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John Mann MP, Ivan Lewis MP, Jim Murphy MP and the EDL

by on December 15, 2014

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The tendency toward a criminal mind is not the only tendency that is startlingly apparent on the Zio-Fascist head banger wing of the Hasbarafia. There has long been among them, a seemingly irresistible attraction to the English Defence League. The mutual attraction seems to be founded on the “common enemy” impulse. That is, the Zios and the EDL both hate, and seek to harass and intimidate, Muslims.


An early manifestation was Jonathan Hoffman leading the Zionist Federation into a lengthy, ongoing alliance with the EDL outside Ahava.

roberta more and jonathan hoffman

This fascination with the extreme right is not limited to the EDL. The rag bag of Kahanist rabids and Christian Zionist loons with glazed over eyes, Sussex Friends of Israel, sometimes referred to as “Idealistic Young Jews“ have made strenuous efforts to link up with the Jewish Defence League and offshoots of Victor Vancier’s terrorist group, the Jewish Task Force (we have screen shots of the tweets).

The latest bunch of Zio head bangers to embrace, and cheerfully stand with the EDL, is North West Friends of Israel. The basis of the relationship is the principle of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. The enemy NWFOI have in mind, Natan Levinson makes emphatically clear, is Muslims.

NWFOI make the antics of SFI seem like ringa ringa rosy.

Natan Levinson is a NWFOI committee member, a part of the inner circle. In the clip below, he is asked about NWFOI and the EDL in the context of the demos and counter demos outside Kedem. He says….

They come with us. It’s basically ideology. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

They will turn up at protests all over the country against Muslims because they are obviously the EDL. That’s their ideology. Anyone that’s not British for example, they will go against them. So if they turn up here they will be more than welcome.”

See Levinson’s little speech, and confirmation from the owner of Kedem  here:

Needless to say, they do turn up “here” (outside Kedem) and are indeed made more than welcome.

Equally predictable, neither the Community Security Trust, The Board of Deputies, or The Jewish Leadership Council have uttered a single solitary word of condemnation, criticism of, or dissociation from, these freaks. In fact the BoD, in its increasing irrelevance, is going all out to out freak the freaks. In Jonathan Arkush and his “Defence Division“ they are not without appropriate personnel.

Now, you might think that any Member of Parliament would rather walk barefoot on red hot coals to John O’Groats than be seen within a million miles of these bottom feeders. You would particularly think this of Labour MP’s and even more so of Labour MP’s with Trade Union backgrounds.

Not so.

Certainly John Mann, Ivan Lewis, and Jim Murphy seem totally relaxed in their company.

We were fascinated, though not surprised, to learn that NWFOI had organised an “evening with John Mann and Ivan Lewis” in Manchester, scheduled for 11th December.

John Mann of course, is a one man extension of the Israeli Embassy/Israeli Foreign Ministry, a political role he disguises and hides, behind a carefully cultivated anti-racist activist façade.

He is very keen on appointing himself to bodies that award themselves grandiose titles that imply they are in some way representative of something other than themselves.

Mann is Chairman of something called the All Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism. This is a gathering together of Hasbarafiosi that happen to be MP’s. All of course, self appointed. These politico apologists for The State of Israel commissioned the All-Party Parliamentary Enquiry into Anti-Semitism in 2005. The enquiry panel was chaired by the convicted and time served fraudster, former MP Denis McShane.

Mann played a leading role in the ill fated Hasbarafiosi campaign against the Universities and College Union (UCU) which ended in total and humiliating disaster. It culminated in the Fraser v UCU Tribunal hearings (forever affectionately known as the FUCU case).

You read that correctly. This Labour MP and Trade Unionist embarked on a campaign of harassment against a Trade Union member of the very Trade Union Congress that he had been the National Training Director of. All in the service of a foreign power. A campaign that cost the Union a so far unrecovered half a million pounds in legal expenses. This, from a man whose party and whose personal lucrative political career is heavily dependent on Trade Union funding.

