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Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo: Criminal or Victim?

by on April 1, 2016

We’ve learned that Barnabas Fund’s former International Director and founder, Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s sexual assault accuser has confessed to making false allegations via investigative journalist, Richard Carvath. What we don’t know is, is this the same woman Harriet’s Place has uncovered as the Barnabas Fund mole who fed information to the former trustees before, during, and after their takeover attempt? We think so.  It adds up.  Since we don’t know the name of Carvath’s confessor, we can only put the facts together to see what the puzzle looks like.  The sum of it is that Diane Fischbacher, Sookhdeo’s long time PA, was in a good position to make the complaint.  We originally were curious about the trustee takeover attempt, but were led by facts and witnesses to understand that the takeover attempt and the sexual assault allegation were intertwined.  Carvath’s blog reports that he had received an email from the complainant’s husband and then the confession was reported.

We have also learned that the alleged victim from 2014 was using a strong drug, diazepam, known for being prescribed for anxiety.  This begs the question, did Barnabas Fund hire Diane Fischbacher knowing she suffered from anxiety and was on such a drug as diazepam that could have disastrous effects on her work and stability?  Or did she acquire this condition after she was hired?  We understand from various public sources that another former Barnabas Fund employee, Kathryn Wakeling also is an anxiety sufferer and has been diagnosed with OCD.  We also know that another former employee, Kayleigh Ghiot, has admitted on her own blog to having a near break down prior to her employment at Barnabas Fund.  We believe that all 3 women are the complainants in the original trial against Dr. Sookhdeo. Again, we have to ask if these conditions were revealed to Barnabas Fund prior to employment?  We know from David Virtue’s article, that Kathryn Wakeling and Kayleigh Ghiot are the witness intimidation complainants.  We find it astounding that Sookhdeo’s legal counsel didn’t bang that drum at trial.  We also don’t believe that the intimidation charge was on target.  Sources close to BF tell us that neither witnesses were supposed to be there the day of that impromptu speech and that they were told not to be.  But that drum was also left alone at trial.  We regret that Barnabas Fund hasn’t responded to our requests for direct dialogue so we have to rely on peripheral sources that we can verify and/or corroborate, independently of BF officials.

We’ll be watching to see if the Met police do their jobs and investigate this confession and we’ll continue to be open to any and all tips and communications from anyone who feels the need to get clean from this disgusting and vile conspiracy.  The truth will out, and we’ll report it now, and in the future, in the event any other “complaints” are made.

We understand that the new complaint was made by a white CoE Vicar and it dates back to 1977.  We have it on good authority that this complainant is caught up in the polarisation of the CoE over gay marriage since the pro side is led by her husband, the Dean of St. Paul’s, David Ison.  What our source couldn’t tell us is how Alison Ruoff can possibly be involved in the taking down of Patrick Sookhdeo, given her abhorrence of gay marriage, yet she cohorts with the likes of David Ison, her theological antithesis.  All we can figure is that it’s all about the former trustees’ takeover attempt, and its failure.  Revenge is best served cold, Mrs. Ruoff.  This dish is way too hot to be successful.

We do know that David Ison is on the PCAW advisory council, a whistle blower advocacy charity concern, and this new complainant most likely is receiving the best counsel and encouragement such a support team could offer.   From


The Council has an advisory role to the charity. Michael Brindle QC is Chairman. Current members include Michael Smyth CBE, Michael Woodford MBE, The Right Hon Sir Anthony Hooper, Roger Bolton, Dr Yvonne Cripps, Edwin Glasgow QC, David Owen, Dr Elaine Sternberg, Dr Marie Stewart, Stephen Whittle OBE, Guy Dehn, Maurice Frankel OBE, Marlene Winfield OBE, Michael Rubenstien, Sarah Veale CBE and the Very Revd Dr David Ison.

We also know that David Ison serves with Mrs. Ruoff on The London Diocesan Board of Finance and The London Diocesan Fund charities as trustees and as Richard Carvath has pointed out, the knowledge of what’s happening goes much farther up in the hierarchy in the CoE than just this.  Where Ison’s and Ruoff’s interests converge can only be speculated upon as the mutual interest in seeing Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo buried.  Ison wins by getting another gay marriage opponent off his back, and Ruoff gets her revenge along with putting the Asian guy back in his place where he belongs. Harsh sounding? Yeah…but what’s worse than saying it is doing it.

If Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo is a serial sex offender, then let it come out.  But let it be the truth, not more of what’s transpired so far.  We’ll be there to make sure this conspiracy ends so that the truth can come out. Take it to the bank….that’s American for it’s a certainty.  This new complainant had better have her facts straight and be spot on about what happened and what didn’t.  Date, time, place, opportunity, and motive.  If those elements are all there, let’s get a criminal off the streets. Somehow, we doubt they are.


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