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The stitch up continues: The continuing saga of Patrick Sookhdeo

by on March 17, 2016

Harriet’s Place has also been following the sad saga of the persecution of Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo and the tips just keep rolling in.  It appears that Richard Carvath has some of the story here.

We’ll be waiting and watching for more of this sordid affair to unfold and we anticipate the death blow (another timely and well contrived) complaint any time now.  Rumour has it that ladies are being recruited as we speak, to come forward to ensure Dr. Sookhdeo spends his golden years in a prison cell for unwitnessed, uncorroborated and vague 30 year old “offenses” no one can remember, not even the complainants, until now.

Harriet’s Place has one question? What’s the price of a boob bump these days?  We bet Rev. Mark Woods has that answer.  But like any good journalist, he’s staying schtum on his sources.  He has to.

Ok, we lied.  Harriet’s Place has more than one question.  The big one is if a guy with Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s education, credentials, faith, and life’s work is going to diddle with women and get nothing out of it, why would he go to the trouble?  Is he that daft that he’d risk it all for a feeble grope every 10 years or so?  There’s more to this story so stay tuned.


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