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14th March 2010


Rev Sizer’s photographs on – Jews as Christ killers
Rev Sizer has posted photographs of Israeli Defence Force soldiers on his public pages under the title “Herod’s Soldiers Operating in Bethlehem Today”1. Herod’s family converted to Judaism and he was the king of Judaea under the Romans. In the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 2.16, in the episode known as the Massacre of the Innocents, Herod ordered all baby boys in Bethlehem to be killed, in an effort to kill Jesus who he saw as a threat to his status as ‘King of the Jews’, the title given to him by the Romans.
Rev Sizer is therefore insinuating that Israeli soldiers are therefore both child killers and potential killers of Christ, or that any Jew in uniform becomes these two things. Any reader with a knowledge of the Gospel according to Matthew is being led by Rev Sizer to perceive members of the Israel Defence Force as Jewish soldiers who share and perpetuate Herod’s murderous aims. This venomous accusation is reinforced by the sub-heading of the photographs ‘Christ at the Checkpoint’.
For Jews in particular, this awakens deep-seated historical memories of Jews being attacked as ‘Christ-killers’, and the resulting pogroms and genocide across Europe from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. Indeed the UK’s Jewish community is largely comprised of the descendants of Jews seeking safety in this country from Eastern Europe at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century where antisemitism resulting in progroms was rife and many may be conscious of the family’s experiences in previous generations. For today’s Jews to hear the same poisonous (and absurd) accusation that they are guilty of the death of Christ 2,000 years ago in the country where their grandparents found shelter and rebuilt their lives is deeply shocking.

The accusation:  Any reader with a knowledge of the Gospel according to Matthew is being led by Rev Sizer to perceive members of the Israel Defence Force as Jewish soldiers who share and perpetuate Herod’s murderous aims.

The response:

Fact:  Israel Defence Forces are Israeli with most being Jewish either by race, religion, nationality or any combination, thereof. 

Fact:  Israel Defence Forces commit murder:

If Revd. Sizer’s “objectionable” links constitute ‘venomous accusations’, the above links to articles citing  the IDF murders of children and unarmed people, go way beyond the magnitude of any grievance Sizer may have committed.  Ergo, I conclude the IDF’s propensity for murder of unarmed people, specifically children, as cited in the complaint, to be well documented.  I conclude that unarmed people in the region have every reason to believe the IDF represents danger, and possibly death when sighted, given this documented history.

The citation of the IDF being accused of being potential killers of Christ is speculative at best and not rational.  No one can be convicted of a crime they haven’t yet committed unless a conspiracy can be proven.  To the best of my knowledge, Sizer has made no allegation that the IDF will kill Christ.  In that vein, the Christian faith precludes any future killing of Christ; see Revelation, and as a Vicar of a Christian church, the argument that he implies they will kill Christ is irrational.  Any insinuation that the IDF will murder Christ, is in the mind and perception of the complainant as it has no measurable rational value in this argument.  Christians know that Christ will return to Earth, triumphant, so any killing of Him by the IDF or anyone else, is not even a consideration.  A better understanding of the Christian faith and the Book of Revelation in particular, would go far to end this kind of irrational hysteria.  The Christians on the Council of Christians and Jews would do well to educate their Jewish brethren on this very fundamental tenet of the Christian faith, since they’re in the business of promoting Christian/Jewish understanding.  Understanding goes both ways and in this case, a Christian Vicar is being persecuted by Jonathan Arkush, who has demonstrated very little understanding of the Christian faith in this grave absence of knowledge. 

Just as Jews don’t want to be lumped into the “Christ killer” category, neither should Sizer be lumped into the anti-Semitic category because of the deeds of the perpetrators of the Holocaust.  Stephen Sizer is not responsible for the sins of the Third Reich and cannot be judged as so.  Sizer has repeatedly repudiated anti-Semitism publicly.  He does, however, condemn murder and mistreatment of all peoples of the world.  If the IDF is guilty of this, as we have documented in the links above, then any condemnation of it is justified.  Sizer is joined by billions of Christians in the condemnation of the crime of murder.

