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by on November 21, 2014

Vivian WinemanSimon Cobbs 1

Ed Miliband

It was with considerable amusement that we learned that Simple Simon Cobbs and his little band of South coast misfits, Sussex Friends of Israel, have declared war on Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.

Frantic trolling on social media culminated in the announcement of a protest demo outside a fundraising dinner to be held by Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East.  Ed Miliband is scheduled to speak at the dinner.

We can only assume that Simon’s delusions of grandeur have become so debilitating that medical intervention cannot be deferred any longer.

More interesting than Simon’s mental condition, is the role of the Jewish/Zionist establishment in all of this.  The Board of Deputies act as advisers to SFI and have appointed a certain Steven Jaffe to coordinate in this advisory role.  Is it on the advice of the Board that this demo is being organised?  Is this what was discussed when SFI, among others, were invited to the Board premises for tea and gave a “presentation”?

Moreover, Mick Davis, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, recently announced an increase in funding for “grassroots organisations“.  Since SFI are the noisiest of such organisations, it is not unreasonable to assume that Simon has been the recipient of a few dropsies from Mick.  If this is so, both Mick and anyone tempted to click the donate button on SFL’s FB page should be extremely careful, given Simon’s record of fraud (see below).

Simon, of course, is the “founder” of Sussex Friends of Israel.  Essentially, SFI are a small rag bag of assorted Kahanist type Zio-extremists and Christian Zionist loons with glazed over eyes.  The assertion that they are idealistic young Jews elicited the comment from Gabriel Webber, Board Deputy and recent University of Sussex graduate, that this was “so untrue it can only be deliEbrate”.

Meet idealistic young “Jew” Simon “proper people not girls” Cobbs.

In the early days, Simon made strenuous efforts to establish links with the fascist Jewish Defence League and off-shoots of Victor Vancier’s terrorist group, the Jewish Task Force.  He has also been given to travelling up to Manchester to link up with the EDL outside Kedem.

Simon is a fraudster who, in consequence, served nine months of an eighteen month sentence in Her Majesty’s slammer, Exeter.

He declares this to be history.  If only.  Now, everyone is entitled to make a mistake, take the consequences, repent and move on. Unfortunately, Simon doesn’t  want to move on. Simon is not merely a one time fraudster.  A con man is what he IS.  To put it bluntly, his behaviour is clearly indicative of a criminal mind. Creeping into Sussex University like a latter day David Attenborough to Ben White’s talk, claiming a wish to merely listen and learn, is indicative of this.  We anxiously await Sussex University’s next inventory.

Nobody should therefore be surprised that the former spokesperson for the Chief Rabbi, former CEO of the JLC, appointed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to the Global Coalition for Israel steering committee and notorious perjurer, Jeremy Newmark is a fan. Newmark has become as helpful as he can in supporting the present campaign agains LFPME  and the labour party.

Criminal minds attract criminal minds.

Simon is a junkie and has recently declared that he “doesn’t do junk anymore”. This, we very much doubt but if it is the case, he must have been quite a spectacle when he was doing so.

Simon decided a while back that being Jewish would be a good idea. It not being his turn to use the communal SFI brain cell, he, true to form, messed this up.  Not being content to be any old Jew, he went for the full monty and became an Orthodox Jew with all the potential pitfalls that that entails, complete with adjusting his typing of “God“, and taking up typing “G-d”.

Mid-way through his ultimately successful efforts to get Ecostream  shut down in Brighton, (SFI’s only success to date) he told us over and over again that when it was all over he was going to be stuck for something to do on Saturdays.  Make what you will of an Orthodox Jew who can’t figure out what to do on a Saturday.

Woven into the story is several years spent on an Israeli Kibbutz. This may or may not be so. Can you imagine Simon slaving all day under a blazing sun in the orange groves and spending his eves by the camp fire strumming his guitar under a starry starry sky?  You have a better imagination than we.

SFI’s modus operandi   is a combo of making fools of themselves on the streets and trolling on the internet.  See Simon’s encounter with three nonchalant girls (not proper people) here:

So far as internet trolling is concerned Simon is handicapped by numerous disabilities, two in particular.  He’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and his grasp on world affairs is tenuous in the extreme.  For example, when the Malaysian airliner was shot down over Ukraine, he wanted to picket the Ukrainian Embassy.  He also wants the LibDems to do something about Baroness Warsi.

Secondly, he is a fully paid up member, in good standing, of the Hasbarafia illiterati. E.g.:

simon cobbs @simoncobbs · 4h 4 hours ago
Policeman injured in today’s terror attack has succumbed to wounds, are thoughts & prays with fiends and family.May his memory be a blessing
0 replies 3 retweets 3 favorites
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Since we pointed this out earlier, Simon has obviously been provided with some reasonably competent proof readers, and we have noticed some improvement.

All in all this demo at the LFPME  should be a whole heap of fun. As you have no doubt guessed we are planning to turn up to observe.


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  1. He has 12,000 likes . How many do you have troll ?

  2. watchfuliris permalink

    So did Hitler.

    • And your mates in Gaza would know all about that . 99.9% and no sign of elections any time soon

      • richardarmbach2 permalink

        Iris you have mates ? How come I am the last to know about this ?

        • watchfuliris permalink

          Well, we don’t in Gaza but we do in the Board of Deputies. *w*

          • Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer . Don’t they teach you anything over at Jewdas

  3. richardarmbach2 permalink

    Evenin Harv. Not so many.But then we are nowhere near as entertaining as Simon. In fact Simon makes Jonny Hoff seem positively boring.

    BTW Jonny seems a bit quiet lately. What’s he up to ?


    First rule of advocacy. Never ask a question the answer to which you don’t already know,

  4. watchfuliris permalink

    He’s got his colour back but still doesn’t look quite right. Maybe he needs a good demo to get his blood boiling again?

  5. Other good news is that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is finally telling things as it should be:

    • richardarmbach2 permalink

      Thanks for that Jennifer. Great to know there are folks like Edgar in the world.Though he perhaps should leave satire to those of us with an aptitude for it.

  6. watchfuliris permalink

    Umm….me thinks “Jennifer” is another “Daphne”.

  7. richardarmbach2 permalink

    are you suggesting that gender confusion is not entirely an Antipodean thing ?

    • watchfuliris permalink

      I’m suggesting it might be a Hasbarafian thing. There are a lot of nuts in skirts (pun intended) in the Hasbarafia.

  8. richardarmbach2 permalink

    Hell scary stuff.

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