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The Board of Deputies of British Jews is told to “piss off”

by on November 3, 2016

Harriet’s Place has followed the BoD vendetta against Church of England Vicar Stephen Sizer for years, and the latest BoD tantrum is a fine case in point.

Sizer tendered his resignation and apparently was awaiting nothing more than the move from the vicarage at Easter time, at the convenience of his parish.  One parish member tells us he spends a lot of time at the food bank and taking long walks these days.  We’re also told his successor is in place and a smooth transition is expected, not an easy task after a 20 year tenure.

Apparently after attending the latest Balfour Project event, chaired by Baroness Jenny Tonge, a long term supporter for Palestinian human rights, he posted on his FB page photos of the event.  Having believed his resignation fulfilled his agreement with his bishop, who is still crawling around the floor of Guildford cathedral, hunting for his testicles when not pandering to Jonathan Arkush, his Jewish minder, said bishop has issued a public statement to the effect that Sizer figured wrong and Arkush was to be obeyed until the backside of him is all that’s seen from the vicarage window.

Jonathan Arkush has issued his own statement from behind his Vice President Marie van der Zyl’s skirts as he is want to do, and it looks nothing like Bishop Watson’s, which we believe was negotiated out between master and serf, privately.  We’ve posted both statements below in their respective entirety.

Statement on Stephen Sizer

Date: 02 November 2016
A statement from the Bishop of Guildford, Andrew Watson:
In February 2015, Dr Stephen Sizer undertook to refrain from writing or speaking on themes relating to the current situation in the Middle East and to its historical backdrop for as long as he remained a parish priest in the Diocese of Guildford. Until now, this agreement has been upheld in letter and spirit, however Dr Sizer recently attended an event which clearly engages in these themes, and around which there has subsequently been understandable controversy. Additionally, Dr Sizer published a social media post relating to the event, also contravening his agreement.
Dr Sizer has already given notice of his resignation as vicar of Virginia Water from Easter 2017, and said that he attended the event in question on the understanding that our agreement no longer stood now that his resignation had been tendered. This is certainly not the case. I have spoken with Dr Sizer to make clear that I am disappointed by his actions and to clarify that our agreement categorically must run until the end of his tenure of office.
Dr Sizer is aware how seriously I view this and has stated to me that it was not his intention to break the agreement which he has upheld until now. However, with its terms now clarified beyond any doubt, Dr Sizer has been warned that any further breach of the agreement must result in his tenure of office ending with immediate effect.


Media Contact:

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Sizer set to ‘end Clergy career under cloud’

November 2, 2016 – Board of Deputies – Share: TwitterFacebook

Stephen Sizer has breached the terms of the undertakings he gave to the Church of England by attending and publishing a social media post about a particularly ugly and inflammatory event with Jenny Tonge in the chair. Tonge was subsequently suspended from the Liberal Democrat Party as a result.

The terms of Sizer’s agreement – drawn up after he repeatedly shared antisemitic material on social media – required him to refrain from writing or speaking on themes relating to the current situation in the Middle East and to its historical backdrop for as long as he remained a parish priest in the Diocese of Guildford. By attending an event where the audience is alleged to have applauded the suggestion that Jews were responsible for the Holocaust, he clearly flouted the agreement, earning him a stinging public rebuke from his bishop in the Diocese of Guildford. The Bishop’s statement makes it clear that while Sizer intends to leave his post in 2017, his ability to reach that date by his own accord now hangs by a thread.

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl said: “A repeat offender in the trafficking of antisemitic slurs, the ‘soon-to-be-ex’ clergyman Stephen Sizer has spectacularly flouted his written undertaking to the Church of England by attending an event filled with toe-curling antisemitism. If he had any shred of decency, Sizer would have fulfilled the terms of the agreement and tendered his resignation with immediate effect. He now guarantees that he will end his clerical career under a cloud. The sad irony that this divisive figure is moving on to a charity called ‘Peacemaker Mediators’ is not lost on us.”

We also happen to know from one of our BoD sources that this was reported by a Christian, not a MOT.  The only Christian we know who would be so characteristically un-Christian would be the Rev. Nick Howard, Michael “something of the night” Howard’s son who failed to be ordained in the CoE and has now tried to cover up his inability to keep a job by trying to start his own church.  We have it on good authority that because of his ever changing CV, in which he vacillates between indentifying as a Christian and lately, as a Jew, his true agenda caught up with him when he tried to Judaise a NYC Anglican parish through Christian Zionism themed sermons and pressure talks.  Needless to say, he’s back on daddy’s dole with his hat in his hand, trying to raise money for his own ministry. Apparently along with being tossed on his ear by his former church, ACNA has also washed their hands of him and he’s now aligned with an South African outfit by the name of REACH SA. His previously mentioned CV seems to be in omission of the fact that he was rejected by the CoE, spent 3 years as an itinerant street preacher living on handouts, and practices Judaism more than he does Christianity as per his assistance in the persecution of a fellow Christian priest.  We’ll be sending notice to his Bishop in the event that the loss of Sizer as his favourite target could very well lead him to look for a new one….someone he deems isn’t paying enough homage to Israel, in his book.  We await final confirmation from our BoD source that it was indeed, Rev. Nick (er…did we mention he’s reinvented himself and no longer goes by Nick, but now is known as Rev. Bernard?) who



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