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The London Diocese connection: The continuing saga of the persecution of Patrick Sookhdeo

by on June 13, 2016


In a previous post Harriet’s Place investigators had uncovered the link between the old trustees who tried to take over Barnabas Fund and the new complainant, and the London Diocese of the CoE, by virtue of the relationship between Alison Ruoff, a former trustee of Barnabas Fund and David Ison, the current Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The ninth commandment. 

Hilary Ison, like Diane Fischbacher is the latest political pawn being used to take down Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo of Barnabas Fund. Hilary Ison is the Dean of St. Paul’s wife and as we’ve said before, the Dean and Alison Ruoff are well acquainted. So well acquainted that she put his name up for Dean and voted for him even though he’s at the head of the CoE LGBT rights movement. They also serve on 2 charities together. We also know from deep within the Evangelical community that Mrs. Ison’s not so sure of her position and is seeking support from others as to whether she’s doing the right thing or not. Maybe Bishop Chartres and his wife could offer her some advice about the ninth commandment:

You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice, nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his lawsuit.

— Exodus 23:1-2

We believe that the Dean of St. Paul’s wife, Hilary Ison has done just that, as the “politically well placed” new complainant.  Our CoE sources have indicated to us that this newest complaint is part and parcel of the campaign to eliminate Dr. Sookhdeo’s anti-gay and anti-Islamist extremism scholarly rhetoric from the national dialogue.  If Dr. Sookhdeo can be eliminated, the LGBT and the Islamophobia lobbies will have taken out a major defender of biblical Christian values.  We also have reason to believe that he won’t be the last one on their agenda to eliminate.

Alison Ruoff ruoffa01_180px

Alison Ruoff, one of the renegade trustees who led the fray to take over Barnabas Fund is known for being an outspoken member of General Synod (former) and had a heavy hand in the retirement of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.  It was she who suggested that he be retired to academia and presto!  He was. We also know that it was she who saw the opportunity to supplant Dr. Sookhdeo with Rev. Robert DeBerry at the helm of Barnabas Fund and the machinations that were used, including lying, secret meetings, and secret emails were nothing less than Machiavellian.  We don’t call her “The King Maker” for nothing.

We also know that Alison Ruoff’s son, Mark has recently been ordained and is on the fast track to one day, possibly follow in Ison’s footsteps (ht SB).  How did that happen, we wonder? Ok, we don’t wonder that much.

Ivar Hellberg Ivar_Hellberg01

We know so far, that Diane told whom we presume, based on two different sources we can’t divulge just yet, to be Ivar Hellberg, a former trustee, that she lied about the incident that convicted Dr. Sookhdeo of inappropriate sexual touching.  We know Diane was Alison Ruoff’s and Ivar Hellberg’s pawn, and that Ivar Hellberg was an active-turned-reluctant participant in the takeover attempt.  We believe that given his Psyops background, he was able to groom Diane to conduct what’s known in intelligence circles as a “honey trap”, but he failed to take into consideration Dr. Sookhdeo’s physical ailments and personal disposition that would make such a ruse unsustainable over the long run.  We believe he’s realised this and is contrite…..but not contrite enough.  We believe his intelligence community connections have been misused over the years and span several documented incidences including a Sandhurst campaign to stop the building of a mosque that Ivar used his connections (illegally) to fulfill.  We believe that this event was encouraged by Alison Ruoff’s NO MORE MOSQUES  agenda, even though she began it 3 years earlier.  In Ivar, she found a kindred spirit and together, they stood to take over the UK’s most financially sound and successful NGO.

We also believe that Ivar Hellberg is one of four men that Diane frequently spoke to about her sex life and other inappropriate subjects for two married people.

We understand both Alison and Ivar stand to be sued for their unconscionable conduct as trustees of Barnabas Fund.

Robert deBerry Robert

CoE Revd. Robert deBerry was the king without a throne, whom Alison intended to seat at the helm of Barnabas Fund.  The only problem was that he had grave issues with telling the truth and his thinly disguised as “imperialism” racism, was legendary. We’re willing to bet that sometime in the near future, he’ll be able to attach “defendant” to the end of his name instead of King in front of it.

Harriet’s Place investigators are working diligently to uncover this conspiracy and cabal and will update you as facts become available.

Still to come….the Mark Woods connection, Diane’s lost 40 days, the London Diocese and Masonic connection, what happened at Exeter didn’t stay at Exeter, the other former trustees, and that Crimestoppers report that Wiltshire PD has yet to address.

Stay tuned.


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