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by on November 14, 2014


An eyebrow raising article appeared in The Independent on Sunday November 9th.  It tells how Jewish donors to the Labour party are planning to discontinue their donations because they don’t like the noises that are emanating from the party vis-a-vis The State of Israel. These noises, they maintain, are contrary to the interests of this foreign country.

What is remarkable about the reported statements is their uncommon honesty. They illustrate a state of affairs we all knew existed but which has rarely, if ever, been so unabashedly acknowledged.

One prominent Jewish financial backer, a lifelong Labour supporter, said he no longer wanted to see Mr. Miliband in Downing Sreeet or Douglas Alexander as Foreign Secretary.”

A senior Labour MP warned that Mr. Miliband now had a huge task to maintain support from parts of the Jewish community that had backed and helped fund Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s electoral campaigns.”

Donations from the Jewish Community have been worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to the Labour Party. Several previous donors told The Independent on Sunday that they and others are now very unlikely to support the party.  They spoke on condition of anonymity.”

A number of Jewish former Labour supporters also compared Mr. Miliband’s stance on Gaza unfavourably with David Cameron’s, which, they suggested, had been calibrated to ensure that prominent Tory Jewish supporters stayed on board“.  (Yes, you read that correctly).

And so on and so on…..

It might be worth considering just why people financially support political parties. One reason, obviously, is that they consider that the particular party is good for them, i.e. out of direct self-interest. It is difficult to see that rich Jews, or rich anybodies, would consider that their direct personal self-interest lay in the direction of a Labour government. (Mansion taxes and all that.)

An alternative analysis is that these people consider a Labour government to be in the best interests of the country, as a whole. Best for the NHS, best for education, best for social justice, best for the environment, etc., etc., etc., etc. If this is the case, then their pants are around their ankles. By donating to the Labour party, they make it clear what colour government they feel is best for the country and that they have been willing to back that perception with their money. But when push comes to shove, it would appear that faced with a perceived choice between what they perceive to be the interests of the people of this country and the interests of a foreign power, they unhesitatingly choose the interests of The State of Israel over those of the people of the United Kingdom.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the donations referred to were simple bribes, and the threats to discontinue them, simple attempts at blackmail. That is, by donating to the Labour party, they were bribing for Israel and by threatening to discontinue the donations, they are now blackmailing for Israel.

Their behaviour is so crude and transparent, it makes these donors look like a geriatric diaspora offshoot of the Hilltop Yuffers on a price tag exercise.

It is interesting to observe the reaction of the alleged “community”. The Jewish establishment is deathly silent, clearly grasping the implications, and reading it pretty much as we do. The tactic is obviously to say schtum, sweep it under the carpet and hope not too many people will notice. Save for an obscure reference on their web site to the BoD having written a letter of complaint to the Independent on Sunday, there is nothing.  They do not tell us exactly what the nature of this complaint was.

The Jewish Chronicle played along by first presenting the story as one about the anti-Semitism of those pointing out the facts that we have referred to above, and then later, nonchalantly making like there was no story, and engaging in the most astonishing piece of damage limitation. This was allegedly penned by the ludicrous cub reporter Marcus “gets it wrong again“ Dysch but you can be sure Pollard was looking very closely over his shoulder.  Apparently it wasn’t a “Jewish issue” or about Israel at all. It was all about dissatisfaction with Ed Miliband in the party, generally.

“Leading Labour supporters said financial support from within the Jewish community had been declining for decades and the reaction to Mr. Milibands condemnation of Israel’s actions had rather taken the form of a hardening of opposition to his leadership.”

There were not loads of Jewish donors anyway. There is a wider issue around community support for labour but those frustrations have been there for months” (that is, before the latest Israeli atrocities in Gaza and the Parliamentary recognition vote).

Another Jewish Labour activist said that there are fewer wealthy donors around now than under Tony Blair or Gordon Brown and that doesn’t make it a Jewish issue.”

Ten out of ten for effort, Mr. Pollard.

This deflection is a staple Hasbarafia tactic.  The focus is deflected away from the content of the Independent on Sunday article, and onto comments made by a rather incompetent Liberal Democrat on a BBC discussion program and by the presenter of said program.  We saw this tactic, for example, when a poll conducted by a reputable polling organisation highlighted startling levels of racism among Israeli Jews.  Haaretz reported on the results of this poll , factually and accurately, but accompanied the report with a rather silly headline that was not supported by the poll findings.  The Guardian used the same headline.  So attention on the poll findings was deflected onto this headline, which was easily discredited and the story became that the poll findings were therefore, discredited.

Unfortunately, the idiots of the “nutty as fruit cakes” wing of the Hasbarafia don’t get it. Not being able to pass the brain cell they share around fast enough, they have gotten all excited and and think the story is about the Labour Party, and the wages of sin. They have gone ape chit on social media, shining intense light on what the infinitely smarter establishment realise needs as little oxygen as possible. Who needs enemies when you have got Sussex Friends of Israel, the EDL consorting wannabes and loons up in Manchester, and similar.  Maybe we should ask Ecostream and Ahava. The idiots even plan to picket a dinner to be held by LFPME, which is to be addressed by Ed Miliband.  An interesting use of Mick Davis’ money.

Moving on from cynical bribery and blackmail to ga ga land, Denis McShane chips in.  McShane is a former Labour MP and a convicted and time served fraudster and thief.  It is uncanny, the attraction that the Zionist cause has for the criminal milnd (sit down Simon and Gerald).

McShane was described by the tribunal in the FUCU case as “glib”. That was probably the kindest thing they could find to say about him.

He starts by pointing out that the Tory party is really not that much better than Labour, on Israel, and the LibDems are beyond the pale. He goes on to say that since there is no credible party with a satisfactory position on Israel, Jews are DISENFRANCHISED !!!!!

In other words, since there is no sufficiently “Israel indulgent” party, Jews have no use for their democratic right to vote. Jews have no interest in healthcare, education, quality of life in the UK, the question of the EU etc., etc.  It’s Israel first, last, and always.

Is he right ?

All in all, the Independent on Sunday and the Jewish donors that spilt their guts have done us all a great service.  So much for the notion that the Israel lobby is but a mere figment of our imaginations and anti-Zionist paranoia.


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  1. Laura permalink

    Thank you for writing this. The issue of what and who funds our politicians and political parties should be revealed for the good of the public. What happened to Cameron’s pledge to shine the spotlight on lobby groups and their funding too?

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