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UPDATE on the Patrick Sookhdeo saga

by on April 27, 2016


According to Richard Carvath’s blog, a Crimestoppers report, to which he was a witness of its filing, has been submitted by an unknown source who had a conversation with the 2014 complainant, whom we believe to be Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo’s former PA, Diane Fischbacher according to our sources as well as is our own conclusion. This report encompassed the source’s conversation with the complainant and included talk that she made up the grounds for the charge Dr. Sookhdeo was convicted of, along with talk about her use of the strong anti-anxiety drug, diazepam, and talk about her sex life.  This is explicit in Carvath’s video and blog report.  The source remains unnamed publicly.

Also, according to other journalists, is the Wiltshire police department’s attempt to remove from the public domain, the name of this alleged criminal who, if the Crimestoppers report filer is correct (and we have a good inkling of who it is and what’s involved…ok better than an inkling), the complainant, having filed a false claim against Dr. Sookhdeo, should be prosecuted.

Harriet’s Place wants to know if this Crimestoppers report has made its way to the Wiltshire police department yet for further investigation and if so, and the complainant has denied the unnamed source’s allegations, have they done anything to find out the identity of the unnamed source and why this source would make such a report that might be a crime in and of itself if it’s not true, depending on UK law?

Based on tips, interviews, and public information, Harriet’s Place has put together a pretty robust summation of just what’s really going on and so far, there are no thought police here in America and the First Amendment is still alive and well, not to mention that it’s in the public’s interest to uncover any false charges and prosecutions that may have taken place. While it may be in the Wiltshire police’s mandate to protect the claimant(s), it’s an even higher cause to protect people like Dr. Sookhdeo from these kinds of false allegations born of conspiratorial efforts by people such as the former trustees who tried to take over Barnabas Fund.  As we’ve said before, they are directly linked and this source’s statement confirms it.  We know Diane was the mole, feeding them information on Dr. Sookhdeo and Barnabas Fund.  We believe through several means of confirmation, that she was also the 2014 complainant and is the alleged perjurer.

The second complainant, we are told, by a reliable source from deep within the Evangelical community, is being used as a pawn in the political battle for the future of the CoE.  We’ve speculated before that Alison Ruoff, one of the leaders of the failed takeover of Barnabas Fund has something to do with the second complaint and since then, we’ve found out that in spite of her opposition to the CoE endorsing gay marriage, she backed David Ison as Dean of St. Paul’s.  David Ison is a leading proponent of the gay marriage agenda and has been for quite some time, so it’s impossible that Alison Ruoff didn’t know this when she supported his appointment. While no one has mentioned her name per se, we also know that his wife, a former Vicar, was at one time, back in the 70’s, either employed or was a volunteer at Barnabas Fund.  Our source who knew her then, wasn’t sure and it isn’t material to the case.  We’ve found that Alison Ruoff has plenty of reasons and form to facilitate a man’s (Patrick Sookhdeo’s) demise just as she pushed for the resignation of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  David Virtue has reported that Alison Ruoff even apologised to her Evangelical colleagues for backing Ison. You do the math.

Harriet’s Place wants to know if this new complaint was the price of his appointment?

More to come.



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