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Who Harriet’s Place Isn’t

by on July 23, 2016

Over the years Harriet’s Place has been accused of being a Church of England Vicar (and still are according to the rabid Rabbi Kenny Cohen), Richard Carvath, a Muslim cleric, the International Director of a British NGO, a cowboy from Dallas, and many others. We are none of those.

As a matter of fact, the people whose causes we write about rarely give us an interview, so we rely on other corroborated and verified sources and public, and sometimes not so public information.  Being an investigative blog, we sometimes speculate, but rarely without sources, and never blindly. Often times, our sources can’t be named, but what they tell us is verified thoroughly or we don’t print it. Sometimes we pick up stories from other bloggers whom we may know or have common interests with.  All of the Harriet’s Place affiliated blogs are listed on our home page.

Who we are is a consortium of American and British investigators, journalists, protestants, catholics, jews, male and female. Our number of contributing authors changes all the time given schedules, interests, and geography.

We created Harriet’s Place in response to the outrageous Harry’s Place vile and vitriolic hasbara blog.  We are not named for some narcissistic sociopathic CoE Vicar’s illegitimate daughter. Our original blog, Hoffman Chronicled dates back to 2010 and Harriet’s Place is merely a 2012 metamorphosis.


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