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Hasbara Primary Skool….Are YOU a “persuadable”?

Stephen Hoffman

Stephen Hoffman


What Messages Work

  1. ‘Persuadables’ need to see empathy for both sides
  2. Explain principles – raise kids w/o hate; children should not be taught to be suicide bombers
  3. Never justification for deliberate slaughter of women and kids
  4. Does Israel make mistakes – yes but we want a better future and are working towards it
  5. Do not be patronizing/paternal. Israel cannot “allow” Palestinians to do things
  6. Always be positive apart from terror.
  7. Israel wants peace – most pro-peace speaker will win debate
  8. Israel long-term commitment to peace. Camp David 1, Jordan, Camp David 2
  9. Let people know about good that Israel does – alt. energy, high tech, equality (women homosexuals, Muslims) Israel only country in region with women judges in supreme court etc.
  10. Draw parallels between N. American and Israeli freedoms – democracy, freedom, security
  11. Don’t talk about religion
  12. Talk about the future
  13. How can it be a cycle of violence? If Israel stopped fighting terror would it stop?
  14. KISS – keep it simple stupid
  15. Blaming media is not as effective as pushing peace agenda
  16. Start comment with best, positive message.
  17. Concede a point. “You make a good point”
  18. Never be declarative – “Always” “Totally” “Promise”
  19. Mutuality is a key concept – cooperation, “both have a right to…” mutual respect, side by side
  20. Iran-backed Hamas; Iran-backed Hezbollah
  21. “What is happening in Gaza isn’t pleasant but…”
  22. Don’t blame Palestinians but HAMAS. 52% in Gaza blame Hamas for ills
  23. There is suffering in Gaza. It is Hamas’ fault
  24. Israel has a responsibility to its own citizens
  25. FACTS – how many missiles? What range?
  26. Use Hamas charter – read it out loudly
  27. Israel has right to defensible borders
  28. Don’t talk in terms of 1967 borders – it turns audiences off in best case
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