Just as the memories of the Holocaust evokes terror and fear in the minds of Jews, so does the Murder of the Innocents and ultimately the murder of Jesus Christ, evoke pain, anguish, and terror in the minds of Christians.  It was the Sanhedrin (under King Herod) who had Jesus arrested and brought to a Jewish court to answer allegations of heresy levied by the Sanhedrin, and ultimately included the charge of treason resulting in a trial by Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of occupied Jerusalem.  The Sanhedrin was acting under Jewish law, proscribed by King Herod’s court.  The murder of Jesus was carried out by the Romans after the Roman Govenor, Pontius Pilot gave the Sanhedrin and Jewish people a gift of the choice between Barabbas or Jesus to be killed.  They selected Jesus.  Christian faithful commemorate this monumental injustice and tragedy annually, in the form of the Good Friday observance, whereby the torture and murder of Jesus is recalled and mourned in anguished solemnity and often, ceremonial re-enactment.  The Christian faith is based on the deity of Jesus and His resurrection 3 days later as proof.  There are approximately 2.1 billion Christians in the world who suffer anguish and pain in the commemoration of this horrific event every year.  The ruling entities during the times of Jesus, were King Herod, the Sanhedrin, his agent, and the occupational government of Rome.  Today, Jerusalem is ruled by the Israeli government, with the IDF as its military agency.  Seeing the IDF commit atrocities against unarmed people is deeply shocking and traumatizing as we remember and are defined by (as Christians) the horrific torture and crucifixion of Christ by the Roman occupational force at the request of the Sanhedrin.

The Flicker photographs subheading: “Herod’s Soldiers Operating in Bethlehem today” is reflective of that historical heritage the IDF represents as the military arm of the Israeli government of the region.  Just as Herod presided over Jesus’ murder 2000 years ago, the Israeli government presides over the murder of innocents today. 

The charge that Stephen Sizer is leading people to believe the IDF is a potential Christ killer is disproved, and the charge that the IDF is portrayed by Sizer as murderous should be stipulated to as it has been proven to be true as evidenced in the above links. 


9th March 2011
Rev Sizer posted a comment to his blog2 under the title The Ties that Bind : Israel to Libya which read:

“It should come as no surprise that “Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi” made a surprise visit to Israel last week to buy more weapons for his dad.

He goes to Israel regularly because, according to a senior Middle East Ecclesiastical source, both his mother and aunt are Jewish and live in Israel.


Blood is indeed thicker than water. Perhaps this is why the US is reluctant to impose a ‘no-fly’ zone over Libya.” (emphasis supplied)
It was in fact Muammar Gaddafi’s mother and aunt who were allegedly Jewish according to an internet rumour, not the mother and aunt of Saif Gaddafi. An article in the Harry’s Place3 website charts how Rev Sizer subsequently modified his original post to remove the words emphasised above.
Rev Sizer’s comments were racist and antisemitic. Their meaning and effect were rightly characterised by the article on the Harry’s Place website as:
“The Gaddafis are Jews, Israel is full of Jews, and the USA is run by Jews. They all murder innocent civilians. They are all linked by Jewish blood and evil motives.”

The above accusation is questionable in that it cites a Zionist extremist blog site as an interpreted “characterization” of Sizer’s blog article.

The Gaddafi family ties to Israel are well documented as it the US’ loyalty to Israel. The Harry’s Place characterization ‘“The Gaddafis are Jews, Israel is full of Jews, and the USA is run by Jews. They all murder innocent civilians. They are all linked by Jewish blood and evil motives.” ‘was written for the sole purpose of demonising Sizer and Arkush’s claim that Sizer’s comments were “rightly characterized” by the authors of Harry’s Place is a testament to his bad judgment and emotional instability in accepting such characterizations from questionable sources such as the Zionist Extremist blog  Harry’s Place.  It should be pointed out that blogs are opinion forums, not credible news sources.  Sizer’s comment that “it should come to no surprise” merely reflects that given the Jewish heritage in the Gaddafi family and their desperate situation in Libya during the uprising against the Libyan dictator, Col. Gaddafi, the son of Col. Gaddafi turned to whatever connections he had or thought he had to seek help.

In conclusion, again, the characterization of Sizer’s intent and commentary was written by the skewed pen of Zionist extremist blog authors in a known Zionist extremist blog, Harry’s Place.

