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Who is Richard Carvath? Hero or villain?

by on April 12, 2016

After watching Richard Carvath’s investigative journalistic efforts unfold to uncover the sordid conspiracy to persecute Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, we were curious about just who this journalist was. Finding a huge digital footprint of his and others who know him both online and off, we’ve come to the conclusion that Richard Carvath is a man of great principle, conservative Bible derived values, and as near to fearless as a man can get.

He has fended off many online attackers on social media who behave more like a pack of jackals than human beings. Given their immoral proclivities and viewpoints, such as being pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and general amoral conduct online, we now understand that the opposition to Richard Carvath is more of a moral issue. They band together and attack en mass like pack animals and school yard bullies do.  One makes a comment either to him or about him and another either reiterates it or adds to it until a frenzied free for all has ensued. They’ve attacked his faith, values, family, writing, appearance, morals, politics, and anything else they could think of to belittle, malign, embarrass, and humiliate him.  Yet, he marches on….unwavering, unfaltering…fearlessly.

From what we’ve read about Richard Carvath, he believes the Bible is God’s inspired word. Insanity?  We don’t think so.  He also claims to believe that abortion is murder. Mental illness?  We don’t think so.  He’s a Zionist, but we won’t hold that against him. He is also against gay marriage and believes homosexuality is a sin. So do millions of other Christians. The Church of England is poised to schism because of this issue. So why, when Archbishops, Bishops, and Vicars all over the world are in debate about this subject is it a mental health issue about Richard Carvath when he weighs in on it?

Bullying.  It’s plain and simple.  Richard Carvath is being bullied online by a bunch of uncivilised and conscienceless bullies.  He’s been attacked on Twitter, Facebook and in various blogs and websites where comments are enabled. Often times, he defends himself using wit or logic only to be retaliated against, with greater force.  We’ve seen fake blogs about him and we’ve seen him mocked and impersonated, specifically to embarrass him. We’ve been able to identify these miscreants both online and offline and most of them have significant holes in their characters and lives that bullies often have that lead them to become bullies.  Superiority complexes that belie extreme insecurity, narcissism, and a general lack of self control abound in these bullies, but what’s sad about it is, there are so many of them, they look like a consensus who make use of the old toxic adage that if something is repeated often enough, it becomes truth.  This is what we believe has happened to British journalist Richard Carvath.  He happens to come from an area of the country where his conservatism isn’t the norm, or reflective of the majority, but it’s held by millions of Christians in other areas.  We have observed that his “detractors” are, in general, not people of faith. This suggests to us that Richard Carvath is being persecuted for his Orthodox Christian values….and he knows it goes with the territory. God bless him.


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