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Marcus Dysch, cub reporter and Stephen Pollard wannabe, but lacks the talent.

by on May 30, 2014

Stephen Pollard

The Jewish Chronicle editor, Stephen Pollard, is an extremely nasty piece of work, to put it at its absolute mildest. Nothing excites him so much as a good brawl and he has reduced the JC to little more than a mouthpiece for the most extreme Zio-fascists in the community, and a vehicle for his own personal agenda. He is an apologist and advocate for those that form alliances with the extreme homophobic and Islamophobic right. For example, he demanded an apology from Dan Sheldon, the then campaigns director of the UJS, after Sheldon had referred to Jonathan Hoffman as being “happy to demonstrate alongside the EDL”.  That this was demonstrably and undeniably true, concerned Pollard not one iota.  He went on to describe Hoffman as “a tireless worker for Middle East peace” and accorded Hoffman ” specially invited blogger” status. Hoffman, as Pollard intended, used this status to conduct vicious vendettas against more sensible and moderate members of the community.

He  granted the same status to a  grotesque misogynist “Melchet Mike“.  Mike was given to threatening female bloggers with rape.  This was pointed out to Pollard, who was completely unfazed and and who just carried on regardless.

He also cheerfully accorded blogging space to a BNP  political candidate. When The Guardian got onto this he lied his way out of it by saying that it was inadvertent and in consequence had changed the blog policy. In fact the policy was changed five months later over an entirely different issue.

Having said this, there is no doubting Pollard’s talent.  He is a brilliant journalist and the JC seems to be a commercial success under his tenure.  Circulation continues to fall which is probably inevitable in the case of a publication with such a small target audience in  an age of proliferating alternative information sources. Readership, however, seems to be holding up, even increasing, and the advertising content is phenomenal.

Contrary to what is commonly supposed, not all JC staffers are cast in the Pollard mould. Some of the present and recent ones make some effort to do their jobs and at the same time retain a modicum of integrity. For example, Simon Rocker, Charlotte Oliver, and Anna Sheinman.

However, there is also a good sprinkling of little Pollards on the staff too.  Sandy Rashty is every bit as obnoxious as Pollard, and has been described by some as an embryonic Pollard in a dress, and by others as the JC’s answer to the fruit loop Caroline Glick. Sandy is talented, though hardly brilliant. She is best known for being the JC’s link with the Zio-fascist hate group Sussex Friends of Israel and for her kissy-kissy relationship with the former Exeter guest of Her Majesty, fraudster, junkie, make believe Jew and nut job Simon Cobbs.

But this brings us to the saddest case of all, the utterly talentless but none-the-less wannabe Pollard, Marcus Dysch. Marcus is a case.  He is the JC’s “political correspondent”, and writes an endless stream of badly written dissembling garbage.  Fortunately, his output is always excruciatingly transparent.

If Marcus has anything in common with Pollard it is his shamelessness and ability to brazen out being caught lying.  For example, in the aftermath of the Board of Deputies bottling out of the CDM case against Stephen Sizer, and their humiliating climb down, Marcus reported that Revd. Sizer had “apologised to the Jewish community.”  Marcus simply made this up.  It never happened.  This has been pointed out to him several times.  However, Marcus not only does not retract previous occurrences of the lie but never misses an opportunity to repeat it.

Let’s give Marcus a final chance to do the decent thing.


Hmmm… answer came the loud reply.

If Pollard thinks he is going to train Marcus to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, he maybe isn’t so smart after all.


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