13th June 2011
Rev Sizer gave a television interview in which he claimed that the British far right and Zionists were forming an alliance because their common enemy were Muslims. He said:

“The irony is that the far right in Britain is forming an alliance with Zionists because their common enemy are the Muslims, and it’s ironic that the very people who favoured the work of Hitler are now working with the Zionists, the English Defence League for example, against the Muslims because they view them as a threat.”

Zionism is the belief in Jewish national self-determination. The majority of Jewish people share that belief and therefore characterise themselves as Zionists. The same is true of the mainsteam Jewish community and communal organisations. When Rev Sizer refers to Zionists, he does so disparagingly and in the knowledge that most of his readers will readily understand the term as a paraphrase for Jews. The claim quoted above would suggest to most of Rev Sizer’s listeners that the Jewish community (“the Zionists”) have formed an alliance with neo-Nazis (“the very people who favoured the work of Hitler”). Since this is the natural and obvious meaning of Rev Sizer’s claim, he must therefore be taken to have intended it to be so understood. To say of the Jewish community that it is in league with neo-Nazis is as antisemitic as it is untrue. Rev Sizer’s claim is unambiguous and poisonous and he must have meant it as such.

The interview can be viewed at
3 http://hurryupharry.


Roberta Moore with Jonathan Hoffman

Roberta Moore of the EDL/Jewish Division with Jonathan Hoffman Co-Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation at an Ahava demonstration.


5th July 2011
Rev Sizer linked to an article in the Palestine Telegraph4 which accused Israel of killing scientists all over the world, including by causing plane crashes. The author of the article was Wayne Madsen who has accused Israel, Saudi intelligence and the CIA of being behind the attacks on 9/11. Madsen is an antisemitic conspiracy theorist who alleges that “the Israeli Lobby owns the Congress, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, both political parties, and the White House”5 The Palestine Telegraph is characterised by openly displayed hatred for Jews and Israel. Its articles include:
§ A piece accusing Jews of plotting the First and Second World Wars
§ Holocaust denial and trivialisation
§ Allegations of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world
§ The accusation that the 9/11 terrorist attack was a Jewish plot to dominate Muslims
§ Allegations of Israelis stealing organs in Haiti and Ukraine
§ An antisemitic video by Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke (which was too much even for Baroness Tonge who is known for her strong anti-Israel views, and she resigned as its Patron)
Fuller descriptions of these articles and links can be found in articles on the Harry’s Place website6.
4th October 2011
Rev Sizer posted a link on his Facebook page to an openly antisemitic
website The Ugly Truth7, whose Home Page masthead clearly and
unambiguously proclaims its message to be:
Zionism, Jewish extremism and a few other nasty items making our world
uninhabitable today
Here is an example of the typical content for this site: 

“As with all mixed blessings, we, the jackasses of humanity, can take solace in
the fact that the continued belching of such foul, sulphuric comments from
more and more Jewish leaders worldwide will inevitably result in a muchneeded clearing of the air, and hopefully–not just an enduring, but indeed–a
permanent one.”8

Rev Sizer’s link to The Ugly Truth website was on his Facebook page for three
months, from 4th October 2011 to 4th January 2012, as referred to in the
Complaint Form 1a. The link and the delay in removing it were condemned by
the Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch as “disgraceful and
unbecoming for a clergyman of the Church of England to promote”.

14th October 2011
Rev Sizer posted comments on his blog from Helen Thomas, the former White
House correspondent forced to retire after telling Jews in Israel to go ‘home’ to
Poland, Germany or America9. He prefaced the comments with:
“Helen Thomas is one gutsy 90 year old lady to take on the Israel Lobby.”
And ended them with “Bring it on.”
24th December 2011

Rev Sizer gave an interview to Qods News Agency in which he attacked Israel10. Qods
News Agency is a Holocaust denying website whose reported statements include the
“The Hamas government of Gaza is among the entities denying the controversial
Holocaust issue and likens Holocaust education to a war crime”11
“Gaza government officials on Tuesday urged school children to leave classrooms if
textbooks provided by the UNRWA included content about the myth of the
“According to the Zionists, some six million Jews were murdered by the
German Nazis during the World War II, which they refer to as holocaust. This is
while, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes that the actual holocaust is the
crimes committed everyday in occupied territories of Palestine”13



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