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The Dysch/JC/Reverend Nick/BoD team sits up in the coffin

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You are never short of a laugh with a Jewish Chronicle subscription, but this has been an especially good week.  The highlight is an article quoting the nut job obsessive “Revd.” Nick Howard extensively, and the resurrection of his double act with the Jewish Chronicle.

The article was written by the Jewish Chronicle’s inept cub reporter, the lamentable Marcus “gets it wrong again“ Dysch, of whom the best that can be said is that he is from Hull.  Dysch consistently and persistently refers to Howard as “a Church of England vicar”  despite the fact that the Church emphatically rejected his candidacy and refused to ordain him. This has been pointed out to the JC but obviously they can’t do anything about the print edition. However, forty eight hours after it had been pointed out the article appeared unchanged on their web site. So what started out as a typical piece of idiocy on Dysch’s part, becomes a typical and petulant lie on Pollard’s part.

There will be, we are sure, many among you who have been wondering how come Nick has been so quiet for so long.  The reason is this.  After his rejection by the CoE, and a year or so giving talks on behalf of the Evangelical Alliance to anyone that would give him a cup of tea and a biscuit in return, Nick took refuge among our American cousins.  More specifically, with an obscure congregation of Anglicans in NYC.  About a year ago, Nick’s boss, the Rev. John Mason, told him in no uncertain times to quit his obsessive vendetta against Revd. Stephen Sizer, or  he would be out on his ear.  Revd. Mason has recently retired, and Nick now seems to feel as free as a bird again.

It will be recalled that Nick’s daddy is the former Home Secretary,  Michael “something of the night” Howard.  Howard Sr. is the most influencial trustee on the Council of Christians and Jews.  Using this connection, Nick positioned himself as  the script writer and main source of misinformation for the CCJ and the Board of Deputies throughout their vendetta against Revd. Sizer.  He was their Nickipedia if you will.

For example on 10th March 2012 Nick wrote to David Gifford, CEO of the CCJ..

I have been in touch with the Board of Deputies and have offered to prepare a briefing paper for them before their meeting with Bishop Christopher.  They’ve accepted that offer and I hope to send them the paper next week.  I’ll certainly heed what you say below about keeping their refusal to meet Rev Sizer confidential.”

This offer was enthusiastically taken up by the Board, and Nick was now firmly entrenched in his role.

On 20th March 2012 the execrable Nigel McCulloch, chair of the CCJ trustees and the then Bishop of Manchester wrote to the Bishop of Guildford …..

“I note your point about Michael Howard and the role of his son. But when the whole matter escalated further after our trustees meeting, it was not Michael Howard who was taking the lead in urging that CCJ should act.

He omitted to mention, as a little Dickie bird told us at the time, that Howard threatened to resign if action wasn’t taken.

For the whole gruesome story see here.

Now free from the constraints of Rev. Mason’s common sense,  Nick has decided to return to the fray, with the cooperation of the Jewish Chronicle, and doubtless, the Council of Christians and Jews and the Board of Deputies will be involved, somewhere.

Dysch repeats the blatant lie that “Revd. Sizer accepted in October that his online actions had offended the Jewish community”.  Since when did “some people” become the “Jewish community”?  However, this article is less a direct attack on Stephen Sizer than it is an attack on the Church of England as a whole.

Nick’s whine accuses the Church of mishandling the complaint against Revd. Sizer.

A Diocese spokesman responding to a request for comment said that Diocese officials “…..were happy with the accuracy of statements made by its representatives”

Then Nick and Dysch, in line with the chronic histrionic rabidity of Nick and the Jewish Chronicle, take things all the way down the rabbit hole and manage to bring child abuse into the equation.  What???

Nick writes to the Bishop of Guildford thus…

“If we cannot trust the word of a Diocese with regard to a complaint concerning anti Semitism how can we trust its word on other matters such as child abuse”

and blubbers…

“As a Jewish Anglican, I feel the need to stand up for my people.” (as a prelude to converting them?)  Dysch highlights this little sob in deep red.

Dysch tells us that a Diocese spokesman pointed out that the complaint against Rev Sizer had been settled in Ocober and had added…

“……..having re checked the sequence of events and email correspondence the Diocese is happy with the accuracy of previous statements and has no further comment “

Nick is a very dangerous man to have on your side but the Board and the CCJ seem unable to grasp this.  He is certain to drop you in it.

Like this, for example.

He makes reference to certain things not tallying with testimony Revd. Sizer gave during the “disciplinary process”.  Since their was no disciplinary process but rather, a conciliation process, he must mean this.

So he knows about this alleged lack of tallying how?  We have never seen any publication of what happened in that process, nor would we expect to.  If Nick knows anything more than us, he must have gotten it from the Board, that is, Jonathan Arkush.  So, we can reasonably assume that Arkush has been getting together with Nick and giving him information that we assume is confidential.  It is then tempting to assume that Arkush is in some way connected to the appearance of this article.  If Arkush gets to be BoD President, will Nick still be writing his scripts for him?  Is this what the BoD has to look forward to?  Whatever the case, we can always count on the Jewish Chronicle to report it accurately.  What on earth is Stephen Pollard thinking by letting crap like this into his rag?

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