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The plank in the Board’s own eye

As in all such situations, charges similar to those leveled at Revd. Sizer, reek of hypocrisy.  In this case the stench is over-powering.

Revd. Sizer is said to have included on his web site, on five or six occasions, links to articles on web sites that were deemed to also contain anti–Semitic material.

The occasion that they put the most store in, was the linking to an unobjectionable article on the available window for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In the charge sheet Arkush tells us that it should be noted that on another occasion when he linked to an unobjectionable article that was on a website also containing objectionable material and this was pointed out, he took down the link and linked to the same article on a web site without difficult material.  It should be noted?  Indeed it should.  It is hard to know how Arkush thinks this sequence of events helps his case.  It would seem to us to be irrefutable evidence that Revd. Sizer’s interest was in the articles linked to, and not the web sites as a whole.

But all of this is tedious and ridiculous, in fact way, way beyond ridiculous, but, entirely consistent with the temperaments and attitudes of Arkush and certain others involved.

Stephen Sizer is a voracious researcher.  After decades of work, visits to thousands of of web sites, links to a great many of them these instances, Arkush tells us, add up to a life “trawling the darkest recesses of the internet”!!!  Do these people really have no conception of how wacko they come across?  Certainly, his accusers could not stand up to the merest fraction of the scrutiny he has been subjected to.  Herein is the hypocrisy.  Among the Defence Division deputies that are conducting this vendetta, are some that regularly link to racist cess-pits such as Harry’s Place, CifWatch and Millett’s blog that are little more than 24/7 Muslim hate fests.  For example Millett’s blog is infested with EDL eulogisers such as Harvey Garfield and Sharon Klaff.  Typical sentiments include “American fundamentalist Christians and the European far right are Israel’s natural allies“, and “Whenever I meet a decent Goy I am shocked and surprised“ .

They link to these sites on A DAILY BASIS.

And then, the Board shoot themselves right in the foot and hole their case below the water line.

Fair Play Campaign Group were established by the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council as a joint enterprise.  On their web site there occurs the following (read this very carefully).

“From time to time this web site may also contain links to other web sites. These links are provided for your convenience and information. They do not signify that we endorse these web sites. We have no responsibility for the content of these web sites”. (our emphasis)


Moving from the sublime to the even more ridiculous at break neck speed, the Board goes on to complain that Revd. Sizer said in a TV interview that “the British far right and Zionists had formed an alliance”.  He provides a link to a short video clip of him saying just that.

Then, with a deft sleight of hand, they substitute “the Jewish community“ for  “Zionists”  hoping no one will notice.  This prepares the way for a launch into the typical histrionic melodrama.

To say of the Jewish community, that it is in league with neo-Nazis is as anti-Semitic as it is untrue.

In saying that Zionists had linked up with the far right, Revd. Sizer states a simple and indisputable fact.

Jonathan Hoffman and Roberta Moore of the EDLEDL

For some considerable time, Jewish organisations have been getting increasingly worried about just this, and issuing warnings about it.

Jon Benjamin was moved to say…”The EDL’s support for Israel is empty and duplicitous. It is built on a foundation of Islamophobia, which we reject entirely.”

The CST felt it necessary to advise, referring to the EDL…”Any Jews that think they can  shape such dangerous forces are utterly deluded.”  They obviously felt that there were such Jews.

In November, there was sufficient concern, probably stimulated by Jonathan Hoffman consorting with the EDL, that the Union of Jewish Students launched an initiative……”Not in Our Name Jews Against The EDL.”  It was supported by over a dozen Jewish organisations including The Board, The Israeli Embassy and the CST.

Then there is Roberta.  Roberta Moore is an off the scale crazy Kahanist and a close associate of the convicted terrorist Victor Vancier and the Jewish Task Force.  One day she will be associated with a bomb.  She created the EDL Jewish division.  The loose membership never became large, but the Jews that were attracted to it were, obviously as Zionist as Zionist gets.