Mann and McShane both gave evidence for Ronnie Fraser in the above mentioned catastrophic (for the Hasbarafia) FUCU proceedings.

One of the charges against the Union was that the Union’s response to being presented with the All Party Enquiry report was unsatisfactory. In fact, the Union, faced with highly generalised accusations against it, merely asked for some specifics and clarifications. Specifics and clarifications that were not forthcoming. What was forthcoming was hysterical denunciation both directly and in the national press.

The tribunal found that the Union’s response had been “courteous and reasonable”.

And that they had…

defended themselves robustly against treatment by the parliamentary group, the fairness of which was, to put it its very lowest, open to question.”

Apart from former CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council and former spokesperson for the Chief Rabbi, Jeremy Newmark, who the tribunal branded a perjurer, it is clear that the Tribunal were most disturbed by Mann and McShane and their evidence.

148 ….. We did not derive assistance from the two Members of Parliament who appeared before us. Both gave glib evidence, appearing supremely confident of the rightness of their positions. For Dr. McShane, it seemed that all answers lay in the MacPherson Report (the effect of which he appeared to misunderstand). Mr. Mann could manage without even that assistance. He told us that the leaders of the Respondents were at fault for the way in which they conducted debates but did not enlighten us as to what they were doing wrong or what they should be doing differently. He did not claim ever to have witnessed any Congress or other UCU meeting. And when it came to anti-Semitism in the context of debate about the Middle East, he announced, “It’s clear to me where the line is …” but unfortunately eschewed the opportunity to locate it for us. Both parliamentarians clearly enjoyed making speeches. Neither seemed at ease with the idea of being required to answer a question not to his liking.

Ivan Lewis MP, who will accompany Mann to the NWFOI event, was declared by Jim Murphy MP to be his closest parliamentary friend. Murphy spoke at the recent rally in Manchester organised by Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and NWFOI. CAAS was hurriedly put together right after Mick Davis, fearing the Zionist establishment were being outflanked by the loons out on the street, promised that money would be made available to “grass roots organisations”. We do not think this was a coincidence. A secondary motivation seems to be an attempt to revive Jonathan Sacerdoti’s in the doldrums media “career “.

In any event CAAS has now very quickly faded into obscurity as Stephen Pollard predicted it would.

CAAS shares NWFOI’S taste for ultra far right company. It even had the brazen chutzpah to invite Douglas Murray to give the key note speech at a rally it organised in London.

You may be wondering why Jim Murphy lent himself to the agenda of NWFOI/CAAS crazies.

Murphy is now the leader of the dead in the water Labour Party in Scotland, in effect a leader of nothing. Murphy is as responsible as anyone for the dire condition of the party in Scotland, having treated the Scottish people to over a hundred of his rants in the referendum campaign. He seems to have judged, or misjudged, that a Yes outcome would be bad for his career. That Scottish Labour members think he is the man to revive the Party’s fortunes north of the border is incomprehensible. He can reach out to the 45% as much as he likes but they will not forget. Some say Murphy has ambitions to lead the national party !!!!!!

Early in his rant in Manchester, Murphy explained that a major reason for his accepting the invitation was that Ivan Lewis had asked him to and he never refuses a request from Lewis who was……

about the staunchest, most vocal, most assiduous, determined advocate for Israel among all the political parties in the House of Commons, and that is why I am here today.”

Interesting. What has Israel got to do with this? Is he confirming what we already knew to be the case? That this wasn’t an anti-racist rally at all, but a political rally in support of a foreign power, whose interests and illegal colonialist policies are directly contrary to the interests of this country?

However this may be, we have to say that if Murphy’s wild eyed rant was typical of the event, it must have been something akin to a Nuremburg rally with drugs and the EDL would have felt very much at home.

See for yourselves here:

Murphy, it has to be said, has some very grim instincts. Not least, he is a member of the Political Council of the racist, Islamaphobia promoting Henry Jackson Society. Douglas “things have to made harder for Muslims all round” Murray is, of course, a Director of this sad and sorry abomination and a self declared EDL  sympathiser.

