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Private: Jonathan Arkush admits his vendetta against Stephen Sizer

In his quest for the Board of Deputies of British Jews of England and Northern Ireland Presidency, candidate Jonathan Arkush has revealed his 3 year vendetta against Church of England Vicar, Revd. Stephen Sizer.  It can be seen in the first presidential candidates hustings sponsored by the Jewish Chronicle on May 12, 2015, chaired by Stephen Pollard, the JC’s editor.

The text of this admission is thus:

“We went after him, one man walking advertisement for hatred of Israel in a Church of England cassock, and we got him an ASBO from his Bishop. I actually finished off discussions on that as I was sitting shiva for my father 3 years ago because it had to be done and that’s how committed I am.”

We suggest that since his father just died Feb 4, 2015, a Freudian slip was made.  He said 3 years but meant 3 months.  Given that the CDM (Clergy Disciplinary Measure filed against Sizer in 2012), another Arkush driven initiative, was concluded 3 years ago, we can safely assume that’s how long this vendetta has been on his mind.  It also tells us just how unwell that mind is.

While Mr. Arkush was sitting shiva after the death of his father, he says that he “finished off discussions on that”, meaning “getting” Stephen Sizer.  He had entered into a conciliation agreement with Revd. Sizer on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, which it appears, he had no intention of honouring, before the negotiations even began, if our Freudian theory is correct.  The boast he made was to show his tenacity and dedication to his cause, and a 3 year period is much more impressive than a 3 month one.

It’s worthwhile to note that the Jewish representative in those negotiations was an old school mate of his, Sir Gavin Lightman, when it’s our understanding that bias and personal interest of either of the conciliators was to have been taboo.  Neither of them thought to report their previous close association to the presiding Bishop of Guildford, Christopher Hill. The course of that Jew on Christian aggression is carefully chronicled on the pages of this blog.

Sizer had been accused of posting “anti-Semitic” material on his website and/or Facebook page and given the developments of the last 3 years, Israel’s conduct has been consistent with what that material contained. Duplicitous, conspiratorial, murderous and down right dishonest, time has borne out the source websites’ information.  Even the Wikispooks website that he posted in January, was deemed not anti-Semitic, but his Bishop, Andrew Watson, after being promised that constant CDMs were in Sizer’s future, gave in to Jewish aggression, Zionist pressure, and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s misguided and questionable desire to make nice with the Board of Deputies at the expense of their own priest.   So the mealy-mouthed announcement that Revd. Sizer’s activism was no longer compatible with being a Church of England priest was made, and a social media ban was imposed. This is the ASBO Arkush brags about obtaining from Watson against Sizer in his speech as a BoD Presidential candidate.   Notice, he said “we got”.

In an interesting choice of wording, Arkush calls Sizer “a one man advertisement for the hatred of Israel”, not anti-Semitic, since Sizer isn’t anti-Semitic according to his Bishop and a multitude of Jews and Christians alike.

Let’s examine the “hatred of Israel” statement for a minute.  Since the failed CDM some 3 years ago, Israel has built a number of illegal settlements, killed a number of Palestinian children, and leveled a huge proportion of Gaza, as well as committed a multitude of other war crimes that the Hague just might adjudicate yet.  The problem with Arkush’s statement is that from everything we’ve read (before the ban) Sizer doesn’t hate Israel. He wants Israel to change. He wants Israel to end its racism, stop its persecution of Christians and all people in the region, stop the ever continuing theft of Palestinian land, and for Israel to abide by international law.  Where’s the hate in that?  He’s never said he wanted Israel to be destroyed, at least we’ve never seen nor heard it.  We challenge anyone to bring us evidence that Sizer hates Israel and wants it destroyed.  It’s just not out there.  As for the Wikispooks website Sizer posted, he was interested in a discussion about the possibility of Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center (we’re all interested), and asked if it was anti-Semitic, but Arkush saw his opportunity and pounced.  The social media ban wasn’t imposed because of the content of the Wikispooks website.  It was imposed because the Jewish Lobby had gotten the best of Sizer’s Christian bosses. It’s that simple.  So, what were they really afraid of?  We suspect the anti-Semitism card was on the table and ready to be flipped over at them for all the world to see.  Wouldn’t that be a mess, to have the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury and his Bishop of Guildford called anti-Semites in an aggressive bullying campaign led by The Board of Deputies of British Jews?

That, folks, is what the stakes were.  And as a consequence of the weak and mealy-mouthed Bishop’s ban, the Board of Deputies has the Christian Church of England by the short hairs.  It’s a sort of blackmail.  “If you don’t silence him, we’ll make a racket you won’t be able to live with”.  So a ban was secured, not based on substance, but rather, based on fear.  Fear of the Jews.  Watson himself, admitted this promised future vendetta was real, in a communiqué to a Sizer faithful.  Fear of the Jews.  I’ll say it again.  Fear of the Jews.  Just sit there and let that resonate in your mind for a minute.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda.

Given that Watson admitted in a tweet to the comical narcissistic social media troll, “Archbishop Cranmer” that he didn’t know a thing about Sizer before coming to Guildford, his haste to silence Sizer had to come directly from above. (What’s a CoE Bishop doing tweeting about someone he has silenced with an internet nut like Cranmer anyway? Don’t bother looking for the tweets….they’ve been disappeared).   If the recent speeches and actions of the Archbishop of Canterbury are any indication of just where he stands, Justin Welby is either a Zionist or a very weak willed man, or both.  The very church he leads is in danger of a schism over several subjects like gay marriage and the ordination of women, but we propose that the outside dark forces such as Jewish aggression are much more dangerous than any of the internal ones.

Every Anglican in the UK should be appalled at where their leadership has taken them, whether they’re Zionists or not.  Allowing Jewish aggression, blackmail, and coercion to dictate Anglican policy is a very dangerous thing and cannot be allowed to stand.  Stephen Sizer’s silence cannot be allowed to stand.  Israel’s conduct cannot be allowed to stand.

We look forward to Jonathan Arkush’s election to the Board of Deputies’ Presidency.

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