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If I were in the same room as the notorious perjurer, Jeremy Newmark, would that make me a liar? #CST/Jonathan Arkush/Stephen Sizer

by on October 8, 2014

Mark Gardner CSTJonathan ArkushJeremy NewmarkDave Rich CST

The wonderful thing about the Hasbarafia is they seem to have a collective learning disability. So, it is no surprise that despite the disaster of the Board of Deputies and Council of Christians and Jews’ attempt to have Revd. Stephen Sizer charged with stirring up racial hatred, and the grotesque humiliation of their climb down after charging him with “conduct unbecoming” under the Church Disciplinary Measures, they are back again.

They are certainly gluttons for punishment. Concerted attempts to “get Sizer” seem to be an annual occurrence, as regular and as certain as Yom Kippur. Despite the inevitable frustrations they inflict upon themselves, they will keep coming as long as the Church continues to indulge them and feigns to take them seriously. These attempts are clearly and demonstrably installments in a carefully orchestrated campaign of harassment and attempted intimidation, as a brief look at the history makes clear. The problem is that the Hasbarafia simply is unable to get it through their thick skulls that the Church is never going to sacrifice a senior and most Christian priest to a baying mob of Zionist extremists. The Church could save itself an awful lot of time and trouble by declaring an end to it, making it clear that enough is enough and inviting them to FO.

The present installment of the annual Sizer hate fest has been kicked off by that ludicrous organisation, the Community Security Trust, which purports to be the cutting edge of the anti-Semitism industry but which, in reality, is nothing more than a rich source of gravy and Gerald Ronson welfare cheques for Dave Rich and Mark Gardner.

It is, as ever, oh so predictable. They despair of ever being able to get at this global authority on, and campaigner against, Christian Zionism on account of anything he says, or writes. So it’s always about links to web sites or attempts to establish some kind of guilt by association. That is, he was at the same meeting as such and such, or he was on the same platform as so and so.

Unfortunately for the Hasbarafiosi, Revd. Sizer’s message is always an uncompromising Christian one. Is this is what they hate and fear? As Archbishop Welby recently tweeted about Emma Watson’s speech “Its accuracy is shown by the wicked backlash”, so it is with Stephen Sizer’s message. Perhaps it is the clear Christian message that drives them to distraction and causes them to to spend so much time and energy in attempts to silence him, not to mention frittering away so many Hasbarafia £millions  on assorted 2-bit organisations. Never in the history of mankind have so few had so many organisations. They are terrified of the anti-Christian Zionist message, particularly when it is delivered so eloquently and compellingly as it is by Stephen Sizer. He must be silenced, they tell themselves, but remain clueless as to how. Consequently, they stumble from one disaster to another.

The internet rabids throw out all these accusations about the conference and about Revd. Sizer without having a clue what they are talking about. All they know is what they have learned from other internet rabids. None of them were there. Read about it from someone that WAS there:

Crescent International: Meeting of Minds in Tehran by Eric Walberg


As we have said above, the latest silencing effort has been kicked off by the Community Security Trust. How the security of British Jews is affected by an Anglican priest’s attendance at a conference in Iran is anybody’s guess. The reality is that the “security“ issue is merely a front for the CST’s Zionist agenda, as we shall see in the APPENDIX.

The CST run a blog, the content of which, is usually pretty hysterical, to put it at its mildest. This week they surpassed themselves.

They tell us that Rev. Sizer attended a conference in Tehran. They then go on to tell us that among the great many other delegates were a few they had identified as holocaust deniers or “conspiracy theorists”. Except they didn’t  say a few, they said a HOST, and then linked to an ADL piece on the same subject. The ADL piece said several. So, we have a UK organisation devoted to silencing opponents of Israel by screaming “anti-Semite” at them, getting its information from an American organisation on the same trip. Many will recall the attempts by Gerald Ronson, the CST’s Chairman and funder in chief, to silence The Guardian.

Ronson is a fraudster on a gargantuan scale. It has been suggested that during his consequent incarceration, he shared a cell with Simon Cobbs. This is sheer nonsense. They are of entirely different generations and while Simon was nicking chickens, Ronson was nicking millions. So as well as serving his time he was able to pay a £5million fine without blinking.

Ronson’s behaviour indicates a criminal mind, so it is not surprising that he mostly employs people of iffy character and even more iffy associations.

Who else was at the conference is irrelevant. Stephen Sizer was there with his own Christian agenda. The only thing relevant is what is that agenda, and what did he say. The Hasbarafia do not have the intellectual honesty and the integrity to address these issues, but merely squeal that it could only be to participate in a conspiracy to kill all the Jews. While the Church is telling them to FO it might add “And grow the F up”.

