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From across the pond: The tale of the CoE Vicar on the “down low” and the Floridian Princess.

by on January 3, 2016

By Iris Bloom

Harriet’s Place has received a tip that a London Vicar has been caught up in a “down low” sexcapade worthy of notice, not for its salacious value, but rather, because of its noteworthiness and the legal precedent that it sets. For those of you not familiar with the meaning of  “down low”, it’s a Yankee term used for married men who secretly pursue sex with other men.  It’s our understanding that the Vicar involved is married to Florida artist and stylist Kristin Perers,kristinperersjpgwho took her NYC boho style to the UK and found her niche delivering American “shabby chic” to the proper doyennes of Londontown.  Those who know the ever fashionable Ms. Perers tell us that she adores being a Vicar’s wife, but we wonder for how much longer?

Pike’s Peak blog has the story here.

Stay tuned for further news on this developing story.

London Priest in Blackmail and Abuse Row

William Campbell-Taylor Clergy Abuse
William Campbell-Taylor

A City of London priest is at the center of allegations of blackmail and clergy abuse. Rev. William Campbell-Taylor, a Church of England cleric who is also a councilmember in London City Hall, tried to use legal retribution to prevent a vulnerable male from talking publicly about his allegations that the priest had asked him for a lewd act of fellatio.

But some 20 witnesses have come forward to testify about their own experiences with the priest. One prominent Christian witness reported he had been similarly betrayed and “been threatened by William Campbell Taylor” who “was in a position to blackmail me.” Another spoke about her experience of the cleric’s “secretive” and “lying” behavior with her.

Campbell-Taylor denies the alleged abuse with the vulnerable male, and rejects any suggestion that he had any close personal relationship with the victim. But dozens of letters from the cleric to the victim have since come to light in which Campbell-Taylor signs off messages with kisses and “love, William” and “W x” or “yr brother Muffin”. The victim writes to Campbell-Taylor challenging him about “your sexuality and past experience that has wreaked havoc in our personal relationship” and asks about the time “you said [to me] ‘How about a b**w job then?’”. In response, the priest evades the question and strangely writes back “you have been on my mind today because I know it is your birthday” and “I would like to be in a position to stand in solidarity in public with you as a friend” and again signs off “love William”. The victim further referred to characteristic phrases used by the priest such as “a stirring in the loins”.

Further witnesses report Campbell-Taylor’s known romantic relationships with both sexes, and a male contemporary from his days at the liberal seminary, Wescott House in Cambridge, England, writes about his dating history there, adding “I was definitely somewhat enamored of him – most people were in those days – he was stunning and charming.” William Campbell-Taylor is currently married to Florida photographer, Kristin Perers, and is a prominent media spokesman on London and financial issues.

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  1. Johnny Appleseed permalink

    Well, what goes around comes around, I guess…bisexual men who have desires they need to fulfil in both directions are only ever going to get “half” of what they need from a partner of one sex. This guy clearly has a narcissist ego in his history with people, and seems to want it all. Check out:

  2. It would be more in line with the gospel of Jesus Christ to check your sources and to enquire whether the accuser has an axe to grind. Bear mind that it is the Crown Prosecution Service which has brought the charges – not against the vicar but against the one who is the source of your story

    • Harriet's Place permalink

      It appears, Mr. Wilkinson, that you have mistaken me for a Bishop. I’m flattered. My sources are many, however, the one you refer to has yet to respond to our requests for an interview. We at Harriet’s Place, are sure there’s still more to this story.

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