above, reference to the destruction by the IOF  and settlers of 800.000 Palestinian olive trees. Simon tells us that the figure is 18,000.  ” I know this how  ? “, he rhetorically asks himself. He explains that he has friends and the internet. He needs to find himself more reliable friends and to outsource his internet research. You can be sure that the ” friends ” he refers to are crazies associated with StandWithUs, widely regarded as the diaspora equivalent of  The Hilltop Youth. That being the case they have a natural interest in olive trees.

The figure of 800,000 is an old figure and almost certainly an underestimate. Simon also points out that in the UK  vast numbers of trees are destroyed to make way for wind farms. We are not talking about wind farms but the mass destruction of ancient olive trees because they belong to Arabs and represent the livelihood of Arabs and to make way for housing and necessary infrastructure for illegal Jewish colonies.

He goes on to tell us about Israel’s net gain of ( unspecified ) trees , except of course we aren’t talking about Israel, we are talking about the Palestinian territories. Nor are we talking about unspecified trees but olive trees that represented the livelihoods of 100, 000 people. Did he REALLY think we wouldn’t notice ? Or is that his fans are dumb enough to nod their heads at stuff like this?

You can see Oxfam’s take on the matter here.

You can hear the useful idiots version in his own words here.





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  1. LancasterLen permalink

    The most wonderful part was at the beginning of the second video when Cobbs says ” over there they are all supporters of Israel ” and he points to, and the camera pans to, a rubbish skip with some flags tied to it.

  2. Richard Armbach permalink

    Yes, Duncanson is no Francois Truffaut. Thanks for that I had missed it o:))

  3. Richard Armbach permalink

    Seems someone forgot to tell Simon that Palestian farmers support BDS, h/t kilmichael

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