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More from Howard and Christy

by on May 7, 2014

Howard and Christy have threatened to publish their emails to us, so we thought we’d save them the trouble.

Emmaus Group Office

Dear Harriet,


I was sent a link:    in order to read your article about me which, as you can imagine, I find utterly distasteful.  What you have written is so far from the truth it beggars belief and is deeply libellous.   It has caused offence to me, my wife, my children and Christy herself.   As a Christian family we are all shocked and horrified that you have the propensity to write such things about people you do not know.


We would like to meet with you at the earliest possible time to discuss your article face to face and request you evidence your claims.   I should advise you that we, as a family, are considering consulting with lawyers tomorrow regarding this matter.


Howard Stern & Christy Anastas


Emmaus Group Office

Dear Sir,


Further to our email last week we note with regret your lack of response.  We have consulted with lawyers and it is clear your blogs are seriously  libellous and we have been advised a prosecution would be successful.  However, we would prefer to meet  you face-to-face to discuss your blog as we wish to understand more your rationale and position.


We can come either to your home address, or your place of work, both of which we are aware,  or we can meet in one of the cafes close by your home.     Should you fail to respond to this email we reserve the right to publish it which may place you in a detrimental and less credible position.


Yours sincerely


Howard Stern & Christy Anastas


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