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How To Get Away With Blackmail: A Guide By William Campbell-Taylor

by on March 17, 2016


By Ben Fielding

As Harriet’s Place has been following the case of the Florida Princess and the Vicar Who Would Be Mayor, William Campbell-Taylor (aka Fr William Taylor), has made a great big, big deal of selling himself in movies and social media as an heroic champion of the poor huddled masses against the dark forces of the City of London Corporation:


The spiel for the film he had made tells us how “Father William Taylor” stands as a fixed point of “moral virtue” against the evil powers of the City.  This is of course the same virtuous William Campbell-Taylor who recently lost a court case where he had tried to prosecute some bloke whom he had asked for oral sex, and who had then gone on to talk about his abuse at the hands of the Priest in Parliament:

There is a story here in that, even before his little sexual faux pas, William Campbell-Taylor had been alleged by a former councilor from the same City of London Ward where he now holds office, to have tried to blackmail him.  The councilor writes, “William Campbell-Taylor, by his own admission threatened me” and “was in a position to blackmail me.” A third council member who is also a priest described Campbell-Taylor’s conduct as “evil”.

The question that Harriet’s Place now has for the City Fathers in the London Corporation is what are you going to do about it?  This blackmail, abuse, lying and cheating by Campbell-Taylor has been going on for so many years that it rather makes a mockery of the fact that you apparently have a “Standards Committee” to preserve high moral standards in public office.

Just as ironic, is the fact that Campbell-Taylor recently retweeted a criticism of Donald Trump as being unfit to hold public office.

Looks like a little of the pot calling the kettle black, to me.


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  1. Johnny Appleseed permalink

    What a lowlife scumbag #RevBlowJob indeed

  2. Johnny Appleseed permalink

    This man is a disgrace and unfit to hold public office, never mind be a church pastor

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