HJS has been accused of…

disproportionately and unfairly targeting Muslim students, contributing to their marginalisation and ostracisation, damaging campus cohesion and feeding into a growing trend of Islamaphobic discourse in wider society.’

Murphy also is not averse to being in receipt of a few dropsies. For example, he stuffed a £1570 handout from The Maureen and David Garrard Foundation into his back pocket, to pay for a 2012 visit to Israel. David Garrard, of course, was the subject of an intense investigation by the Metropolitan Police. In the end, the CPS decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute him for buying a peerage.

Murphy was up to his neck in the MP expenses scandal. While renting out a London property he arranged for the public to foot the bill for his renting another London property. A nice little earner.

Just the man to lead us to a fairer Scotland.

So there seems to be this loose coming together of criminal minds and an attraction to Jewish extremist and terrorist groups and the Gentile far right. The glue is anti-Muslim sentiments and anti-Muslim activity. The coalescence embraces SFI, NWFOI, CAAS, and a handful of MP’s (and ex MP’s).

Stephen Pollard, the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, is not a million miles away. SFI have told us how much they value their relationship with the JC and certainly, Pollard is always ready to provide publicity for their inane activities. Pollard also falls over himself to provide JC space to Murray’s rantings.

One of the brighter twitter moments this week was when Pollard demanded of a tweeter that he withdraw the comment that he (Pollard) was a racist. The tweeter told him to “fuck off” and that was the end of the matter. (Maybe this tweeter could make himself available to offer some advice to the Church of England ?)

Jonathan Arkush is on the fringe. Arkush is a Vice President of the Board of Deputies and a wannabe President. Arkush’s only chance of becoming President is to secure the votes of the lunatic wing, and this he is assiduously working towards. For example, he was the only member of the Board executive to vote against the admission of the constructive and solution oriented Yachad. He also has redoubled his futile and humiliating attempts to bring them the head of a high profile anti-Christian Zionist CofE Vicar. More about Arkush and the coming election elsewhere.

Arkush spoke at the above mentioned Manchester rally and his contribution was, if anything, more rabid than Murphy’s, particularly the part about the recent Palestinian statehood vote in Parliament, which was in marked contrast to The Board’s official response, which was fairly measured. The Board don’t want to upset a Party too much, that might be in government in a few months. That might be bad for Israel. Arkush doesn’t care about any of that. He just wants to be President.



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  1. Ryan Thomas permalink

    Shoddy journalism at best. NWFOI is in one breath called right wing yet receives so much support from Labour left wing politicians. Make your mind up. A primary school student could write better than this. As to Natan Levinson, the footage is doctored as you can see his lips are not moving when he allegedly speaks about the EDL. And NWFOI will never form alliances with the EDL. NWFOI are anti-racist which contrasts THEM from the BDS movement outside Kedem who were constantly spouting anti Semitic racism as was caught on camera –

    So nice try at an adult article – but big FAIL.

  2. richardarmbach2 permalink

    That’s called the Jonny Hoffman defence. You must try harder.

  3. Ryan Thomas permalink

    no need. It is shoddy journalism at best. You have no proof the EDL was ever invited by NWFOI to any protest outside Kedem. And NWFOI charter is explicit in not tolerating ANY form of racism which includes the EDL. So do you research before you throw mud around. Poor, poor journalism. Interesting how in the whole Kedem incident there were NO arrests from pro Kedem supporters but many from the BDS racists, including one as recently as 4 weeks ago for anti Semitism. You can keep writing your year 4 standard rubbish which you do to mask your inherent racism, but people see it for what it is – rubbish with no substance.

  4. Ryan Thomas permalink

    again you refer to the ZF – North West Friends of Israel are a completely separate organisation, so again shoddy journalism when referring to NWFOI.

