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by on June 5, 2014



Following, and in consequence of, our last post, in which we pointed out how the Jewish Chronicle’s Marcus Dysch consistently lied and misrepresented Stephen Sizer, in particular, how he regularly churned out the lie that following the Board’s bottling out of the CDM complaint and humiliating climb down, Revd Sizer “apologised to the Jewish people”, Marcus seems to have had a bit of a rethink.

Since thinking is not Marcus’s strong point, the rethink has not taken him very far.  In his latest diatribe against Revd. Sizer in this week’s JC, the words/phrases “apologised”, and “the Jewish people” are remarkably conspicuous by their absence.  However, he remains very firmly in the naughty corner.

This time, because he knows we are watching him, he avoids “apologised to the Jewish people“ in favour of “expressed regret”.

This is technically true, but Marcus carefully avoids telling us what was regretted.

Stephen Sizer said he regretted that “some people had been offended.”

Marcus has consistently substituted “apologised“ for “regretted” and “the Jewish people“ for “some people”.

Well, we seem to have weaned him off that, but there are still some sleights of hand, that in the course of time, we will cure him of.  No rush.

Amazingly, in this latest piece, Marcus, totally gratuitously and wholly without context, tells us that Revd. Sizer was “briefly investigated by the police.”  So you, like everyone else, are wondering what this was all about.  Maybe he was suspected of raping and pillaging his way from one end of the Diocese to the other ?

Nothing so colourful.  The Council of Christians and Jews acting, as per, as the Board of Deputies gopher and in collusion with the Board, had the less than bright idea that it would be cool to go to the police and claim that Revd. Sizer was stirring up racial hatred.  The police glanced at the stuff and more or less told the idiots to go away and quit playing silly buggers.

It will be interesting to watch the Jewish Chronicles progress in its attempts to discomfort Revd. Sizer, an obsession that is doomed to endless frustration.


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