See APPENDIX below for a detailed example of the CST’s lack of integrity and how it just cannot be trusted.

The appearance of the blog post set off a feeding frenzy with most of the usual suspects quickly picking up the baton and running with it. None were quicker off the mark than Jonathan Arkush of the Board of Deputies, and the reason for this is simple. While most of the Hasbarafia knee jerkers were taken by surprise, we have been able to categorically establish that Arkush knew in advance that the post was going to appear.

This is highly suggestive of the CST being merely front men, the Board being bound as they are by the terms of the agreement they entered into with Revd. Sizer in 2013. Such a post, would of course, be a gross violation of this agreement. The fact that they have already violated the agreement several times, we will leave aside for the moment.

Interestingly, the Hasbarafiosi seem to have given no thought to the impact of their histrionics on the interests of Iranian Jews. Or perhaps they have, but just don’t care.  It’s “get Stephen Sizer time”.

The Iranian Jewish community is the largest in the Middle East outside Israel. It is, for the greatest part, left in peace by the Iranian government. It is unmolested, and they are able to travel freely and are free to leave Iran any time they wish. They choose not to leave. Happy Jews in Iran is of course, highly inconvenient to the Zionist narrative. Zionist histrionic invective obviously does nothing to shore up the interests and security of this community and could be said to threaten it. These people seem to be expendable, so far as British Hasbarafiosi are concerned, probably because, as always, bottom line, it is all about Israel.

It is interesting to compare this reckless attitude to the work done by the likes of Revd. Sizer to promote the cause of peaceful co-existence between Muslims and the beleaguered Christian population in Iran.


CST are fans of, and contributors to the racist cess-pit site, CifWatch. This is about as ugly an anti-Muslim hate fest as you are ever going to encounter, rivaled only by Harry’s Place (run by the racist nut job David Toube aka Lucy Lips).

CifWatch is managed by the juvenile delinquent Hilltop Yuffer and CAMERA welfare chequer, Adam Levick. CST are blissfully content to be in partnership with Levick to the extent of regularly contributing to his nauseating enterprise.

Typical of Levick, is his reaction to the recent murder by beheading, of a woman in South London at a time when neither he nor anyone else had any idea who the murderer was.

“Chances very high that the perpetrator was Muslim”

“Anyone have confirmation that the perpetrator of the beheading today was Muslim”?

Screenshot 2014-10-08 12.07.11

As it turned out, the killer was not Muslim, much to Levick’s disappointment.

Imagine if Revd. Sizer were to say “chances very high the guy arrested for loan sharking was Jewish. Anyone have confirmation that the loan shark was Jewish?”

Pots, kettles.

For several years, a certain Jonathan Hoffman, established and maintained links with the Muslim baiting English Defence League, and particularly, with Roberta Moore, who graduated from the EDL Jewish division to become an organiser for the time-served terrorist, Victor Vancier’s Jewish Task Force.

Hoffman EDL

Hoffman is not an obscure hasbarifioso foot soldier. He is an elected Deputy, member of the Board’s Defence Division, and at the time, Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation. Despite both organisations being fully aware of Hoffman’s activities, neither have ever dissociated themselves from him or uttered a solitary word of admonishment or condemnation of him. They clearly regard him as a fit and proper person to hold high office in their organisations.

Nor have CST uttered a solitary word of criticism of Hoffman, or of the failure of the Board or the ZF to do so.

Here is a glimpse of Hoffman at his delightful best:

Pots, kettles.

Nor does CST experience any unhappiness at the associations of even more senior Board officials.

For a long time, the Board’s historical position as the major voice of mainstream Zionism, has been firstly undermined, and then overtaken by the emergence of rival organisations that are much more realistic and in tune with the the realities of the Middle East, than the dinosaurs of the Board. This process is continually fueled by the correct perception that the Board is merely an extension of the Israeli Embassy. Chief among these organisations, of course, is the Jewish Leadership Council, headed by Mick Davis.

The JLC is no friend of the Palestinian people and ultimately functions as a prop to the process of Jewish dispossession of the indigenous population. It is however, clever enough to wrap this position in a sugar coating consisting of occasional mild divergence from the position of the Israeli government. This is extremely judicious, just enough to fool most of the people much of the time.

Its leader is Mick Davis, who has just been voted the most influential Jew in the country by the judges in the JC’s rather silly “influential Jews” exercise. The JLC is outflanking the Board, and with the greatest of ease.

In consequence of the latest Israeli atrocities in Gaza, the Board is also being outflanked from the other side, that is by the rabids of the multifarious “grass roots organisations that are multiplying at an exponential rate, as the carpet baggers heading them up, smell JLC money and the opportunity of a nice little earner in the pro-occupation/dispossess the Palestinians industry. Typical of these “organisations” is Stand With Us and Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, but there are literally dozens and dozens. Taken together, they might be regarded as the political arm of the Hilltop Youth.