    For future reference – NWFOI MIssion Statement is below, so do you research and stop exposing yourself as a racist

    North West Friends of Israel (NWFOI) is a grassroots organisation that exists to advocate for Israel in North West and beyond and also to fight and expose anti-Semitism in the UK and elsewhere.

    We are passionate about Israel’s right to exist as a democracy and to live in peace. We work to counter lies and bias in the media about Israel and to show UK businesses and politicians that as the only pluralistic democracy in the Middle East, boycotting Israel is morally wrong and would harm not just the chance for peace but the lives of its millions of Arab citizens.

    We also stand firm against anti-Semitism in our city, region and beyond. Attacking Jewish people for whatever reason is not to be tolerated and we will work to expose anti-Semites wherever they may be and however we legally can. Working with the authorities and elected officials we will, wherever possible, strive to make the UK a safer place for Jewish people.

    NWFOI do not and will not tolerate any racism, extremism or Islamaphobia whatsoever from anybody directly associated with our group or within our sphere of influence.

    • richardarmbach2 permalink

      Read it. I have also read the quasi constitution of The State of Israel and the constitution of the then Soviet Union. Both make very impressive reading. I have also read the mission statement of Sussex Friends of Israel. Wanna see it ?

  5. Ryan Thomas permalink

    and to repeat, to even an untrained eye, the Levinson footage is doctored.

  6. Ryan Thomas permalink

    and interesting how you seem to assume the Rally against anti Semitism was “akin to a Nuremburg rally on drugs” (again showing your racist nature, comparing a Jewish rally to the Nazis) but fail to mention the speech by Holocaust survivor Henry Ferster -was this “Nuremburg on drugs”?? –

    • richardarmbach2 permalink

      Didn’t say that. We said that if Jim Murphy’s speech was typical it must have been akin to……

  7. Mary Driscoll permalink

    I have seen you often advise people not to engage with crazy Zionists. You seem pretty engaged.

  8. richardarmbach2 permalink

    Well we have the experience of them and the knowledge of them to be able to engage with them safely and most of them know it. Which is why they don’t engage with us o:))

  9. Ryan Thomas permalink

    I see you keep referring the the ZF and Sussex FOI. Very nice. You have nothing concrete to say about NWFOI, and indeed lower yourself to inventing things about NWFOI. Why don’t you watch Henry Ferster’s speech and then revise your comments. You wouldn’t be fit to like the man’s boots. Your blog is as I said, shoddy journalism based on no concrete facts about NWFOI and attempt to smear NWFOI just because you don’t like Israel. Pathetic really.

  10. richardarmbach2 permalink

    You seem to have missed the point which was that anybody, including Israel, the Soviet Union, SFI and NWFOI can write a bullshi constitution / mission statement.

  11. watchfuliris permalink

    ZF, SFI, CUFI, NWFOI, IDF, IFM, EDL…what’s the difference? All believe in the racist policies of the Israeli government. The lack of respect for the human rights and dignity of the Palestinian people is the common element among them all. Zionism is a racist political ideology.

  12. Bonnie Wardlow permalink

    Ok, I have to ask. Why does Israel need so much advocating? I mean, if Israel wasn’t so corrupt, all these people wouldn’t have to spend so much time and energy telling us how great Israel is. And what does Israel think it’s going to accomplish by all this forcing people to keep quiet or to accept the occupation as something good? The whole world is figuring out that Israel has been lying and has become a truly awful occupier. And yet, all these advocates seem to think they can change the reality of what Israel has become. Or are they all just making noise to hear themselves speak? Or maybe they all just want to be somebody. I can see that in that Simon Cobbs character. Maybe these blokes are the same way?

    It seems to me that if something is good, you don’t have to “sell” it.

  13. Bonnie Wardlow permalink

    One more thought. Does anyone besides me see the irony in all these efforts to combat anti-Semitism by a people whose very creed is racist? Israel being voted a Jewish state is the biggest hypocrisy of all. What a bunch of racist wankers calling everyone else racist.

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