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Now that the dust has settled on the Board of Deputies/Stephen Sizer business, it is a good time to reflect on what lessons can be learned.  The internet rabids are sulking and the Board, after a brief and frantic flurry of spin, are wanting to move on, lick their wounds in private, and ponder on what can be done about Jonathan Arkush.  Though there is of course, the next plenary to negotiate.

The lesson for the rest of us is a simple one.  Never again.

In the first instance, the vendetta was a frolic of a handful of snotty nosed, hysterical Jews for Jesus, conducted mainly on the blogosphere, notably Joey Weissman, Jimmy Mendelsohn and Nicky Howard.

It developed further when a number of equally disordered Zionist zealots, Jonathan Hoffman prominent among them, joined in.

What is remarkable is how the virus found its way from these crazies to seemingly respectable organisations like the Board and its extension, The Council of “Christians” and Jews.

The route was from Nick Howard through his daddy, Michael “something of the night” Howard, a trustee of the CCJ.  After the great disaster of March/April 2012, the idea of the CDM complaint was conceived with the Board relying on information supplied to them by Nick Howard, and with Nick writing their scripts for them.

It is a perfectly amazing situation, that self proclaimed pillars of the Jewish and inter-faith establishments jumped into bed with a handful of internet crazies, adopted their agenda, and worked closely with one of them in particular (Nick), to the extent of relying on him as their prime source of information, and cheerfully appointing him as their scriptwriter in chief.

This has been a story of the most outrageous abuse.  One man has been put through close to two years of what must have been incredible stress. Constant fear of loss of reputation, loss of job and loss of home.  All for the sake of a need to indulge their retarded emotions and their addiction to politically motivated vendettas.  All of it , it turns out, for absolutely nothing. All of it to end up exactly where they started.  See here.

The very undertaking was an abuse of the CDM regulations which were never intended to deal with political differences and some peoples’ hyper-sensitivities

Arkush’s conduct throughout the process has been abusive.

He abused the concept of conciliation, never entering into the spirit of the process, but endeavoured to represent it as a quasi trial.

He abused the outcome by trying to represent it as a conviction, rather than an agreement primarily concerned with the resolution of future disagreements.   See here.

He abused his access to the press by submitting the above mentioned misrepresentation to the JC, who then saw fit to lend their already tainted venue to publicise Arkush’s folly.  

Worst of all, Arkush abused the goodwill of the Bishop of Guildford by deliberately deceiving him.  Arkush requested that one of the conciliators be Gavin Lightman.  Lightman ,it turns out, was Arkush’s mentor and tutor during his University days and they remain friends.  Further, Arkush and Lightman were spotted socialising during the conciliation process.

The Bishop acceded to the request.

It is a pretty safe assumption that Arkush didn’t declare the relationship at the time of the request, otherwise the Bishop couldn’t possibly have agreed to it.

ARKUSH: “Can my old mate Gav be one of the conciliators?”

Bishop: “Sure”

is an unlikely scenario.

To put it bluntly, Arkush is as bent as a £9 note.

If this man is as representative of the UK Jewish community as he claims, then that community is in grievous ethical and spiritual trouble.

This must never happen again.  Never again must the likes of Arkush, Hoffman, Wineman, Borowski and Levy be allowed access to the disciplinary structures of a UK church.


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