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The stitch of up Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo comes unraveled

by on March 28, 2016

As Harriet has always said, all things out, eventually, and this is the case with the conspiracy against Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo.  Harriet’s Place investigators and a plethora of other investigators and journalists, American and British, have been working overtime to get to the bottom of the pathetic conspiracy to end the career of Barnabas Fund’s founder and International Director.

It began with an attempted trustee takeover, led by the “king maker” Alison Ruoff. Her “king” in the making was one, Robert de Berry, whom we’re told has a history of problems with “people of colour”, and along with a few other trustees including Grianne McDonald, a particularly sanctimonious type, Ivar Hellberg, who had spent time in the intelligence field and was capable of being the plotmaster (1), and Canon Paul Brooks, Barnabas’ well funded and established mission was readied for takeover.  A Pakistani Christian, Wilson Saraj had just been promoted to Projects Manager to the dismay of the cabal of former trustees.  With a few (now former) employees on board supplying them with information (2) and tactical advise, some crafted for purpose, sources tell us a honey trap of sorts was set. Was Diane the mole?  We’re told so.

Sookhdeo’s Personal Assistant, Diane Fischbacher, who was the office hugger, found herself in the perfect storm.  Fueled by job insecurity and the need for affirmation, the seduction by the former trustees was too hard to resist.  She wasn’t cut out for her job in the first place and certainly didn’t have the moxy to endure Sookhdeo’s management style, which we understand can be brusque.  Only those seasoned veterans of high level negotiations, confidential funding deals, and a vast tolerance for international personality idiosyncrasies are cut out for such work.  Diane was no match for the work or the environment due to the high demands and sophistication of such highly confidential work. Her dress, manner, job skills, and personality were more suited for hostessing than for the diplomats, clergy, and high level financiers who regularly wandered in and out of the Barnabas Fund offices in Pewsey. She bonded with the other women who were equally inefficient or misemployed.  Two of them have admitted to having mental illness.

Make no mistake, Patrick Sookhdeo is not an easy man to work for, but then, neither is the work easy, itself.  Considering it can determine whether people live or die, are rescued or not, and the confidentiality of all that goes into making those rescue deals, it takes a certain type to understand the idiosyncrasies and intricacies of Sookhdeo and his work.  The mistake he made was in not captaining his office the way he captained his life saving deals. He counted on his employees to rise to the occasion, and setting better boundaries for his staff wasn’t high on his to do list. Because these boundaries had reached the breached level to an extreme, he had to act. Setting a dress code didn’t set well with some of the women of Barnabas Fund.  It was necessary to avoid offending visiting dignitaries of other faiths who found the cleavage and thigh action at Barnabas Fund a little uncomfortable. Things had to change at Barnabas Fund and some didn’t like it.

We also understand that during and after the failed takeover attempt, there was a concerted effort to apply financial pressure on Barnabas Fund by running up the legal bill that BF would ultimately be responsible for, and creating a legal situation that would cost BF a bundle to untangle.  We surmise that since they couldn’t get Dr. Sookhdeo out up front, they’d make him so expensive to keep that the BF board would want him gone.  This tact, combined with a new angle, to make him prison bait, is what is behind the new charge filed recently.  Our CoE sources tell us that with Alison Ruoff’s connections to the former trustees, former employees and the current complainant (via this complainant’s husband who happens to sit on 2 charity boards with Ruoff) intact, the effort to bring a complaint that dates back to 1977 forward, to establish a pattern of sexual predation is moving forward.  We have it on good authority that another one or two have been lined up to do the same in case the plot falters.  We also have it on good authority that Christian Today knows all of this and wanting to be on the “right” side of the political game being played here, chose the narration of the former trustees and employees concerned, over a balanced truth. Mark Woods has a lot to make up for after the demise of the Baptist Times, after being “in print” for 156 years.

We also have information that suggests that in the PC sensitive climate of interfaith relations, Patrick Sookhdeo’s condemnation of Islamic extremism became a liability and he’s been called “the most dangerous man in Christendom” because of it. What’s interesting is that his views are compatible with Alison Ruoff’s, which we understand is part of why she wanted BF for herself, but his methods and unwillingness to play the CoE game made them incompatible. He had long ago given up on the CoE due to, by their own admission, rampant racism, and she was still climbing the ladder, hoping her Bishop Chartres would eventually be the Archbishop of Canterbury. We’ve learned from a reliable CoE source that he’s set to retire, a failed Ruoff “king-making” endeavor.

We’re receiving more information daily and will continue to keep our reading public informed since this so very important issue of abuse of the legal system is of great public interest. Harriet’s Place is bumping into a lot of that these days.  Harriet’s Place thanks God that some of the people involved have consciences and are repentant.  We’re praying for them to all come clean.  The truth will set you freeeeeeeee!


From Barnabas Fund document “Hard Pressed On Every Side” 2016

(1)  “….but Ivar Hellberg was said by Robert de Berry to be the group’s planner.”

(2) “Robert de Berry stated verbally to Bishop Julian Dobbs and Mr Philip Richards in February 2013 that they had “a mole” in the office. It must have been someone working very closely with Dr Sookhdeo because of the mysterious way in which the majority trustees seemed to know confidential things in advance.”




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