And the Board hope to persuade the Church that ” to say that Zionists have linked up with the far right  is as anti-Semitic as it is untrue.”

Good Luck with that one.

Essentially the Board is charging the Church with harbouring racists in its midst and taking no action against them.  The Church would be perfectly entitled to tell them to come back when they have done something about the plank in their own eye.

On the Defence Division, the committee driving the complaint against Stephen Sizer, sits the Zio-facist, homophobic ranter and vendetta addict, Jonathan Hoffman.  Since he has the loudest mouth on that committee, he is likely to have a big influence on the emotionally fragile Jonathan Arkush and the business of the committee as a whole.

Jonathan Hoffman

Here is Deputy and Defence Division member Hoffman shoulder to shoulder, and on a joint frolic with Kevin Carroll, EDL  second in command and the cousin of “Tommy Robinson“, the EDL main front man.

Jonathan Hoffman and Kevin Carroll of the EDL

Here is Deputy and Defence Division member Hoffman and his Siamese twin Harvey Garfield shoulder to shoulder and skipping down the street with the same Roberta Moore, of EDL/Jewish Division/JTF infamy, referred to above.

Harvey Garfield, Jonathan Hoffman, Roberta Moore of the EDL

Hoffman initially declared that this picture had been photoshopped, and then when threatened with legal action by the photo journalist David Hoffman, who had taken the picture, issued a grovelling apology.  It is in this context that he made his famous declaration…

“When I lie I apologise.“

The vendetta is a Hoffman obsession.  His vendettas are not confined to those he perceives to be anti–Semites (that could include YOU).  His fellow Zionists are always liable to find themselves in the crosshairs of his sights, usually on the grounds of not being sufficiently rabidly Zionist enough for his taste.

He also loves, with his other main sidekick Richard Millett, to disrupt peoples’ meetings and has been thrown out of more than several.  Most famously, this wannabe pillar of the Jewish establishment, was ejected from the Royal Albert Hall for hooliganism. Round about the same time as he was conducting his vendetta against Mick Davis, Hoffman was suspended from the Board of Deputies International Division for issuing threats against the Chairman, Paul Edlin.

Another propensity is the writing of hate mail.  Revd. Sizer has been  a recipient  including…

“You are totally disgusting, how you remain vicar of a church is a disgrace, a complete mystery and a stain on the Anglican ministry. Many people will be delighted to see the back of you.


Jonathan Hoffman”

The above example was kindly supplied to us by “Rev” Nick Howard on 27/12/2011.  So Hoffman is sharing his hate emails with Nick Howard, a clear indication that Hoffman was involved in the plotting against Revd. Sizer from an early stage, probably from the very beginning.

Hoffman, Garfield and Millett are affectionately referred to as “The Three Muppeteers“.

Below is a link to the full story of Hoffman’s ties with the racist far right. It is, unfortunately, a very long read but we gathered a massive volume of evidence, and we couldn’t bear to leave anything out.  You do have the option of merely looking at the photographic evidence above or enjoying the full belly laugh.

The Board are fully aware of Hoffman’s links with the EDL, his racism, his homophobia, his penchant for writing abusive and intimidating hate mail and his  propensity to embark on a tortuous vendetta at the slightest change in the weather.  Even the increasingly extremist Zionist Federation felt it prudent to, on these grounds, arrange for him not to get re-elected as co vice chair.  Yet the Board  have never uttered a single word of condemnation of, or dissociation from, him. They hound Revd. Sizer on the basis of a few pieces of piffle, and are happy for Hoffman to be in the forefront of this hounding.  This is hypocrisy on such a grand scale (which the BoD is increasingly prone to) that only those who think that denial is a river in Egypt, could avoid acknowledging it. 

For more on this hypocrisy, see our Zionist Federation and the EDL story.

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From time to time this website may also include links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information. They do not signify that we endorse the website(s). We have no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s).

If it works for the Board of Deputies, it’ll work for us.  ~Editor

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