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The courageous Laurence Brass’ exasperation finally boils over

by on May 4, 2014

Laurence Brass

There seems to be a great deal of surprise that Laurence Brass wrote the article that he did, in the latest edition of the Jewish Chronicle.

See Board of Deputies treasurer shocked by ‘visit’ to West Bank

Our surprise is that it took so long.  Laurence has long been the nearest thing there is to a decent human being among the Board illuminati.  He has always found the Board’s, at first implicit, and increasingly explicit, code of OMERTA intensely frustrating.


He once brought a resolution before a Board plenary that would have set aside the rule that there should be no criticism of a present or any past government of The State of Israel.  No prizes for guessing how that fared.

He has consistently pointed out the no brainer that the Board’s credibility would be greatly enhanced if it wasn’t (correctly) perceived as an extension of the Israeli Embassy.

How he has been able to bear being in the company of these people for so long is impossible to grasp.  Our take on the article is that his recent experience has caused him to give up on the Board.  He once was regarded as one of the two serious contenders for the Presidency in 2015, the other being the execrable, totally amoral Jonathan Arkush.  This became increasingly unlikely, as he persisted in expressing unwelcome views.  To his immense credit, he continued to express these views regardless. Laurence Brass is a man of immense experience and very considerable attainment.  He is fully aware of how many apples there are in a pound.  He has always known exactly what he is doing and he knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote this article and broadcast his sorrow at what he had witnessed in the Occupied Territories on social media.

The consensus seems to be that Brass will get “Goldstoned” and there will be a retraction.  Certainly, he will come under a great deal of pressure.  Just hob nobbing with Breaking the Silence and the estimable Yachad (too sane to be allowed into the Zionist Federation) would be bad enough, without his expressions of outrage at what he had witnessed.  Further, it wasn’t just criticism of Israel, it was criticism of the hallowed IOF, “the most moral army in the world”.

We doubt there will be a retraction, but the next plenary should be fun; be sure to catch the live stream.

Some have expressed the view that Stephen Pollard was asleep on the job, and when he wakes up the article will be pulled. That won’t happen; Pollard does not sleep on the job. Pollard, in general political and economic terms, is way to the right of Genghis Khan and is the most nauseous Zio-fascist.  He once described Jonathan Hoffman as “a tireless worker for Middle East peace.”  He is however, a journalist.  He has been described as a brilliant one and we wouldn’t quibble with that.  He also much enjoys winding up the Board because it is, and it stimulates, wonderful copy.  He also loves a good dust up for its own sake, regardless of whether it brings him tangible material gain.

Having said all this Brass’s declarations are welcome and the public breaking of ranks virtually unprecedented.  Hopefully, they will encourage certain autres.



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  1. BonniePrinceCharlie permalink

    I take it this article about Judge Laurence Brass is a tongue-in-the-cheek wind-up.

    This is a man with all the intellect and critical capacity of a peanut. This is the man who called me a racist and threatened to take me to court because I distributed an email with pics comparing the hairstyle of Ms Weisfeld, direct or Yachad, with that of Sideshow Bob, a character in The Simpsons cartoon series. I’m still waiting for him to demonstrate how this was racist. Lord help anyone who comes before Judge Brass.

  2. watchfuliris permalink

    Well, while Judge Laurence Brass is busting a gut trying to inject some sanity into the Board of Deputies, what have you done to shed light on the reality of life under occupation in Palestine?

    • BonniePrinceCharlie permalink

      At the moment I’m more concerned about the the reality of life for Israelis under rocket attack from Gaza. Aren’t you?

      To which bit of Palestine are you referring? How much do you actually know about the situation or have you just bought into the ‘Palestinian’ propaganda like so many others because you can’t be bothered to research the history and facts for yourself?

  3. richardarmbach permalink

    I guess BPC’s idea of critical capacity is Jonathan Arkush

  4. BonniePrinceCharlie permalink

    Courageous, my arse. Did Judge Brass see settlers stoning the six year old child? Did he see the IDF throwing an old car down a well? Or did he simply accept what he had been told by those opposed to the State of Israel as currently constituted? Would hearsay and gossip be regarded as evidence in any court over which he presided?

  5. richardarmbach2 permalink

    Charlie when you have spent 3 x three months making mud bricks to rebuild bull dozed homes and schools in the Jordan valley come back and we can talk about ” the reality of life “

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