In last weeks Jewish Chronicle, Mick Davis announced that he planned to organise an alliance between the JLC, the “acceptable face”, and the ” grass roots “. That is Davis is going to throw money at them which is his  solution for everything. Needless to say there is an ever growing queue of opportunists lining up to receive their JLC  welfare cheques. This Unholy Alliance is only strange until you recognise the true nature of the JLC, well illustrated by its cheerful tolerance of the notorious perjurer, Jeremy Newmark as its CEO.

Mick DavisMartin Sugarman

This of course, leaves the Board out in the cold, caught in a pincer movement. The Board saw this coming, of course, and frantically tried to pre-empt it in a forlorn and sad attempt to be the first to get down in the gutter with the Sacerdotti’s of this world.

Steven Jaffe’s job title was hurriedly changed from “Communal Engagement Adviser” to “Grassroots Adviser“ in an attempt to give him, and the Board, some street cred. President W(h)ineman took off his tie (some say he is in the habit of sleeping in it), rolled up his sleeves, and rushed off to make a fool of himself on the streets, including getting on the soap box and making an embarrassing attempt at rabble rousing oratory and got hissed at and booed for his trouble.

He took himself down to Brighton to show his face at a demo organised by the bottom feeders known as Sussex Friends of Israel. SFI are an ineffectual collection of Zio-fascists and Christian Zionist crazies with glazed over eyes, whose only success to date is getting Ecostream, an enterprise of the Israeli company Sodastream, “Ahaved”, meaning…shut down due to their disruptive presence. They have made strenuous attempts to link up with the Jewish Defence League, widely credited with provoking the much publicised trouble at a Paris synagogue, and with off shoots of Victor Vancier’s terrorist group, the Jewish Task Force.

SFI’s main tactic is to stand in the street and abuse and bait Palestinian sympathisers. They seem particularly fond of targeting middle aged women.

SFI is “led” by a certain Simon Cobbs.

Simon is a case and threequarters. Former Exeter guest of Her Majesty, convicted and self-confessed fraudster, junkie and make believe Jew, he has made himself into something of a legend in Brighton, and W(h)ineman seems proud to have him as his latest buddy.

Vivian WinemanSimon Cobbs

See Simon “Proper people, not girls” Cobbs in action:

And even better here…..

Wineman, at the same time, shared a platform with the EDL apologist Douglas “things have to be made harder for Muslims” Murray.

Learning nothing from this, W(h)ineman then goes hurtling up to Manchester, to line up with the counter protestors outside Kadem, who have invited the Muslim baiting English Defence League. We have seen nothing from W(i)neman to suggest that he dissents from the counter protestors position that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend“ and that “The EDL often come to anti-Muslim things and therefore they are more than welcome.”

CST have had nothing to say about any of this.

Pots, kettles.

Among the more vociferous of the Hasbarafia establishment are Jeremy Newmark and Jonathan Arkush.

Newmark is a former spokesman for the Chief Rabbi, former CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council and was appointed by the Israeli government to the steering committee of the Global Coalition for Israel. He was a witness for the claimant in the FUCU case, a case that Jeremy Goldberg, QC described as an epic folly.

For the incognescenti, the case was about a legal claim brought by a maths teacher, Ronnie Fraser, against his teaching union. He claimed that the Union had harassed him, in breach of equality laws, due to its handling of the Israel-Palestine debate. It was in consequence of the evidence he gave in this case, that Newmark secured ever lasting notoriety as a perjurer. The Tribunal said……

We regret to say that we have rejected as untrue the evidence of Ms Ashworth and Mr Newmark concerning the incident at the 2008 Congress… Evidence given to us about booing, jeering and harassing of Jewish speakers at Congress debates was also false, as truthful witnesses on the Claimant’s side accepted. One painfully ill-judged example of playing to the gallery was Mr Newmark’s preposterous claim, in answer to the suggestion in cross- examination that he had attempted to push his way into the 2008 meeting, that a ‘pushy Jew’ stereotype was being applied to him. The opinions of witnesses were not, of course, our concern and in most instances they were in any event unremarkable and certainly not unreasonable. One exception was a remark of Mr Newmark in the context of the academic boycott controversy in 2007 that the union was “no longer a fit arena for free speech”, a comment which we found not only extraordinarily arrogant but also disturbing.”

This perjurer was quickly off the mark following the appearance of the CST post, demanding that AB Welby “sanction” Revd. Sizer. Hello ?

As for Arkush, it is difficult to know where to start.

