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Howard Stern, Zionist pimp and a vulnerable young girl

by on April 30, 2014
He was in the neighborhood looking for business opportunities.  She was in the neighborhood looking for a way out.  Life had become mundane for the young woman who wanted a ticket out of her misery.  He had what she wanted and he knew it.  He could sense her distress and steered the conversation onto topics he thought might distract her.  She wanted to talk about “it”.  “It” was the misery.  He then knew he had her.x
He offered her the way out she had longed for and she took it.  “It” was no longer going to haunt her.  She now had possibilities and hope.  She knew it wasn’t going to be free but she didn’t mind the cost….so far.  He had the extra room and she didn’t eat much.  How bad could it be?  And then, he laid out the big bait….an education.  All she had to do to get it, was to help him out.  So far, it meant just talking.  She was cool with that.  She did notice that he was a little demanding about what he wanted her to say.  He would occasionally correct her story with little prompts and veiled looks.  She knew that if she was going to get what she wanted, the little corrections weren’t that big of a deal so she silently complied.x
They went to enroll her and true to his word, he whipped out his checkbook and filled in the required numbers to get her started.  She began to get worried about having enough time for her studies since he had been filling up her calendar with more and more “dates”.  Then, the little corrections became bigger ones and he became more insistent that she make her story fit in with his ambitions.  He was going to be someone if it killed him…and she was just his ticket too.x
Eventually, she didn’t have time for her classes and dropped out.  She was so bogged down with guilt, fear of him, and indebtedness, all she wanted to do was hide.  She abandoned her family and friends to do just that.  She didn’t want them to see what she had become.  She owed him so much now, she’d never get it worked off….unless she gave completely in to him….and she did.  He now controlled her every move, her every thought, her every word.  Lock, stock, and barrel.  He owned her.  And now she had no way out.  She had now become…….xx
A Zionist harlot



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  1. wookieboy permalink

    unless you have irrefutable evidence to support this what will you do is he sues you for libel. I would! This is a very strong allegation.

  2. Dr. Demento permalink

    hahahaha Just read Stern’s response where he goes on and on about how Christy is loved as a family member blah blah blah.

    Some of the hallmarks of cult indoctrination or brainwashing are to replace the victim’s family of origin with the cult or group, create dependency on cult/group and alienation from family of origin so a return home is not plausible, encourage the abandonment of familial customs, values, and belief systems, and make promises to victim and fulfill minimum to engender trust, gratitude and indebtedness…text book case. He’s working too hard to defend and disprove it all….way too hard. So is she.

  3. Marcel permalink

    you are a libellous scum who like all cowards hides behind a false name … one day you will be unmasked

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