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by on October 22, 2014

It surely is time for the Jewish community to do something about the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis.  Even those inclined to put the most generous interpretation on his indiscretions have been forced to the conclusion that this man just has to go.

We can only hope it doesn’t take as long to find a replacement for Mirvis as it did to decide on a successor to Lord Sacks.

Certain sectors of the Hasbarafia are espousing the silly notion that an Anglican priest that goes to a conference or rally and somebody else is there that some other people have designated ” offensive ” ,  thereby ceases to be a fit and proper person to wear the collar.

We will resist the temptation to wonder whether this doctrine is an opportunistic one, put together to fit the case of the priest in question, and one that will be forgotten about as soon as it has served this particular purpose.

Rather, we will assume that they are men of integrity that do not indulge in double standards, and that the case in question is an extension of a general and universal principle.  If this is the case, then the Chief Rabbi is indeed in big trouble.

In August, Mirvis attended and spoke at a rally in London. This had been organised by Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.  CAAS had been hurriedly and opportunistically put together less than a month earlier.  This was for the express purpose of reviving Jonathan Sacerdotti’s career and to secure a share of the JLC welfare handouts that Mick Davis has promised organisers of “grass roots” activity.

Jonathan Arkush is no doubt “appalled“ that Mirvis should attend and speak at such an event, alongside and shoulder to shoulder with the lamentable Douglas Murray, who not only attended and spoke but was billed as a “keynote speaker“.

murray and mirvisDouglas-Murray

Murray, of course, is a professional Muslim baiter, totally obsessed with Muslims, Islam and anything to do with either. Muslim baiting is what he does for a living.  There is a wealth of material, including written, audio and visual, graphically illustrating Murray’s racism and it is not difficult to find.  He is very much in your face about his attitudes.  Murray and his views are well documented and we don’t want to re-invent the wheel.  However, a few examples won’t come amiss.

His more honest and memorable outpourings include….

things have got to be made harder for Muslims all round.


London is a foreign country now that in twenty three out of thirty three boroughs White British are in a minority.”

Muslims in Europe must be viewed as an opportunist infection”

He wants to totally ban immigration from Muslim countries. His problem with this is, of course, that Muslim countries have a lot of Muslims in them and therefore, the chances of any given immigrant from one of them being Muslim are high. So a total ban it has to be. Note, this ban would be totally based on the religion of the prospective immigrant.  It would be interesting to see the response if he wanted to ban the entry of Jews.

Given his Muslim baiting propensities, you will not be surprised at his nod and a wink attitude to the English Defence League and the EDL’S admiration of him.

Here he is humming and aaahhhing in response to the question “should we support the EDL.”

The admiration is reciprocal. From the EDL blog:

Luckily there are a few members of the middle and establishment classes who believe that the EDL at least deserve a fair hearing. One of these is the British writer and former director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray.. It’s a pity there aren’t more public figures like Douglas Murray.. Thank you for being right Mr Murray.”

Here you can see Murray at his finest, the personification of smirking evil.  The Hasbarafia might notice certain ironies here but probably not. The best bit is where he tells another panel member that he cannot be both a Muslim and a European. That he has to choose. That he cannot have two identities.


Murray is a big buddy of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, both denied entry to the UK on account of their far right inflammatory views.

Here he is with Spencer, complete with Spencer’s eulogy of him: From JihadWatch

James Brandon worked with Murray at the so called Centre For Social Cohesion and tells us….

My time there was a constant struggle to deradicalise Murray and to ensure that the centre’s output targeted only Islamists and not Muslims as a whole.”

You can read about why the Conservative party front bench severed all relations with Murray here:  From Conservative Home

We could go on and on and on………

Murray’s admirers include the neocon warmonger, David Aaranovich, Stephen Pollard, to the right of Genghis Kahn editor of the Jewish Chronicle, and strangely, the carpetbagger and serial writer of begging letters, Maajid Nawaz and his scam operation, Quilliam.  Nawaz also spoke at the rally Mirvis attended.

Oh yes, as well as Mirvis, Vivian Wineman, the Board President and Laura Marks, Board Vice President also spoke and stood with Murray at the above mentioned rally, though they got loudly booed for their trouble.

Will the last of the Zionist glitterati out, please turn off the lights ?


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    An important question not raised here is who invited Murray?

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