He is chair of the BoD Defence division and emotionally fragile in the extreme, which makes it impossible for him to make good judgments. He is given to responding to stress by having the most dramatic meltdowns. In the aftermath of these, he is given to pleading that he was “unwell”.

Arkush has a burning ambition to be Board President, and this is not impossible, given that there are enough like minded goons among the Deputies to get him elected. This would be the final nail in the Board’s coffin, since it is entirely financially dependent on the JLC. The JLC is headed by the same Mick Davis referred to above. In consequence of his most famous and memorable wobbler, Arkush made a mortal enemy of Davis. Read all about it here: Jonathan Arkush’s humiliating apology.

Arkush is totally amoral and devoid of any semblance of integrity. He was a leading player in the disgraceful shambolic conspiracy with the Council of Christians and Jews that sought in 2012 to have Revd. Sizer prosecuted for inciting racial hatred/conduct unbecoming.

It was he that instigated the CDM complaint, and who,  when the Bishop of Guildford decided in 2013 that conciliation was the way forward, shamelessly conned the Bishop. Arkush asked if Gavin Lightman could be one of the conciliators. He omitted to tell the Bishop that Lightman had been his tutor at University and that they were still mates. Arkush and Lightman were spotted socialising during the conciliation process.

It seems to be a line of attack that Revd. Sizer, in attending the conference in Iran, was in breach of the spirit of the conciliation agreement. If it was in either the letter or spirit of the agreement that Jonathan Arkush had a veto on how Revd. Sizer conducted his Christian ministry, obviously Revd. Sizer would not have signed the agreement.

In any event, Arkush is already in multiple breaches of the agreement. A clause was that the Board would discuss the issue with Revd. Sizer if they had future concerns. This is clearly breached by Arkush entering into the above mentioned conspiracy with the CST. It is further breached by Arkush, like a two bit internet troll attacking Revd. Sizer on twitter, rather than taking up the faux concern with him.

The agreement was clearly breached when Arkush followed up the CST post with a series of threats, threats repeated by  Jerry Lewis, in the Jerusalem Post.

But we needn’t restrict ourselves to recent events. Arkush cynically subverted the spirit of the agreement almost immediately after it was signed.

An amusing tale of blah blah and substance…FUCU deja vu: #hasbarafiafail


If you were to go to the CST web site, you will see on their tool bar “anti-Semitism.” If you were to click there, you would find a blurb about the wholly mythical “EUMC working definition”. This will-o-the-wisp is much beloved by the Hasbarafia. The EUMC put on their web site a definition of anti-Semitism, pretty much in line with what the dictionary compilers tell us, and which the ordinary speakers of the language, who are sovereign in this respect, understand by the expression. Even this was intended to be purely a discussion document.

Israel isn’t mentioned, as you would expect.

Then, the American Jewish Committee appended some Israel stuff intended to outlaw any significant criticism of Israel because it was anti-Semitic.

Well there it sat, unacted upon. Yet the Hasbarafia sold this as Europe’s definition of anti-Semitism and constantly hurled it in the faces of their political opponents.

The successor to the EUMC took no action in respect of this piece of junk and eventually, in a junk clearing exercise, removed it from the web site.

We were therefore somewhat surprised to be invited by the CST to “click here to download the EUMC working definition”.

So we “clicked here”.

What we found was not anything to do with the EUMC, which no longer exists, but some gobbledy gook from something called the European Forum on Anti-Semitism. Who? Well, we clicked on “about us” to find what we expected. A bunch of self appointed Hasbarafiosi, that CST represent as an august official body of the European Union.

This sleight of hand on the part of the CST is VERY NAUGHTY, which we have come to expect from Gerald Ronson’s boys.

Needless to say, the “definition” by the EFAS is even more intended to shut down debate on Israel, than the fake AJC addition to the EUMC “definition”.

The CST has no clothes.


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    The Zionist sheeple are having a field day and it’s sad to watch. Tribalism trumps reason and hypocrisy and denial seem to rule the day. I’ve read articles on the internet written by some of the most immoral of Zionists, who go far beyond any desire for a safe and secure Israel. It’s time British Jewry found their moral compass and try to get along in the world without the (self destructive) supremacy they epitomise, but I’m afraid it won’t be under the leadership of Jonathan Arkush. In Vivian Wineman’s defence, I think he was trying to lead the BoD to a more reasonable stance and he had to get down in the trenches to do it. I think you’ve done him a disservice here. It’s too bad his term is almost over. I fear for the future of British Jewry under the guidance of some of the likely candidates for BoD president like Arkush, Jerry Lewis, and a few of the others. There’s no peace and reconciliation in their hearts, which is why they can’t wrap their heads round Stephen Sizer.

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