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The Vicar and the Florida Princess

by on March 12, 2016

This is a London case Harriet’s Place has been following for quite some time.  Our American cousins across the pond have kept us in the know and it appears to have concluded in favour of truth, justice, and freedom of speech. You can read it on Pike’s Peak News here:

William Campbell-Taylor (Rev. William Taylor) “Lied and Lied and Lied and Lied” to Cover Up Blackmail and Sexual Abuse as His Complaint Against His Victim is Thrown Out

While the legal case is over, it seems the Princess’ troubles have just begun. Harriet’s Place hopes our Princess knows you just can’t keep a man on the down-low down.  And in that case, our Princess needs to be on the up and up about her man. It won’t serve her well to keep her head in the sand.

After all that directional punning, Harriet needs a cuppa. We’ll keep you informed on this developing saga.  You know how we like a good saga.

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  1. Susan Struthers permalink

    I’ve heard about this. Begs the question does she know where her husband is when he says he has a meeting to attend?

  2. Disgusted permalink


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