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What’s a Florida Princess in Hackney to do….

by on February 25, 2016


….when her Prince turns out to be more Lothario than Prince?  The problem is this Lothario is on the down low and doesn’t show any sign of repentance.  Harriet’s Place has received a tip from a London insider that our CoE priest-who-would-be-mayor-on-the-down-low is still on the make on the streets of Londontown.  What Harriet’s Place wants to know is does his intended victim know and how soon will our beloved Florida Princess be looking for another castle to redecorate?

If the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour, what’s to stop this ongoing slap in the face to so many who have entrusted him with their lives and well-being? Given he’s a man of the cloth, maybe the Church could do a little house keeping in Hackney and put an end to all the “under the covers” mischief that continues with impunity, if the city fathers won’t?

At any rate, take heed, all you men about Londontown.  The Hackney Preacher is still on the make.  And as for you, Princess…..he’s a frog.  Deal with it.


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